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It’s been over  a month since my last blogpost, and I’ve got some splainin’ to do. In that timespan I’ve worked my first post college job, quit that job, saw BLACKPINK and turned 25. I’m probably leaving out more things but those are the major plot points lol.

For this last post of the 2019 First Quarter Kpop Music Video Fashion Review series I’ve got 10 favorites, 6 honorable mentions, and 1 that was such a mixed bag I have to give it its own video to discuss it (VAV Thilla Killa). So, let’s get this series wrapped up!

The first of the honorable mentions is News by Jang Dongwoo. I don’t follow everything Infinite, but I was curious to what Dongwoo’s song and album would sound like. I liked a couple of songs off his mini album including News.

 I really need his gray sweater in this video. Also, we love a see-through moment. I’m obsessed with Hong Jinyoung’s pink and red look in ‘Love Tonight‘.

GWSN’s Pinky Star was a total bop, and Miya’s tartan couch print suit was my favorite look in the video.  I also like the orange and green dress.

Spring by Park Bom and Dara was a tearjerker for me. I was happy to see Bom back in music, and she looked amazing. I loved the over the top ruffles and Bom showing off her famous legs. Dara’s red suit was cute.

WOOWA by DIA was a good follow up to WooWoo. There were numerous parallels to WooWoo in WOOWA. I loved the semi-retro concept. I loved roller-skating as a kid, and I always enjoy it when it’s shown in music videos.

WOOWA was set in more of a club/nighttime setting compared to WooWoo. I didn’t like the group looks as much as in WooWoo, but I think the girls look great.

Pentagon Sha La La was an okay song for me, but their style was on point. They went with more of an edgy punk look this time around.  Ignoring Yuto’s hair, they all looked amazing.

I’m so happy Yan An is back promoting with the group. There wasn’t one particular look that caught my eye. That’s why I included them in on this honorable mention list.

Last group on the honorable list is 1TEAM with Vibe. Very catchy song. The first thought that came to mind was wow, that guy has gotten a tragic haircut (I think this member is BC).

But I love the group suits, except for the green-screen color blazer and blue pants look. I wished his look had a white button-down shirt to match the other member’s suits. His outfit just looks rushed compared to the others.

9.) Ravi – Tuxedo

Ravi is the undisputed fashionista of VIXX. So, for ‘Tuxedo’ I expected him to give us a couple of shots in a nicely fitted suit. What can I say?

Classy Ravi is my favorite Ravi.  He gave us some luxurious looks like the white Chanel blazer and the all black suit. The Burberry outfit was my second favorite look of the video. I love the duality.

8.) Jus2 – Focus on Me

Similar to Ravi, I expected JB and Yugyeom to look amazing throughout the video. I was wrong. Amazing scratches the surface. I nearly fell out of my seat.

I was not prepared for Yugyeom’s 80s brown Gucci suit. I also liked that Yugyeom wore the same Gucci sweater as Key in ‘I Wanna Be’. I’m also a big fan of that Balenciaga turtle-neck shirt.

JB’s black Gucci blazer was really cute. Overall it was a great choice to contrast the flamboyant looks Yugyeom wears in the video with more netural and dark colors for JB. It’s a great visual representation of their personalities. My favorite JB look actually was the black leather jacket and khaki pants look.

I do want to squeeze in that although I haven’t been too interested in Got7’s music lately, I absolutely love ‘Focus’ album. It’s easily one of my favorite albums released this year.

7.) Wooseok x Kuanlin – I’m A Star

One of my most anticipated post Wanna One collaborations, Wooseok of Pentagon and Lai Kuanlin of Wanna One. Both Cube lablemates. Both giant maknaes. I think I was so excited about this collab because I know how much Kuanlin looks up to Wooseok.

Like if you go back and watch videos of the two interacting pre-Wanna One that’s all Kuanlin talks about. He even references how he wants to be like Wooseok in ‘I’m A Star’. It’s absolutely adorable, and I’m so proud of him making his dreams’ reality * wipes tears *.

Similar to the previous men on this list, I knew fashion wise, these two were gonna bring it. They’ve both have excellent proportions, so even trash bags would look high fashion on them.

There weren’t really any standout looks for me in this in video. They kinda played it safe, but I’d be mad if they gave them too crazy of outfits to wear. So, I’m good.

6.) Momoland – I’m So Hot

I loveeeeee their outfits in this video! The baby blue group looks along with the black look were my favorites.

I thought the school uniform one was pretty meh. But y’all already know I love group looks that are uniform yet different enough to tell the members apart.

5.) Key ft Soyeon of G-IDLE – I Wanna Be

I cried on my first watch of ‘I Wanna Be’. The visuals and the song itself are both so beautifully done, and I couldn’t stop thinking about both Key and Soyeon’s growth as musicians. I listen to ‘I Wanna Be’ almost daily.

I loveeeee Key’s midtempo songs like ‘I Wanna Be’ and ‘One of Those Nights’. Key being the fashionista of his group, I knew we’d be getting some experimentation fashion wise with this video.

I usually hate athleisure, but in this video, Key’s athleisure look was my second favorite look. The first being the red suit and leather pants. And as I mentioned before, Key wears the same sweater as Yugyeom in ‘Focus on Me’.

I like the styling of both men. Key was going for more of a retro vibe with his look, whereas Yugyeom’s was more of a modern bougie take. Soyeon looked stunning in the video, and I want her leather jacket dress thing.

4.) TXT – Crown

Crown by TXT is a bop. Their whole debut album slaps. One of my favorite parts of this video was the transitions into different outfits.

They wear a certain color like red for example and then have variations of their outfits. Compared to Momoland, I see more differences in TXT’s individual outfits for their group look. So, I ranked TXT higher.

You could drop TXT in a random city, split them up, and they could wear these outfits without realizing they’re together.

Like, these are very much stand-alone outfit of the day type of looks. I also appreciate their styling team isn’t just giving a new boy group a school boy concept. That’s the easy way out.

3.) Dreamnote – Hakuna Matata

Dreamnote oh Dreamnote. I’ve never heard of you ladies prior to working on this post, and boy have y’all blown me away. The styling in this video is so cute and creative. I could do a separate video talking about each look in depth.

The red and white group look, and the denim group looks are my two favorite group looks in ‘Hakuna Matata’.

The same member got both of my favorite individual outfits in the video. Lara wears a white ruffle crop top and red high waist short I liveeeee for. Then her second look is with a beret and another pair of high waist short, except in denim.

2.) Mamamoo – Gogobebe

This was an incredibly difficult choice to make. I love EVERY look in Gogobebe. I’d literally wear everything in this video. I can always look forward to an interesting story in Mamamoo’s videos. Fashion wise, they don’t typically stand out to me, but this video really changed my mind.

The pink and red group look is my favorite group look in the video. The white group look was a little sexier than I expected for Mamamoo, but they looked flawless.

Solar’s orange oversized sweater, sliver high-heeled boots and rainbow clippies look is one of the cutest, yet simple outfits and I can’t get enough of it. I’d recreate it for KCON I love it that much.

1.) EVERGLOW – Bon Bon Chocolat

 I went back and forth between who should be number one for this list. While Mamamoo style wise made some risks, I ultimately decided Everglow was riskier. They played with textures and colors a bit more than Mamamoo.

They also had more members, so for the stylists on their team, they had to come up with more looks. And even after going back and forth between the two videos, there were still more looks I loved in ‘Bon Bon Chocolat’ over ‘Gogobebe’. Sorry Mamamoo, but this one goes to the rookies.

With ‘Bon Bon Chocolat’ they had some ugly outfits. Like at 2:09 one of the members wears this cute mini black dress.

It looks like it’s made of a satin like fabric, however it’s ruined by this blue and white lace that’s sewn onto the black dress randomly.

Another member wears this lilac dress with a black corset, and she looks like a lost ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ cast member.

But I appreciate the risk. Sometimes in order to get a stunning music video outfit, you run across some duds. In this case, both members outfits could be fixed easily.

One of my favorites looks I couldn’t stop thinking about was the form fitting iridescent dress one of the girls wears. Where can I find that?

There’s another dress I love also at 2:09, and it’s a blue star chain like dress. You’ll know it when you see it.

I love that thing. The accessories in this video are also really cute and well-coordinated with the girl’s outfits. I’d be a fool not to give EVERGLOW the number one spot on this list.

1,711 words. Not bad! I tried really hard to condense this post down. I watched around 30 videos for this post, and the honorable mentions this time around were almost longer than my actual favorite fashion videos.

Anyway, I have a couple of posts and video ideas in mind, so I hope to have my next project started soon. My new microphone arrived in the mail today. So, I’ll keep y’all updated on Twitter once I decide on what I’m talking about next.

Take Care!


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