As promised on IG, this blog post is the follow-up to the 5 Of My Favorite Kpop Music Video Looks From August 2020 post.

My initial plan was just to put together another Top 10 best/worst August post. But when I do the best/worst list, I factor in more than just having a good song or visuals. So that’s why I decided to break up the post into two separate blog post. I had two different reasons for why I liked these videos.

I do think these listed in this post however are some of the best comebacks/releases this month.  With all that out of the way, let’s get started!

Gallant – Only One

Starting this list off strong is Gallant’s rework of BoA’s “Only One”. This is a part of SM’s celebration of BoA’s 20th anniversary as an artist. I love that SM is finally giving BoA the proper promotion for this milestone.

Recently with SM’s older acts they haven’t produced as much merchandise compared to the newer acts. I think it’s a disservice because there are new Kpop fans that are interested in the previous generations, and to act like people only want the newer artist isn’t accurate at all.

It also doesn’t help that companies like SM don’t do much coverage for the older acts because some new fans genuinely don’t even know about some of these artists.

By missing out on introducing to new fans who came before EXO, TWICE, etc, these companies are missing out on money that could be made from these fans who weren’t there when let’s say MissA or 2PM were in their prime.

Back to Gallant and his version of “Only One”. I love Gallant. He’s one of my favorite newer R&B artists. Everything he releases is so well crafted. You can listen to his music without pressing skip. If you do happen to think about skipping, it’s just to get closer to one of your favorite songs of his.

So when I learned he was partnering with SM for this SM Station, I knew it’d be gold. His rendition of “Only One” is a beautiful blend of his chill R&B sound with BoA’s lyrics, but in English. Out of everything on this list, I HIGHLY recommend you check this song out.

Red Velvet – Milky Way

OT5 is baaaaackkkkk! So like with Gallant, “Milky Way” is also a cover of a BoA song and is also for the 20th anniversary. I think Red Velvet does a wonderful job with “Milky Way”.

I love the set here and the styling. I really like that these Station songs, the same with Baekhyun‘s, all have their own uniqueness to it. I’ve been listening to this one a lot as well.

Demian – Yes

Prior to going through the list of comeback and debuts for August, I was not familiar with Demian. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I searched for “Yes” on YouTube.

I was not disappointed. “Yes” is his third single and is a chill and almost eerie song. In more detail, I’d describe it as mid-tempo with some elements of Chillhop and Lofi.

There’s a mix of English and Korean in the song, too. I love these lyric videos where they have video of the artist or actors or whatever to go with it.

Back in the day, lyric videos were just text to go along with the song, but they’ve gotten so detailed over the years. Visually, “Yes” is a stunning music video.

Sori – Initial S

“Initial S” is another one of those 80s summery songs everyone in Kpop loves right now, and you know what? I’m still not sick of it.

I love it in “Initial S” and I love Sori is still experimenting with her sound. I liked the biker girl theme in the music video. I’m not sure if she’s going to promote this on music shows, but I hope she does.

OnlyOneOf – a sOng Of ice & fire

Another bop from OnlyOneOf with “a SOng Of ice & fire”. Don’t ask me why it’s written like that, I don’t know either, lol. “a SOng Of ice & fire” is a dance/deep house song.

I’m not the best at describing music, so feel free to correct me with the proper description. It’s such a good song, and I’m kinda behind on OnlyOneOf’s music, so this new release reminded me to go back and check out the other music they’ve released this year.

Hoppipolla – Let’s!

Hoppipolla is another group I had no idea who they were. The music video for “Let’s!” is super cute. I liked for the scenes where the girl was in the water they had a sprayer on the guys like they were there with her playing at the beach but from home.

This really captures quarantine life well lmao. “Let’s!” is another chill, mid-tempo song that screams summer vibin’.

BTS – Dynamite Poolside Remix

Obviously, I wouldn’t be Army if I didn’t mention the juggernaut “Dynamite”. They’ve recently released a bunch of remixes and of the bunch the poolside remix was my fave. It sounds similar to the EDM version, but butter executed imo.

What can I say, I love my deep house music. I hope BTS gives us a proper deep house song in the future. Give me the Chris Malinchak collab Big Hit!!

Honorable mention for ATEEZ “If Without You” and “Illusion”. Yeah, they both came out last year, but I didn’t give a shit about them then. I have learned the error of my ways, and I’m Atiny now. I’ve been immersing myself into all things ATEEZ for the last week. 2020 is a hell of a year, huh.

Anyway, I hope y’all enjoyed this post and let me know some new music(either newly released or newly discovered) you’ve been listening to lately in the comments. Follow me on Twitter and Instagram.

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