Byeee these are getting posted later and later, huh? πŸ˜…

Well, I guess I have a bit of a schedule with these best of post. I just checked the date of my March one, and it was posted on April 19th. So there’s a little method to the madness.

This month I did listen to the albums along with the singles. I finally made a playlist to keep track of new releases. That helped me out so much!

So I’m going to make one for the March releases and then give y’all an update on my thoughts on those. I think that’ll be the next blog post.

Alright, let’s get on to the list! There are 11 songs this month to get through. This is in no particular order. So let’s get to it!

A.C.E – Down (Feat. Gray)

I’m on the fence with “Down”. It’s a cute tune, but idk if I’d actively hunt it down to listen to it. I love love love the video though! Wow was on break during this, so that’s why he isn’t in the video. I think he is back now, though.

They celebrated his birthday a few days ago (May 15th). Anyway, if you love a cute goofy music video with Instagram and other social media references, this is your video.

YUKIKA – Insomnia

Man, Miss Yukika did what she had to on this song and album. “Insomnia” continues the City Pop sound. It’s such a catchy song.

I can’t stop listening to this song and timeabout, the album. The only song I didn’t care for was “Secret”. But timeabout is easily on my list for favorite albums of 2021.

OnlyOneOf – libidO

I love OnlyOneOf so much. I need to review “Sage” or something. “libidO” is like a lite version of “Want” by Taemin. I love it so much.

I’m glad they’re starting to get some recognition. Scandal or not. Instinct, Pt.1 is soooo good. Ironically, I didn’t like “Instinct” that much, but the rest of the album is chef kiss. My fave songs are “tear Of gOd” and byredO”.

Wheein – Water Color

I enjoyed “water color” more than I expected. The English version is fine. I’ll probably continue to listen to the Korean version more, though. Redd is such a good album. It keeps the same energy as “water color”. I haven’t decided on a favorite song yet.

The only one I didn’t save was “OHOO”. Similar to OnlyOneOf and Yukika, it’s not because it’s bad. I just know I wouldn’t miss it if it suddenly disappeared off Spotify.

I think Redd might end up on my 2021 fave album list. I love a good R&B album and this is one of them.

Dvwn – 연남동 (Yeonnamdong) (Feat.1I1BOI)

I can’t tell if it’s I’s or Ones tbh. Another R&B track I wasn’t expecting.

I love this song, and now I need to deep dive into his music. I wasn’t familiar with him prior to this release.

DONGKIZ – Universe

I think this is the first Dongkiz song I’ve genuinely enjoyed from start to finish. It’s definitely the first song I have saved on Spotify. So maybe they’re another group I need to look into deeper.

NU’EST – Inside Out

I love this song, but I wasn’t a big fan of this album. It was fine. I’ve felt that way about the last couple of albums. I ready for them to go back to group songs on the albums.

ENHYPEN- Drunk-Dazed

Man oh maannnnn, I love me some Enhypen. I wasn’t sure what to think about them at first. After listening to their debut album, BORDER : DAY ONE I had a change of heart.

This album solidified my liking of them. I think I like this album, BORDER: CARNIVAL more than the debut one.

My favorite song from CARNIVAL just got a video. This whole album slaps, though. Will also be on the fave 2021 list, lol.

AB6IX – Close

I think this is my current favorite AB6IX song. It’s so good. I didn’t really like the album. It was alright. Nothing I need to revisit. I’m also a fan of the crop top trend, living on with Woong. Good for him. We love to see it.

ONF – Ugly Dance

Another banger. I wanted to love this album, but I just didn’t. The only song I saved was “Feedback”. I loved that song. So yeah, that one and “Ugly Dance” will be on repeat for a while.

pH-1 – 365&7 (Feat. Jamie)

I love Jamie finally getting all this music work. I don’t think I’ve really looked into pH-1’s music. So I’m adding him to my deep dive list as well. “365&7” is such a chill bop to vibe too. Perfect for warmer weather.

Alright, a little bit of a shorter post today. I hope y’all enjoyed this post. I’ll have my follow-up post to the March faves up tomorrow.

Then we’re going to have some throwbacks. I still need to catch up on May releases. I don’t even have my list printed out πŸ™ˆ. Follow me on Twitter and Instagram.

Until next time!

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