Kpop Idol Exacts, Dupes, & Other Resources I Use

Idol and Actor Fashion Exacts

K Style Files:

  • They have both male and female idol groups and soloist outfits. 

Kpop Style:

  • Mostly Girl Groups

Style of Idol:

  • Mostly Girl Groups

Fashion Kpop:

  • Mostly Girl Groups


  • Handbags carried by various idols, actresses, etc

Specific Groups & Soloist

A.C.E: A.C.E FashionStyle 

Apink: Pinkpanda_ina

ATEEZ: Ateezstyles_

BlackpinkBlackpinkCloset, Blackpinksstyle, and Dupes.blackpink

BTS: BTS0715

(G)-IDLE Fashion: Gidlescloset, Gidlefashion, Gidlefashionsite, and gidles_closet

Gfriend: Gfriend_fashionstyle

Momoland: Momolandstyle and Momolandcloset

Monsta XMonsta X Closet

NCT: NCT_Fashion

Nu’est:  Nuestwardrobe

Red Velvet: Redvelvetoutfit, Styleby_redvelvet, and redvelvetfashion_indo

Seventeen: Pledis17swager  

SMTOWN: and Smstylefashion

Sunmi: Sunmicloset, and Fashion_sunmi

SuperM: Styleofsuperm

Twice: Jypetwiceclothess, Twice__style, and Twiceoutfitter



I do make a small portion of money from these sales

Fashion Chingu:

  • They make dupes of popular idol clothing and accessories


  • All your Kbeauty needs will be covered here

PerfectDiary Beauty:

  • Chinese beauty brand. I like that they do collaborations like their Sanrio and CardCaptor Sakura products.


Other Helpful Tools:

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