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So y’all may remember back in my July faves post I talked about LØREN’s “NEED (ooo-eee)”. Well to my surprise today he released a follow-up single.

I was informed by THEBLACKLABEL. So now I’m gonna let y’all know about it too.

Singer and songwriter, LØREN, premieres his brand-new single and music video for “All My Friends Are Turning Blue“, a post-punk revival anthem for which LØREN handled all duties including the lyrics, production, songwriting, and instrumentation.

The video itself is a nod to the early 2000s, while also a bold statement against the normalities and standards of modern media.

From a musical perspective, “All My Friends Are Turning Blue” is an upbeat, yet alarming track that reflects on a cliché but often overlooked message—time waits for no one.

This is LØREN’s third single under FIRE EXIT RECØRDS/THEBLACKLABEL Production following his singles “EMPTY TRASH” and “NEED (ooo-eee)“, both of which have left strong impressions on listeners for their unique, rock-influenced sounds and have a combined 7M YouTube views in less than a year.

Apart from his solo project, LØREN provided songwriting for BLACKPINK‘s “THE ALBUM” including the tracks “Pretty Savage“, “You Never Know” and “Lovesick Girls“—the latter for which he appeared in the music video as the male lead. LØREN also received production credit for G-Dragons single “Bullshit” off his 2017 album “Kwon Ji Yong under his old moniker, Cawlr.

For me, “All My Friends Are Turning Blue” reminds me of something you’d hear in, like an early 00′ music montage in a movie. I love it. It also works well for a song to listen to while you’re on a long drive going somewhere.

Actually perfect timing for the Thanksgiving holiday now that I think about it. But what do y’all think? Let me know your thoughts below!

You can findLØREN on Insta and check out more of his music on Spotify. And of course, you can check out the music video for “All My Friends Are Turning Blue” below.

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