It’s time to talk about the Loona girls

I’ve been a Loona stan since Vivi’s solo (Everyday I Love You. Love a good roller skate rink moment) and Loona 1/3 debut? Predebut? Idk. I followed Heejin’s solo and thought, “Eh, it’s alright. But I might like the next solo more.”

But it wasn’t until I saw stuff for Vivi that I started following Loona closer and going back to listen to the previous releases. Then, once Kim Lip dropped her solo, it was just full speed ahead for me into the Loonaverse. I was hooked. I thought everyone should be a Loona stan.

But once they debuted with “Hi High” and “Favorite” as a prerelease in 2018, my anticipation and excitement for the girls finally officially debuting was starting to run dry. I love “Hi High” and “Favorite” but I found myself enjoying the solo and subunit songs more than the ot12 songs.

So I started dropping off from Loona. Their company BlockBerryCreative (BBC) didn’t help things with their fumbling of album releases, throwing off first week sales for the group.

But hearing about them being on Queendom season two had given me hope that their appearance on the Mnet show will bring in a flood of new fans and give a kick in the rear to BBC and get their shit together and manage the group better, so they reach their full potential.

So with all this attention on the girls, I figured now is the perfect time to cover 12 of my fave Loona songs. Spoiler alert, this list is loaded with solos and subunit songs. And they have more songs that I enjoy, but to keep things short and sweet, I narrowed it down to 12.

Also, these are in no particular order. I’ll mention my top three when we get to those. But my top three is more of a these songs alternate between being my favorite Loona song depending on my mood. So let’s get into it!

Heart Attack – Chuu

The lesbian anthem. One of the reasons why I got hook to Loona’s predebut releases was the creative direction with the music videos. They’re all just soooo creative and have a story to tell. I won’t go into Loona’s lore, it’s way too complicated for me to explain, so I recommend just searching Loonaverse on YouTube and falling into the rabbit hole that way.

Or if you don’t want to watch videos, the Loona wiki is also a great place to get caught up. But all the music videos are connected, like Marvel movies. So yeah, you can watch them individually, but it makes (a bit) more sense to watch all of them.

Anyway, “Heart Attack” is such a catchy song. Then you throw in Chuu’s relatable attempts to get Yves attention because she’s got this undying love for her. And you’ve got a masterpiece.

Girl’s Talk – Chuu featuring Yves

I looooooveeee this song so much. It’s still an upbeat song but has a chiller, a bit mature vibe to it compared to “Heart Attack”. Easily one of my favorite b-sides ever.

I’ll Be There – Hyunjin featuring Heejin

This was one of the songs I’m not sure how I missed, but solidified my stan status with Loona. When I went back to listen to what I missed since Vivi’s solo, when I finally heard “I’ll Be There” and watched the video, I was in love.

I love the 80s vibe “I’ll Be There” has song wise. I love the styling too. I remember that being one of my strongest memories of the music video. The second was just how much fun it looked like they had filming for “I’ll Be There”.

Let Me In – Haseul

The second song I couldn’t believe I missed when it first released. Now, y’all know how picky I am with boring ballads. But miss Haseul did what she had to on this one. “Let Me In” STILL give me chills when I listen to it. It’s just so powerful and beautifully sung. I’m OBSESSED with her performance for “Let Me In”. She needs a Grammy and an Oscar for this one.

Chaotic – Odd Eye Circle (OEC)

Lololol I haven’t even gotten to their solos, but I feel like now is the perfect time to mention this song. This is my favorite subunit song. Period. The vocals they gave us on this?? HELLO???? Did they have to go this hard on a subunit song?

A b-side most won’t even know exist? That’s the love, dedication, and attention to detail ya girl is here for. “Girl Front” is a certified BANGER. Actually all of Mix & Match (and I guess the repackage that is Max and Match) goes off.

Love Cherry Motion – Choerry

Now, this song and music video had me hooked. I watched the music video for “Love Cherry Motion” soooo many times when it was first released. It’s always fun seeing which girl(s) will show up in a Loona “solo” music video. And trying to guess who the next girl of the month was going to be. *sighs* good times, gooood times.

My favorite part of “Love Cherry Motion” is cherry and our girl take a letter out, and it’s the same word. Chef kiss. We love a good pun/word play moment.

Puzzle – Choerry featuring Jinsoul

“Puzzle” was on repeat for the longest time. It was My favorite Loona solo b-side for the longest time. “Puzzle” also has a bit of the 80s vibe to it, but chill, like “Girl’s Talk”. Highly recommend.

Okay, now we’re getting into the top five!

D-1 – Yves

I love “D-1” because it has that midtempo chill vibe that “Puzzle” and “Girl’s Talk” has. There’s something a bit haunting about the instrumentals and Yves voice, but I’m here for it.

Hula Hoop – Loona

Oh yeahhh finally got a group song. I don’t normally pay attention to Japanese releases from Kpop groups (with exceptions like groups with Japanese members and groups that notoriously have Japanese bangers like SHINee).

But Loona came through with Hula Hoop. I do love listening to “Japanese” releases because they rely HEAVILY on English lyrics. So it’s really more of an English song with Japanese verses sprinkled in.

I took a semester of Japanese in college. So it’s easier for me to sing phonetically to Japanese songs versus Korean songs. So I technically should be listening to more Jpop, but that’s Japan’s fault for putting their music behind a paywall for foreigners.

Anyway “Hula Hoop” was released back in September 2021, and it was a girl I follow on Tumblr that dabbles in Kpop and likes Loona that put me on “Hula Hoop” shout out to Kaylee for that. If you like “Hula Hoop”, I recommend checking out “StarSeed” from this album too. It’s more Jpop, but still good. There’s a bonus song for ya.

Singing In The Rain – Jinsoul

I fook with Jinsoul HEAVY. I had such a difficult time choosing my favorite Loona girl when Jinsoul and Yves showed up. It used to be so simple, it was Kim Lip. And now I don’t know. I STILL don’t know, and it’s been 5 years.

“Singing In The Rain” was another song and video I couldn’t stop listening to and watching. I was captivated by Jinsoul. I loved that we finally had more baddies in the group to balance the cute overload, 1/3 was giving. You have to turn this up when it comes in shuffle.

New – Yves

There’s something soul cleansing about “New”. Yves is a fellow Gemini, and I feel like the way her character is written fits well with the Gemini girl vibe to a t. “New” has that retro pop sound to it also.

Which, I’m starting to realize why I prefer the solo/subunit songs more to the group releases. The group songs are closer to what’s currently trending in the industry, whereas the solo and subunit songs are more timeless.

“New” and Yves introduction felt like a breath of fresh air. Like you knew shit was about to go down and shake the table. Anytime I’m feeling in a rut, I listen to “New” to regenerate myself and get centered. The music video for “New” is interesting.

Mostly because we see how rebellious and cool Yves is and finally start piecing together why Chuu is so obsessed and how Yves’s literal power draws people in to follow her to hell and back. This one was also for the gays. You can’t convince me otherwise.

Eclipse – Kim Lip

Kim Lip. Kim Lippington. The beginning and the end. She’s that girl ™️ She’s that binch. She, with Daniel “Obi” Klein, made one of THE best songs of the decade, century even. The chokehold “Eclipse” had on me during 2017 is unmatched. I made it my ringtone, and like no one has song ringtones anyway more, but I don’t care. I can’t be a normie and be satisfied with one of the boring ass Apple ringtones. And I had “Eclipse” as my ringtone until NCT U released “Boss”, but occasionally I’d go back to “Eclipse”.

“Eclipse” is also soul cleansing in more of a shot of serotonin directly into my veins. Like the warmest of hugs. It’s such a comfort song for me. I also watched this music video repeatedly. I never wanted a red tennis skirt, white shirt, red bow and a cleaner pair of white converse so badly. I remember at KCON 2018 seeing two people cosplayed as both Jinsoul and Kim Lip. I wonder if they had a Choerry to finish out OEC.

I think just about every who knows anything about Loona, knows “Eclipse” and “Heart Attack”, especially considering how popular Chuu is. But I will never, NEVER stop talking about the genius work of art that is “Eclipse” to anyone who will listen. If you haven’t heard “Eclipse”, listen to it right now. I’m so jealous that you’ll get to witness it for the first time, but I know you’ll love it.

Omgggg it’s doneeeee. I’ve been so excited about making this post and reliving my early Orbit era. I meant to have this post out last week, but I got caught up with other things. It did give me more time to think this post out more.

So I hope y’all enjoyed it. Which songs would you have put on this list? Are you an Orbit? Let me know in the comments! Idk what post is next, so you’ll have to keep an eye on my Twitter and Instagram for updates.

Until then,

Take care!!!

Ash 📡

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