Seoul Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2021 Favorite Collections

One of my favorite times of the year, fashion month.

Every year we have Fashion Week in many cities across the world. October is the main month everyone focuses on. This is when we see the upcoming items releasing in spring of the following year. The fall collection showcases during the spring (usually March of that year). There’s a big gap because of the time it takes to make everything and get it to stores.
There are also resort collections during the summer. But that’s more of the haute couture designers though. The ones like Chanel that have traditionally catered to every event the ultra rich attend throughout the year. Things like summer holidays in Italy and social events like fundraisers. We’re not getting into all that today, but I felt y’all should know if you don’t.
The most well known cities associated with Fashion Week are New York, Paris, and Milan. Probably the first that come to your mind as well. These are also the fashion weeks held in October. Well technically the end of September because everyone wants to showcase their work. So they start early so everyone get time to shine.
On my previous blog, I would do reviews of the outfits idols and other celebrities would wear during Seoul Fashion Week. I’d compile a list of about 10 of my favorite and hated looks of both male and female celebrities during the week. I still have a pretty decent tag on Tumblr of past fashion weeks.
I usually do a review every year of the Spring collection (the Fall collections are hit or miss). But I skipped 2020 because it was around the same time as Sulli’s passing. I wasn’t in the mood to talk about Seoul Fashion Week especially because she was a major figure at the event. From what I remember some things were cancelled out of respect.
This year with COVID-19 things have moved to digital. In the past it was difficult to see collections from a large variety of designers. Mainstream brands like KYE or Beyond Closet will have a live stream on Instagram or Facebook. Along with uploading everything online. But this year was the first that I can remember (I’ve been following Seoul Fashion Week since 2016), that you could access fashion show videos on one platform like V Live.
I really enjoy this format. V Live is accessible to everyone especially for Kpop fans. Every Kpop has a V Live account. Whether you want one or not. Because there’s no runway this year and I could watch all the shows from my house, I decided to talk about my favorite collections this time around. So here are my 10 favorite collections from Seoul Fashion Week 2021 Spring Summer.
First I do want to give honorable mentions to three designers. I went into this trying to keep it at 10, but then I realized I had 13. No shade to the brands that didn’t make it into the top 10. I just watched their collections after I made my initial list. I can’t embed V Live videos so you’ll have to click the hyperlink in the title link to watch them. The screenshots are for visual representation only. 


Most of the collections I liked had a lot of the same elements in them. Either they were fashion forward with a punk/goth edge to them with a call back to the 80s or 90s, or they were a modern update to classic items like the trench coat. CARNET-ARCHIVE falls in the former category. I chose collections I saw pieces I wanted along with items I could see idols wearing. CARNET-ARCHIVE totally check off those boxes.


As soon as I watched the first 30 seconds of C-ZANN E’s collection I knew it was going to be interesting. I have a book on the Hanbok and how it has evolved over the years and its cultural importance in Korean culture. I still haven’t finished. I started it like two years ago. It was a gift from one of my best friends and I really need to finish it. It’s not long. I’ve just gotten distracted. Anyway I like that there was a section in fashion week to showcase designers and brands that are keeping Korean clothing like Hanbok relevant. The pieces featured in C-ZANN E’s Spring/Summer 2021 collection are stunning.


Okay so out of the three, this one might be the most boring of the bunch. The dresses and gowns in this collection are beautiful. But it might be a bit safe for some. Not everyone is out here trying to be edgy or has the desire to stand out in a rebellious way. Some people want to look super feminine, elegant, and regal. This is the collection for those who just want to look pretty but stunt at the same time.
Now on to the top 10.


Shout out to GREEDILOUS for having a black model with natural hair in this lineup. I started following them on Instagram recently, so I saw previews of this collection on there. I think the first video that popped up on my feed was the one with the model with the platinum shaved head waring a matching face mask to her dress. How do y’all feel about designers creating their own face masks to match their new collections? I like it, but I highly doubt I’d pay more than like $40 for one if it’s not going to charity.

Anyway, I love the card suit inspired pattern for this collection. It’s super cute and creative. It stayed in my mind long after watching. Along with the way this was edited. I love the call back to 90s internet culture with the bright magenta browsers.

Alright! What did y’all think of Seoul Fashion Week Spring Summer 2021? There were some common things I saw that may end up being popular trends. Which were your favorite items or collections? Did I miss one of your favorite designers? Let me know in the comments below.
Take care!

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