The real best Kpop songs of 2022 post, lol.

As mentioned in Part 1, I have no self-control, and my top fave songs of 2022 ballooned into 50 of my fave songs. If you haven’t seen my fave 50-26 songs article, you can check that out here.

This post unlike the previous one is exclusively 2022 releases. And I have one group with two songs on here. I capped it at 2 from the same group or artist to keep things fresh. We’ve got a lot of ground to cover, so let’s get started!

25.) Woody – Wherever

I love me a good midtempo soulful song. Woody is one of my favorite male soloist. However, I still haven’t done a proper listen to his discography. I’ve been saying for a while that I wanted to do a deep dive of his stuff.

I need to actually add this to my future article topics, so I don’t forget again. I know he has a new song out, but I haven’t listened to it yet 😅. I actually haven’t listened to most of the new December releases yet. I’ll get to it, don’t worry.

24.) Park Jihoon – Moon&Back

Similar to Woody, I’ve loved listening to “Moon&Back” off and on this year. This is still my favorite Jihoon release this year. I can’t wait for a comeback. I could go for another full length album.

23.) Billlie – Overlap (1/1)

I think this was one of the first Billlie songs I couldn’t stop listening to. I really enjoyed “Patbingsu” and “Highway Romance” and I can’t wait for new music from them.

22.) WEi – Know Ya

One of my favorite things in Kpop is when a group or soloist hasn’t made a song or album you like in some time, and then suddenly, they’re back to making jams.

This strongly applies to WEi. Along with my love for “Know Ya”, my favorite song they released this year, I enjoyed a few songs off Love Pt2: Passion. I’m hoping this trend continues into 2023.

21.) Stray Kids – Maniac

It feels weird placing “Maniac” so low. I love this song and era so much. But I just stopped listening to it as much and went back to older Stray Kids songs.

I didn’t listen to Maxident as much either this year. SKZ still spend too much time running through my mind rent-free this year, lol.

20.) ENHYPEN – I Need The Light

I can’t believe some of my favorite Enha songs have been osts. What’s that about? I love “I Need The Light” and I still listen to it a lot. It’s my favorite of the new Enha songs this year.

19.) SEVENTEEN – Domino

Man, I love Face The Sun so much. As of writing, I haven’t decided what my favorite album of the year is yet. I think Face the Sun will totally be in the top 3. “Domino” was a song I loved at first listen.

But I wasn’t expecting to keep going back to it in some form or another. It was difficult to pick one song from Face The Sun, so I picked two, but you gotta wait to see what the other is.

I chose “Domino” over “Shadow” or “Ash” mostly because I couldn’t decide. I would crave “Don Quixote”, “Shadow”, and “Domino” about the same amount.

I could have either song on this list or in my part 1 post, and have no harsh feelings either way. I think I just wanted to mix it up a bit.

18.) Key – Villian (Feat. Jeno)

I didn’t know there’s a dance practice video for this song. Love that. “Villian” is one of my favorite Key songs, period. Not more than “One of Those Nights”, but very close. Like second favorite Key song, I think.

I was so happy to finally have a song with Jeno featured on it that I can listen to regularly. I love their dynamic, and I want more collabs with them in the future.

17.) Yugyeom – Take You Down (Feat. Coogie)

Not me placing my most listened to song according to Spotify Wrapped so far down… Let me explain. I love “Take You Down”. I love it sooo much. I think most of my listens happened very early after release.

Then it just became a regular go to K-R&B songs, lol. Also, in my defense, this and “Lights” were the ONLY new releases we got this year. So yeah, I ran this song into the damn ground, lol.

This year was a bit of an off year too because I didn’t listen to nearly as much music as I normally would. And I really stuck to my old reliables, I wasn’t very adventurous with new music either.

So yeah, that’s how we ended up with my most listened to song at like 44 or 46 listens, which really isn’t that much either. Idk. Let’s move on. I’m excited for “Ponytail”.

16.) VeriVery – O

This song fooking slaps. Placing it at 16 sooo doesn’t do it justice. If I could put it in S tier, (which maybe I should do a tier list next year, that would solve most of my problems, lol), I would. I need them to release more music like this. I would stan in a heartbeat.

15.) VIVIZ – Bop Bop

Soooooo so good. A lot of shitty things have happened in the world, but at least we have most of Gfriend together in a group making bops.

I have nothing but praise for “Bop Bop” and Beam Of Prism. This is another song and album that feels like it’s been out longer, than 2022, just because of how classic it feels at the same time.


I can and will continue to praise this song and album as well. Stayc really came out swinging with this bop. “RUN2U” just randomly appears in my mind and I love having it stuck in my head. I need to get a physical copy of this album.

13.) TWICE – Basics

Why does this song go so harrrrrd?!?!?!!? Twice and JYPE were like, we’re gonna release one of the catchiest songs of the century, and no one can do anything about it. This is objectively THE song of the year. My only regret is not listening to it more, lol.

I wish I could find the exact text post one of the peeps I follow on Tumblr made, but it was essentially the audio of “Basics” to a video clip of Ulala from Space Channel 5 dancing. It was like a 15-second clip, but it was life changing.

12.) Jiselle – Butterfly (feat. oceanfromtheblue)

Another strong contender from album of the year. Picking a favorite song from Therapy Session. Similar to Viviz, and Seventeen, you could drop any song from any of those songs on my lap, and I could vouch for its greatness.

I need more Jiselle music in 2023 too, she kept me well-fed in 2022.

11.) SEVENTEEN – World

Surprise! It’s the other Seventeen song, lol. Idk why “World” felt like a coming home moment, but it was. Like I was saying about WEi, it’s soooo good when your faves release a song you love at the first like five to thirty seconds of it playing.

My excuse for having 2 Seventeen songs on this list, is this is the repackage song, lol. Also, it’s my list, and I make the rules. I just need Seventeen to keep the ball rolling in 2023.

10.) DKB – 24/7

Alright, top 10 time! I am and always will be obsessed with “24/7” and Autumn. I couldn’t stop listening or thinking about this song. This is another one I need the physical of. Need to get back into collecting my favorite albums in person.

If you’ve somehow managed to avoid this song and album, again, change your ways.

9.) Wonho – Eye On You

There he is! Mr. Wonho popping up in my fave songs post, again. I don’t think I can articulate how much I love house/dance tracks from this man.

“Eye On You” is another song I just kept listening to all throughout the year after release. Everything about it is perfect, the styling in the music video is on point (as usual). I think I’d even put “Eye On You” in my top 3 favorite Wonho songs (to date).

8.) Got7 – Two

My second most played/listen to song according to Spotify. Tbh, I’m surprised this wasn’t my most listened to song. It’s incredibly difficult for me to listen to this song just once. Normally I replay it once it gets down to the last like five seconds, lol.

The Ahgase always finds a way to jump out, huh? This is Got7 at my absolute favorite. I wanted to put this song higher up as well, and it kills me. I needed to have like 3 songs in my top 3 section, lol.

7.) Jaehyun – Forever Only

Another song and music video that I can’t stop thinking about. I need NEED a Jaehyun solo album, STAT. “Forever Only” I’m also surprised wasn’t higher in my Spotify top songs. It was 12 over all, 6 if we take out the non-Korean songs.

I feel like Jaehyun saw my complaints about NCT’s music not being as R&B heavy with the titles, and made this to shut me up and still lowkey stan, and it worked.

6.) Junji (OnlyOneOf) – be mine

This placement might be a bit shocking, but it being in my top 25 shouldn’t be shocking at all. I wanted to place this one higher as well, but I showed some restraint. We have one solo left (for OOO) but I think it’s safe to say Junji’s was my favorite.

I’m sooooo excited to see them in concert next year. Idk when tickets go on sale, but I’m getting ready. Plus we’re getting a group comeback soon too, lyOn getting fedddddd.

5.) Apink CHOBOM – Copycat

Top 5 territory now, omggg. “Copycat” I’ve pretty much listened to a few times a week since release. I’m so enamored with this song. I love the concept, I can’t wait for them to make more music under this subunit (whenever that happens).

I feel like a lot of the songs I loved this year were much slower paced than previous years? I’m starting to listen to more midtempo songs than hightempo/fast-paced songs.

Apink appearing on my list again shouldn’t be too surprising either, I guess, lol.

4.) YooA – Lay Low

If this song was released earlier in the year, this would have easily been my most listened to or top 3 most listened to songs of 2022. As of writing, I’ve been listening to this song almost every time I go to listen to Spotify since I’ve first heard this song.

It’s everything I need in a Kpop poppy song. YooA’s delivery and the slight autotune in her voice keeps the song interesting despite it being pretty simple. Minus “Selfish” and “Melody”(which literally just leaves us with “Lay Low” and “Blood Moon”) I really enjoyed this album. Even the two songs I don’t really care for aren’t bad, just not as addicting as the other two are for me.

I wasn’t too interested in a YooA solo, but now I’m hooked. I’m ready for whatever is next.

3.) Minho – Heartbreak

This counts as a 2022 release because it’s on CHASE!!! The girls and gays win again!!! I was so certain this was going to be my most listened to song of 2022. It was my 8th most overall, 5th excluding non-Korean songs. I’ll talk more about CHASE later, just know I love it.

But the joy I had seeing “Heartbreak” as the last song on the album. I thought I was going to cry tears of joy. I think I was getting ready to walk on the treadmill for my morning exercise, and pulled CHASE up on my phone and squealed and jumped around. I was so happy.

I was going to preorder the album, but I want the black version, and they didn’t let you pick on SM’s site or a few other places I looked. So I figure I’ll pop into one of my Kpop stores and pick it up in person.

It’s been a year, but “Heartbreak” is still that girl. I’m still not tired of listening to it.

2.) OnlyOneOf – Ultimate Bliss

CRACK. Pure crack was put into this song!! One of my goals for next year is to also listen to more OOO (I think I did better this year). I’ve talked about this in my fave OOO post, but this year reminded me how much I love these nerds and their music.

It feels wrong to place this song any lower than my top 3 fave songs of 2022. I was tempted to to a tie, but one song and group just barely beat OOO out.

1.) CIX – 458

I’m a simple lass, I hear a banger, and I won’t stop recommending it to everyone I meet like I’m recruiting church memembers, lmao. If there’s one thing I could trust in these trying times, is CIX to make ANOTHER tremendous title track.

OK Episode 1: OK Not is from start to finsh one of the best albums released this year. I will continue to be team #StopSleepingOnCIX until y’all start giving them the streams and respect their deserve.

Anyway, “458” I didn’t realize they were talking about a specific Ferrari model type on my first 20 or so listens. It wasn’t until months later, I got the connection, lmao. So I think that’s a testament to the song not necessarily riding (pun intended) on that to be a bop.

Seeing them live too really cemented me being a FIX. I’m so salty they’ve announced another world tour and Atlanta isn’t a part of the list (currently). I wanna see them again. I miss them. Easily one of my favorite concerts this year. If CIX is coming to your city next year, you gotta see them. Soooo worth it.

But like in the meantime you can also just check their shit out on YouTube and streaming platforms too, that helps out a lot as well, lmaooo.

And when you’re done with that, check out everyone on this list too. Especially some people you’ve seen, but think you wouldn’t be into, you’d be amazed.

Wow, it’s finally done. I meant to have this out on the 29th, but I ended up staying up late watching Console Caito stream (it’s always a blast over there), then got up early to go to the outlet mall and hang out with my mom for most of the day. So I ended up waaay off track. But that’s okay.

What were y’alls favorite songs of the year? I’m very curious to what y’all were listening to. We’ve got two more posts, then that’ll be all for ATK in 2022. I was aiming to have the December faves post out on New Year’s Day, but idk. That might be the 2nd or 3rd.

Y’all will just have to pop in and see. With all the uncertainty with Twitter, I’ve removed the widget from the site. You can still find me on there. I post updates about where I am with content creation and other junk. I forgot I made a new Instagram for this blog, I gotta get back to posting on there. But yeah, follow me on there. I’ll be back with the fave albums article next!

Take care!

Ash 💕

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