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Kpop and concepts go together like macaroni and cheese. Halloween is a special time in Kpop because everyone has either a dance practice video wearing costumes, a live stage wearing costumes, or a dark/spooky music video. Today, I want to talk about 10 of my favorite Halloween related videos in Kpop.


A newer video. As I’ve mentioned before on here, this is one of my favorite songs of 2020. I’m happy to see a Halloween version of the song. I love everyone’s costumes.

Red Velvet – Peek-A-Boo

Can’t have a list like this and not include Peek-A-Boo on this list. I didn’t love this one as a title track on my first couple of listens, but now I’ve grown to love it. I always love Red Velvet’s video aesthetics and outfits.

EXID – Every Night

An oldie but goodie. Like Red Velvet, EXID don’t have issues killing men or scamming them in their videos, lol. This isn’t as dark as some other videos on this list. It’s a slow burner.

Monsta X – Hero (Vampire Version)

One of two goofy Halloween videos on this list. I remember going crazy over this back when it was first released. It was fun revisiting this Monsta X.

Dreamcatcher – Chase Me

Dreamcatcher is a group that has a goth/dark concept year round. I thought today would be a great opportunity to go back to the physiological thriller ‘Chase Me’.

BTS – 21st Century Girl (Halloween Version)

The second goofy Halloween video on this list. Jungkook’s bunny outfit sends me every time. BTS has other Halloween dance practice videos, but this is still my favorite.


Twice’s debut song is iconic for multiple reasons. They’re surrounded by zombies in this like post-apocalyptic world but having a great ass time. Plus, the outfits in this video are always cosplayed at KCON. Momo’s especially.

SHINee – Married To The Music

The whole reason I decided to make this list. Initially I was planning to make a whole post talking about how great and slept on ‘Married To The Music’ is.

Just the scene alone with the members carrying Jonghyun’s tiny ass as they walk in still cracks me up 5 years later. The best part of all this is that MTTM was a summer release.

They put all this effort in, and it wasn’t even October. SHINee always goes all out, though. I adore that about them.


Another new one on this list. ATEEZ performed this song during their Port of Call concert last week. Then they started releasing teasers for the music video version.

I love love love the over the top makeup and styling for ‘The Black Cat Nero’. It’s a creepy take and gives me a bit of Edward Scissorhands and Sweeney Todd mixed with Great Gatsby vibes.

VIXX – VOODOO DOLL (Original Version)

VIXX is another under-appreciated group. They mostly did darker concepts. ‘On and On‘ they were vampires, and ‘Error‘ had them as androids. They even have a song called ‘Hyde‘ based on Jekyll and Hyde.

Leo’s long hair in ‘Hyde’ was an iconic moment for VIXX. VIXX is one of the first groups I think of when it comes to dark concepts and Halloween. There are two versions of ‘VooDoo Doll’. The clean version doesn’t include the gory scenes you get in the intro of this video. So there’s your warning.

What are some of y’alls favorite Halloween related or dark concept videos in Kpop? Let me know in the comments below. I hope y’all enjoyed this quick post and found some new stuff to watch for Halloween.

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