It’s so hard not to just list EXO’s Miracles in December, For Life, and Sing For You albums on here and call it a day.

It’s Christmas Eve and I wanted to give y’all a quick post about 10 of my favorite/go to Kpop Christmas songs. There’s more, but as I mentioned, you can’t go wrong with EXO on Christmas. So I’ll keep things short. Let’s begin!

Miracles in December – EXO

An absolute classic. The “All I Want For Christmas Is You” of Kpop in my opinion. Christmas season isn’t official until you’ve got “Miracles in December” playing (Korean or Chinese version).

Winter Heat – EXO

I admittedly listen to this song during the rest of the year too. It’s so catchy and upbeat. I feel like it isn’t talked about as much as some of EXO’s other Christmas songs.

It’s a completely different vibe from the first EXO song listed, but it’s a can’t miss for those who love a dancy Christmas.

Lonely Christmas – Monsta X

I love Monsta X’s special videos like this where you get a more laid back video. “Lonely Christmas” is a midtempo Christmas song that suits MX well.

Christmas Time – Starship Planet

Okay, so I’m a sucker for these company songs. I have to Starship Ent songs on this list. I love the music video for this one for all the interactions we don’t typically get with Starship fam.

12시25분 (Wishlist) – f(x)

Another underrated fave of mine. f(x) really can do no wrong musically. I don’t want to spoil too much, so you’ll just have to check it out. Trust me on this. It does make me miss f(x) again though. 

First Snow – TTS

Fun fact, I really love Girls’ Generation-TTS. I need another comeback from them, but for now I’ll keep “First Snow” on repeat. Along with “Whisper”.

Love In the Air – Jellyfish Entertainment

Another company song. I wish we had gotten another Jellyfish fam Christmas song but oh well, this one with Seo In Guk, Park Jung Ha, Park Yoon Ha, and VIXX well worth checking out.

Christmas Day – Starship Planet

Of the two Starship fam songs on here, “Christmas Day” is my favorite. I think K Will’s vocals sell me more on this song. It’s another fun interactive video and song, with everyone signed to Starship Entertainment up to this point.

The Carol 2.0 – LOONA (ViVi, Choerry,Yves)

I keep saying this, but I also feel like “The Carol 2.0” doesn’t get much press. It’s a great song to get you in the Christmas mood. Plus, we love when Vivi gets screen time.

Special Christmas – United Cube

This was a “new” Christmas song for me this year. While working on this list and searching for some gems I may have missed, I stumbled across this one. “Special Christmas” is mostly second gen Kpop with BTOB being the rookies.

We have 4MINUTE, BEAST, G.NA, BTOB, Roh Ji Hoon, Kim Ki Ri, Shin Ji Hoon, A-Pink, and Huh Gak. I felt like if I didn’t know about this gem, I wonder how many others don’t. It’s always fun to discover old music that’s new to you.

I hope y’all enjoyed this short list! Have a great Christmas if you celebrate it. If not, happy holidays. Stay safe and take time to rest and reward yourself for getting through this rough ass year!

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