Hi I’m Ashliegh-Cheyenne! I usually go by Ashliegh or Ash. I became a Kpop fan back in October 2014. In 2015, I fell completely into the hole that is Kpop and I decided to live there permanently. Ash Talks Kpop (formerly KFashionBias) is a collection of my opinions on music, Kfashion, Seoul Fashion Week, and everything else that happens in the world of Kpop (and sometimes other Asian artist, actors, and models) I feel like talking about. For updates on Ash Talks Kpop and other Ashliegh related stuff, follow me on Twitter. I have an Instagram, but I’m hardly on there. You can help support the blog by sharing my post, checking out my site affiliates(located on my Resources page), or buying me a coffee. Lastly, you can email me at ashtalkskpop@gmail.com