… I don’t have an intro for this month. Let’s just get into it, 😂 

Gemini feat Big Naughty – 1,2,3

Slaps. Loved it immediately. I get a bit of old school vibes. A little bit of fall vibes too. Listening to “1,2,3” is getting me into the fall mood even more.

THE BOYZ – Levitating

Idk why this song sounds like something The Boyz has done in the past. When I first heard this song, I thought, “wait…isn’t this an old song?” So idk. But I like it. I haven’t really been feelin The Boyz music lately. I didn’t care for “Whisper”.

ONF – Runaway

I really liked this one. This album is more for Fuse (ONF fandom name). So I didn’t expect to love love it. There are some boring ballads on here. But I wasn’t expecting remasters. I love the remaster of “ON/OFF”.

“ON/OFF” is still one of my favorite songs of theirs. I like this trend of remasters of songs. I kinda want more of them, lol. It’s different enough from the original while still being fun and different.

DKB – Autumn (Album)

Okay, I love DKB’s previous releases. But this is my favorite album from start to finish. Autumn is more of a slower sound from them. But not full on ballads.

I didn’t want it to end. It’s sooo good. I haven’t decided on a fave song or two yet, but we got another one for the fave 2022 albums list.

TWICE – Between 1&2 (Album)

I’ve been listening to “Talk that Talk” much longer than the rest of the album. Mostly because I wanted to wait until closer to me working on this article. If I don’t listen to the whole album when it first releases, I just wait until the end of the month.

It’s easier because I know the ones I need to listen to and the ones I’ve been jamming to and might have additional thoughts on. Anyway, Between 1&2 is good.

My main fave songs are “Basics” (I think my fave off the album), “Trouble” and “Talk that Talk”. The other songs are fine. They’ll probably grow on me after seeing them performed live, like a lot of Formula of Love did.

ENHYPEN – I Need The Light

I remember sending this song to one of my best friends after listening to it. I really love it. It’s an OST for the show Mimicus. I got this one and “One In A Billion” mixed up on my lists, but I have similar thoughts to it. This one also just sounds like an Enha song. It doesn’t have rock elements to it (like electric guitars), but guitar is present. It’s just upbeat enough to bop to. If you know, you know.

KEY – Gasoline (Album)

I feel like Gasoline is a continuation of what BAD LOVE started in a good way. I can’t decide or narrow down faves yet, but here’s where I’m at:

Another Life

I Can’t Sleep

Guilty Pleasure


Not in that particular order. Although “Guilty Pleasure” and “Villain” are definitely near the top. I like when Key gives us dance/club songs like “Guilty Pleasure”. If we’re not getting another “One of Those Nights”, I’ll settle for the dance/house songs.

I was concerned when Jeno (NCT) was announced as a feature because I was disappointed with his collab with Donghae and “California Love”. I found that song to be so boring.

But fortunately, Jeno’s parts on “Villain” felt pretty natural. I’ve been enjoying the videos of them dancing together, too. I’m glad he’s getting work outside of Dreamies.

Also, if you haven’t watched the music video for “Gasoline“. I highly recommend just for Key’s amazing styling.

Junji – be mine

I’ve been listening to this song DAILY. I’m addicted to it. I haven’t loved an OOO song like this since “Ultimate Bliss”. I knew Junji wouldn’t disappoint, but I wasn’t expecting him to hit this hard either. I’m soooo happy his solo is going well and his sales have been record-breaking for OnlyOneOf.

I hope the momentum continues, and by the time there’s a full group comeback, they’ll have even more success and attention on them. So I can see them in my city. I really want an Atlanta concert. They’ve been slept on for too long.

Wonho – Don’t hesitate


Man, when Wonho leans into dance tracks, he really goes all in. I have mixed feelings on “Crazy”, but I do like it more than when I heard it the first couple of listens.

I loved “Don’t hesitate” on my first listen. I love it so much. I’ve been listening to it daily as well. Universe Music wins again. Their current record for me is 3(win)-25 (loss).

CIX – OK Episode 1: OK NOT (album)

Another banger album. On the list and from CIX. I’ve been listening to this album a lot, and I can’t decide on a fave (1 or 2) songs, either.

I did learn that “458” was related to the Ferrari 458. I was too poor to catch this reference, lmao. I do know a little about car models and makers, but not that luxurious. Another one for the fave album lists.

TEMPEST – Can’t Stop Shining

I think I either listened to Tempest‘s debut and didn’t like it, or I missed it. Idk, but I love “Can’t Stop Shining”. Reminds me of early Golden Child. I love a bright, upbeat boy group song like this.

Colde – Cat

Chill song. Reminds me of like a Crush or Zion.T song in a good way. I need to listen to more Colde songs. So far, I have 2 that I really like now.

pH-1 – Mr. Bad

I wasn’t sure if I was gonna like this one. But I do. I think I listen to more pH-1 features than his solo stuff. So I need to check out more of his solo stuff too.


Another song I wasn’t expecting to like. Actually, I love it. I love a good dance track. I thought a BM solo would be much more rap heavy. I see myself listening to this a lot. “Bad Intentions”

Jaehyun (NCT) – Forever Only

Sooooooo good. So so sooo good. I’m not sure why this song reminds me of a mid-2000s song, but I love that. I forgot how much I love a solo Jaehyun song.

I really need him and Haechan to have full on solos with a mini album and live performances. The music video reminds me of a perfume ad. Very aesthetically pleasing. I just love everything about this release.

Jay Park – Bite

Another Jay Park song that slaps. He has a very specific formula for his solo songs that works. I don’t think there are really any Jay Park solo songs I don’t like.

Fatou (BLACKSWAN) – PWAPF (Mixtape)

Now, here’s a solo I REALLY wasn’t expecting to like. I really vibed with PWAPF. I’m not much of a trap fan (like at all), but I love that she just went wild on these songs and did what she wanted.

It felt natural. I can’t wait to hear more mixtapes from her. Idk when the next BLACKSWAN release is, but I’ll have to check it out for sure.

I knew August was gonna be busy music wise, but damn. Lotta good music. With the year almost over, I think it’s going to continue to be nonstop with new music. I’m excited. What were your favorite releases from this month? Let me know in the comments. I’ll see y’all next post!

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