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Musically, August wasn’t that bad. More importantly, I was able to listen to everything in a reasonable time frame throughout the month, so I didn’t have to cram the last week or so of the month to make my list.

It’s easier for me to listen to a song or album first. Then watch the music video later, depending on the group or artist. Like with my faves, I’m gonna watch the music video first, then watch the video nine times out of ten.

So for August there’s 13 different groups and soloists to talk about. Odd number literally, but that’s what I’ve got. So let’s get started!

ASTRO – After Midnight

I really like this upbeat track from ASTRO. My favorite songs from Switch On, “Footprint”, “MY ZONE”, and “Don’t Worry” keep the same energy. Also, the styling for “After Midnight” is interesting. It’s like boho but for guys. I like it.

BDC – Moonwalker

I talked a lot about BDC in my June post. I’m still obsessed with their music. I love that they did a performance video for “MOON WALKER”. I’m just so excited about their releases. I hope they continue to release bops.

Hyolyn & Dasom – Summer or Summer

They heard y’all were trying to replace them as the “queens of summer” so they had to remind y’all why they got that nickname in the first place with this song.

I miss SISTAR just as much as the next stan. So having a mini comeback with Hyolyn and Dasom is exactly what we need in this hellscape that’s 2021.

It’s such a catchy summer song. I love when Hyolyn does these. I missed Dasom musically. I didn’t realize that until “Summer or Summer”. This is a total must have for your summer playlist.

AB6IX – Walking In The Rain

So much talk about rain this summer, lol. I think this song goes on about 30 seconds too long, but I love “Walking In The Rain”.

I like the black and white (grayscale) visuals for this video. They look great, and the song is really upbeat for just walking in the rain.

Park Jihoon – Gallery

Our mans is back with ANOTHER hit. He really doesn’t miss. I love the album concept being so pronounced in this music video.

He also looks good and just ramped up the visuals on “Gallery” we love to see it. Album wise, “LOST” and “Remember” were my faves.

N.CUS – Get Out

N.CUS is a group I feel like I should know, but I think I’ve just missed them when it comes to these best of the month posts.

“Get Out” is the first song of theirs to really catch my attention. I love the styling and hair choices in “Get Out”. The neon green and blonde with a touch of black, I can’t stop thinking about it. They were it so well.

I listened to their past releases. They were okay. “Come With Me” was the only one I saved. I’ll keep an eye on them for more new stuff, though.

Xydo – Me without you (feat Moonbyul)

I didn’t expect to like this song as much as I do. I love a good chill K-hip Hop and R&B song. I’m new to Xydo, so I’ll have to do some diving into his discography and see what other gems I’m missing out on. I typically like Moonbyul’s music, whether it’s solo or a feature.

Red Velvet – Queendom

So I guess it’s safe to talk about Red Velvet again. I’m super excited they’re back. And “Queendom” is such a good song.

I love the visuals in the music video. Album wise, I liked it. Nothing groundbreaking for me, but good. I missed them so much.

CIX – Wave

I was so excited for this album to drop. It’s not my favorite CIX album. But I do enjoy “Off My Mind”, “LOST”, and “20” the most. “Wave” is alright. I enjoy it more when I watch the music video for it.

I LOOOOOOOOVEEEEEE pink cotton candy hair Seunghun. Plus, they put him in some crop tops?! Chefs kiss. I’m also obsessed with the tie-dye tank top and slicked back hair look on Baejin. The little sailor suits for a group look is adorable. And really style wise (hair and clothes) everyone looks great. Good era overall.

Kino, Wooseok, and Yuto (PENTAGON) – Cerberus

Once you get over the kar-ber-ous pronunciation, this is a really good song and subunit choice (get it cause cerberus has three heads, and it’s three of them).

Love the styling. The music video plot is wild. It’s just good to see Pentagon have fun and make bops again. It’s been a long time coming.

Stray Kids – 소리꾼 (Thunderous)

Soo…since I’m offically a Stay. I’m gonna annoy y’all with skz stuff on here now, lol. I didn’t really like “Thunderous” as a whole song on my first like three listens.

So I mostly focused on the rest of the album, which I love. I still can’t decide on a fave song. If I list songs, it’ll basically be the whole damn thing. I’m so impressed.

I finally got it or rather my brain was like hey I like this now, on my second watch of the music video a few weeks later. I haven’t really watched any livestages or performance videos like Studio Choom, yet. I think Hyunjins gonna kill me, he just looks so good.

Also, I love Felix’s long blonde extensions, not the gray. So any time he’s all blonde, I’m so here for it. Chan’s orange/peach color hair is super cute on him.

Love Han’s and Lee Know’s light brown hair. Seungmin, I.N, and Changbin holding down brown to black hair. Love it on them as well.

ANYWAY, I love “Thunderous” the more I listen to it. Initally I thought “Cheese” or “Domino” should have been the title, but I think “Thunderous” was the best choice.

Spend that Mnet cash. I can’t believe I’m a Stray Kids stan now. The pandemic really changed everything, huh. I do feel like I picked the perfect time to become a Stay.

I need to watch the vampire performance version. Loveee a good vampire concept.

MIRAE – Splash

I love this song and album so much more than their debut. I feel like Splash is brighter. Like with “Killa” there was more of an emphasis on being new and cool.

On Splash, it just sounds like they’re having more fun, less serious and intense. I like the energy change. “#Secret” is my favorite song off the album, with “Bang-Up” being second fave.

I went back to listen to Killa and I guess three months later it hits harder than my initial listen. I still like Splash more, but Killa isn’t as bad as I remembered it to be.

Not that it was bad. I just didn’t click with the songs as quickly on my first listen. Sometimes you have a change of heart on songs. Sometimes you don’t. I guess this time all that was needed was time, lol.

Key and Taeyeon – Hate that…

I keep forgetting Key’s hair is platinum blonde now, lol. I’m soooooo excited for his album to drop. “Hate that…” is so good, and I hope that sounds continues throughout the rest of the album.

I feel good having this post out somewhat early in the month. I need to print out my list for September. But I think at this rate I’ll have the September post up on October 1st *fingers crossed*. I also got my new camera lens!

So for my “Cherry Bomb” post, I’ll have better picture quality (in theory) than just my phone pictures. I’m really excited about having this new lens omggg the HASSLE, and they’re so expensive.

Anyway, let me know y’alls faves in the comments. Follow me on Twitter and Instagram. Until next post!

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