We’re slowly getting that normalcy back.

It’s been about three weeks since Seoul Fashion Week Fall Winter 2022 happened. There were a few tweets showcasing idols and other celebrities attending red carpet events and having their photos taken for in person events.

But for the most part, Seoul Fashion Week still isn’t running at full capacity like the American or European counterparts. I was surprised to see more coverage from Vogue US about it tbh.

There was an interesting mix of shows this time. Some designers chose to showcase their new collections at Paris Fashion Week. Some chose to continue the COVID technique of choosing a random site around Seoul to film and showcasing their work.

Others had their models on a runway indoors (in the same room where they had the music acts perform) but filmed with no audience in attendance. Lastly, there we’re the collections shown outdoors, with a runway in Seoul with the audience wearing masks.

All these options were really intriguing to me. I found myself hating the camera work of the shows shown in Paris because there were a lot of closeups and everything moved too quickly. I hated some mini films because the camera just kept spinning around.

Both cases worked against the designer, stylist, and models. It got to a point for me where I would just close out of the video and move to the next one, because I was frustrated with the camera.

Kep1er opened SFW and WANT, Lachica, cocoaNbutter, and dj co.kr closed. I didn’t watch the closing, but Kep1er’s performance was good. I enjoyed the second song more than their title/debut song.

I liked the seminars they had this time around for fashion week. I love learning labs like that. Getting more information about the business side of fashion and trend forecasting is always been an interest of mine.

I wasn’t blown away with the collections shown this season. So this is gonna to be more of a speed run through the 10 I did like the most. I’m not gonna bother ranking them in any particular order, either, lol. So let’s get started!


Cahiers is one of my favorite brands. So there’s no surprise to see them on here. This collection has gorgeous long wool coats. Very regal and Victorian vibes spread throughout the show. Lots of wine and plum shades of purple. Pale yellows were everywhere in this season, and Cahiers didn’t skip out.

Beyond Closet

The first line in my notes says,” cute shit for the boys.” I enjoyed this show as well. Beyond Closet is another consistent brand. There were some pink and greens, but mostly tans and other neutral colors. Some items had paint stains on them, I didn’t like that pattern, but I loved the rest of the collection.


DEW E DEW E is so bright and cute for fall. Fun silhouettes and year round fits. I audibly went, “ooooo” during this show.


I got beef with BIG PARK this season because wtf was that camera work? I almost gave up on watching this. The cute clothes made me stay, though. I liked that there is a good mix of everything. If you can get past the dizzying camerawork, I recommend checking it out. Or maybe just hit up their Insta.


More cute, but basic menswear. That’s all I put for my notes, lol.


Still pretty. Still tons of blue and white for half of the show, then get into purple, pale yellow, and mint.


Ah, our first Paris Fashion Week one. This collection has a lot of oversized silhouettes. Plenty of patterns like herring bone and plaid. Textures we had leather, fur, along with soft fabrics for dresses and blouses.

I didn’t like the coat of arms bits. The sunflowers were okay. I got some power suit 1980s vibes with this collection as well.


This is a strange collection, and I love it. I didn’t care for the DNA print, but most of the collection I would totally wear. I love the Y2K futuristic energy here.


Lots of light tan coats. Orange, magenta, and dark gray are the main colors here. I was getting Dior New Look vibes with this collection.

I loved the statement jewelry here. Sooo pretty. I also love a gloves moment. We need to bring back wearing gloves like they did all the time in the 50s.


MMAM felt pretty hit or miss for me at the beginning. But then it gets good, and then superb the rest of the show.

I think this is the shortest SFW post I’ve done so far. I think I’ll have more to say in October for Spring/Summer 23′. Or at least I’m going to put that positive energy out into the universe.

Maybe we can have more red carpet/press pics for the in person shows. What did y’all think of SFW this time? Did you have a favorite designer or moment? Let me know in the comments. I’ll be back with a music review next post.

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See you then!


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