I think this is officially the first fashion week that’s back to the norm.

Which is wonderful. I’m to see crowds sitting at fashion shows. Live performances at these shows, smoke machines, people reacting in real time to things, all the fun aspects of in person events. But I was not impressed with most of the collections this season at Seoul Fashion Week.

I don’t know it was the repetitive details like oversized suits (that I do still enjoy), neutrals (black, white, and gray), one or a few bright colors (like a cobalt blue, a dark royal purple, and maybe a pink sprinkled in), boots that look like cowboy boots, silky patterned fabrics, etc.

That definitely got tiring for me eyes. I also wasn’t entertained by some of these shows, with performances before the show actually started. I like the music performance SUMMER CAKE did for UL:KIN. I didn’t know who she was before watching, and now I’m gonna check out her other music. But many of these performances just felt too long, and didn’t add anything to the story being told.

I was just started skipping ahead to the first outfit in the collection. And if I was getting really bored, I’d just skip to the final walk. This was the fastest I’ve gone through SFW videos. Most of the sets for the runways were super boring. Or it felt like certain things were added just to say hey look, we had a drag queen, for like, clicks. Get that money, girl.

So yeah, those are my overall feelings with SFW this season. I said last post that maybe I’d have more to say this season, but I think this article will be even shorter, lol.

All that said, I did find a few collections that I genuinely enjoyed.

So before we get into my fave shows, I want to do an honorable mention section. ANONYMOUTH reminded me of stuff Lee Soohyuk would wear (like off duty, casual fits). I couldn’t stop thinking about him and G-Dragon, lol.

GREEDILOUS has a super cute mint tweed blazer and skirt combo that I had to shout out. Didn’t care much for the rest of the collection, which is a shame. I love a space theme. But this time it felt a bit boring. They didn’t go all out like I thought they would.

BIG PARK had some really cute clothes as well. I didn’t care for the big wig outfits. But I loved everything else.

Okay, let’s get into it!


ul:kin had two shows, and I was very confused. I think this one was the showing in Paris. While the one above was the Seoul show. Which is why they went all out for this one versus the French show.

I enjoyed this show despite there being a ton of things I complained about earlier regarding design choices. There are some, I guess you could say, alternative fashion details.

I want to call it like Y2K alternative cool girl, but that sounds like something a Pinterest board would say. But I hope that gives you an idea of what I’m talking about. The cargo pants becoming popular again totally reminded me of 00s fashion. Britney Spears specifically.

I liked the mix of heels with casual outfits. There’s a slight hint of athleisure here. I like the boots, both the cowboy ones and the ones that look like tubes.


I love the mixing of traditional Korean fashion with modern fashion. It creates such interesting silhouettes. It makes me want to dress in more formal, flowy outfits daily. I’d wear pretty much everything in this collection. It just looks so luxurious and comfortable.


This collection reminds me a bit of ul:kin in the sense of the “cool girl” style. I love the low rise pants, tight-fitting dresses, the print that’s in the thumbnail. Idk what to call that, smoke print? There are some Y2K vibes here too. Another collection where I feel like I would wear just about anything here.


Doucan was on more of the floral, feminine, soft side of things and I loved it. The deep red leather/pleather dress was my favorite look.

It’s so different from the rest. I love the ruffles and different textures and lengths of fabric going on. I hate the men’s suits. They just reminded me of Pokémon villain looks.


I love love loveeeed AMI’s collection this season. I’ve seen the brand over the last few years in Kpop, but I’ve recently become more aware of it because of Han Seungju aka Veiled on YouTube. Idk how the algorithm decided to show me his channel, but at the time he was uploading his trip in Paris, and he talked about AMI a lot. I think he even went to one of the stores and their fashion show in one of the episodes, there’s like 8 of them.

But other than seeing the capital a with a heart above it, I’ve never wanted to dive deeper into the brand. But they have some really cute clothes. I was in awe. I forgot to say this earlier, but a lot of these collections look like they’re still in the cold weather mood. Lots of coats in many collections. AMI included.

AMI had so much red, white, and blue. It almost felt like a Ralph Lauren or Tommy Hilfiger show in a way. I love the black purses with gold hardware. There was just so many items I was saying to myself, “yep I want that, and that, and that.”

Oh! And how can I forget the men in crop tops! They get it.


Cahiers AGAIN had me in awe. I love this soft peachy warm, silk and satin aesthetic going on this season for them. This collection was so beauutiful. There was a luxurious Greek Goddess vibe to me here. The accessories reminded me a bit of Schiaparelli jewelry. The melted, asymmetrical, oddness of it all. Love to see it.

Alright, I’m done with Seoul Fashion Week Spring Summer 2023. I was thinking about doing a red carpet fashion review, but I’m over it for one. Two, I hardly saw anyone post any idols at SFW this time other than some WJSN members.

So maybe by February there will be more coverage on the red carpet side. But now I’m on to other articles. I got another cool collaboration post on the way for y’all. I think y’all will find it incredibly interesting.

So stay tuned for that. I’m not sure if I’ll have that up next or something else, but until next post, take care!

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