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When I started thinking about how to write this post, I had a suddenly felt overwhelmed. Because Wings and You Never Walk Alone was peak Army Ash.

My love for BTS was unmatched. They couldn’t miss. I think Love Yourself: Answer is my favorite overall BTS album/repackage.

But for sentimental and nostalgic reasons, Wings and You Never Walk Alone is my favorite era. So we’ll have to get to You Never Walk Alone and “Spring Day” and “Not Today” another day. But for now, let’s get into it!

Intro: Boy Meets Evil

I need to quickly explain my bias list before we get too in-depth with this post. I started out as a J-Hope only stan. But over time, I slipped into Jin and Taehyung’s lanes.

So those are my main three now. I don’t really have a main fave anymore. It just depends on the mood, but I do lean a little more towards Jin.

But 2016 Ash would say J-Hope in a heartbeat. So when “Boy Meets Evil” dropped, for lack of better words, I lost my fooking shit.

Orange!hair Hobi dancing as if his life depended on it and finally getting the proper attention he deserves? Hobi gals won. We won biiiiiiggggg.

The music video was amazing and the song itself I had on repeat. It was such a great beginning to Wings. I couldn’t wait for what was coming next.

Blood Sweat & Tears

This fooking songggggg. Song of the year, song of the decade, and arguably the song of the millennium. There’s crack in this song.

I go months without hearing BS&T and once I do, I get the same exact rush as I did the first time I heard it. It just holds up so well.

The visuals. THE VISUALS for BS&T. Y’all are gonna get tired of me using that Lady Gaga gif, but it’s true. It was the magnum opus for BTS.

I didn’t think BTS could get more art heaux, but then they released videos for “Black Swan” and I stood corrected. I need to do a short post or something on my fave MOTS7 songs and videos. Adds to list.

The transition from the art gallery to them posing in the purple room still gives me chills. I’m also still here for the mix of royal/preppy dress shirts and jackets paired with ripped at the knee black skinny jeans.

The infamous furry Gucci slippers, making an appearance. I think it was Suga wearing them. Then Taehyung wandering around in silk pajamas while everyone else is dressed in pants and dress shirts, still send me. He had to be the most comfortable member on set in that outfit.

I talked about my love for J-Hope’s orange hair, so let’s talk about my favorite outfit of his in “Blood Sweat & Tears” before we get into the other member’s hair and outfits.

My favorite outfit he wears is the shiny gold blazer, black shirt, black skinny jeans and gold boots look. In my notes, I wrote, “OMG, I forgot about the gold boots. GOLD BOOTS.” That’s also one of my top 5 Hobi looks.

Speaking of iconic outfits, let’s move on to Jimin’s blue blazer outfit. First of all, I love gray hair on him. It suits him so well, and he just killed this outfit. When I think of Jimin, this is one of the first images I think of.

The blunt cut bangs on Taehyung and his blonde hair still look so good to me. Not my fave Tae look, but I loved it so much at the time.

The contacts kinda gave him White Walker vibes, but it works. The peachy pink hair on Jin looks good too. Again, not my fave Jin look, but I’ll take it. I actually forgot about his pink hair this era until I started working on this post.

Same with Namjoon’s blondish gray hair. I love this haircut he has in BS&T. Sometimes he cuts his hair too short for my liking, but he got it right this time, lol. Jungkook’s light brown, almost mushroom shaped hair is cute.

Not my fave haircut either, but it’s fine. Suga understood the assignment with his longer bangs and dark brown hair. Although, I don’t think he’s ever had hair I didn’t love. Alright, next song!


I didn’t realize how badly I wanted or needed a Jungkook solo until “Begin”. I’ve always respected him holding down vocal line in BTS, but mannn “Begin” is just sooo good.

I love the foot dance when it gets to the chorus. But I love the harmonization and the instrumentals the most. Excellent start to the solo songs.


“Lie” is a darker song, but it’s still one of my favorites. Top 3 solo songs. I’d say number 3. The choreography always gets me hype.

So executed perfectly. I didn’t realize I wanted a Jimin solo either until “Lie” he, like Jungkook, did what he had to on this track. 1000/10 highly recommend.


The thumbnail looks janky, but the video is fine. “Stigma” is my favorite solo song from Wings. Back when Wings was still new, I’d listen to “Lie” and “Stigma” sooooo much.

I’ve always wanted Big Hit to give Taehyung more lines because he has such a soulful voice. “Stigma” was the perfect opportunity to showcase his voice. He exceeded the requirements for the solo tracks.

I still listen to “Stigma” frequently. I can’t decide between if I like “Singularity” more. I love both so much, I think it’s a tie.

First Love

I don’t really listen to “First Love” a lot, mostly because it makes me tear up every time. It’s such a sweet and emotional song.

Any time they do BangBangCon and show concerts during Wings era, and they bring the piano out on stage, you know it’s about to go down.

That’s one of my other favorite aspects of this era. They really had so much control over the concepts and song creation (I mean this more for vocal line not so much rapline) this time around.

I love that continued as BTS continued to grow as an artist. I miss the group songs though give us a BTS album with no solos please. Next time we do solo songs, I want solo albums.


We’re in sad boy hours now, lads. “Reflection” and “Awake” both make me cry for the same reasons. Songs about inadequacies are super relatable, especially for me back in 2016. Both of these songs are beautiful, but I’m in this picture and I don’t like it.


As mentioned earlier, as a Hobi girl in 2016, him having a solo song was the best thing ever. Well, next to an album, but we had to wait a little longer for that.

“Mama” also makes me cry, but in a happy tears way. I can’t talk about J-Hope’s solo without mentioning his dance performance.

It’s also perfect for the song. I love the mix of singing in the mic and performing with the dancers. An ode to his mom? We have no choice but to stan forever.


I was torn between embedding the short film or to put a live version video. I felt like the live version fit better with the trend I’ve already started.

Also black/dark brown hair Jin is my favorite. Although, we love an actor Jin moment. Wow, none of this has to do with the song fhsdfhslkfs.

“Awake” is my second favorite solo song. It’s so beautiful and I, like I mentioned in “Reflections”, super relatable. The vulnerability on Wings makes it such a sincere album.

There was literally blood sweat and tears put into this album. The way this album rolled out, and the timing, was perfect.

I haven’t mentioned the BTS Universe in this post because that would take too long, and I barely understand what’s going on.

But I was heavily invested in it during HYYH and Wings (I’ll have to bring it up when I talk about YNWA).

I guess I’ll have to refresh my memory since there’s a drama on the way for it. But that was another reason why I left out most of the short films related to this era, minus “Boy Meets Evil”.


“Lost” is one of my favorite BTS song ever PERIOD. I listened to this one a ton for like 2 years straight. I miss this sound so much.

“Lost” also gets me in my feelings, but at least I can dance while I’m tearing up (if I don’t focus too much on the meaning, I can keep it together and just vibe). I need to see vocal line perform this live.

BTS Cypher 4

My faaaaaave cypher. Sidenote, they look so good in this live video. Red hair Hobi? Love it. Platinum gray hair, Suga?

Probably my favorite look on him. It’s God tier. And man, mister Namjoon. I live for Namjoon wearing those yellow sunglasses. Lookin like the hot hipster guy in your English literature course.

Good news everyone, we’re out of sad boy hours. I love the message in this song, the vibe, the energy is everything. It’s just a soul cleansing song.

If you’re going through it, just put this song on in the car or where ever you are, and you’ll feel better five minutes from now, guaranteed.

Am I Wrong

Now, how did I forget they perform this on music shows? I completely forgot about that. Anyway it’s fun, it’s lit. We’re having a great time.

This is another hype song. You have to stop what you’re doing when this comes on to dance.


Okay, one more sad song, lol. I don’t really listen to “2!3!” unless I’m doing a full listen through of Wings, or I’m watching a live performance.

I’ve seen the title translated as “Hoping For more good days”. Which I like a lot because isn’t that what we all want? This song also makes me rear up if I think about it long enough.

Interlude: Wings

I love this song soooooo fooking much. Another one of the top BTS songs for me.

I think when it comes to Wings, my top 5 fave song order goes like:

1- Stigma

2- Interlude: Wings

3- Lost

4- Lie

5 – Awake

I guess since we have the outro later, that’s the one I’d put on my official list of all ultimate BTS songs.

But the difference is this one is missing J-Hope’s rap. Anyway, I love the fun and ending of “Interlude: Wings”.

We’ve gone on such an emotional rollercoaster this album, and it’s just nice to end on a high point. It’s like the credits are rolling, and we have a new adventure awaiting us.

Merch Stuff

I have the Taehyung Polaroid, but I didn’t take a picture of it because it’s currently in my selling pile. I forgot which photocard I got with this album. I think I gave it to one of my best friends.

My favorite J-Hope picture from this photoshoot. Also, the boots!!! Love everything about this.

This is one of my favorite Tae pictures. Had to include it.

I need Suga’s outfit here. It looks so comfy.

I don’t really have much to say about the last two. I just love the hanging out in the bathroom in jammies concept.

Alriiiight we did it, Joe! This took soooo much longer than I expected it would, but I had a blast. This album means so much to me. I was in my peak Army era.

It feels so great to get to finally document my love of this era and BTS on ATK finally. So I’ll definitely cover more BTS on here in the future.

But what was y’all’s favorite song(s) from Wings? Let me know in comments. I think Seventeen is next.

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Until then,

Take care!


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