This is the shortest faves post of the year, for sure. Maybe shortest monthly fave post I’ve done to date, lol.

December was suuuper sparse on music I really loved. I found myself just continuing to listen to the November releases and other music released this year and previous years.

I guess that’s good in a way because it’ll be easier for me to focus on my other year-end posts.

ATEEZ – The Real

Like other Atiny, I was wondering when “The Real” was going to make an official appearance on Ateez’s discography. I still enjoy this song. It’s loud and all over the place.

The music video is also fast pace and blink, and you’ll miss something. I was most excited about the Korean version of “Still Here” from ZERO : FEVER EPILOGUE.

I listened to Epilogue once while showering. I haven’t really listened to it again since. I wasn’t that thrilled with “Turbulence”. It was boring for me.

The music video was fine, but that would be the only way I’d really listen to “Turbulence”.


I don’t really check for Onewe, but I love this collab with Oneus. It’s such a cute music video and song. I wasn’t expecting to love this song as much as I do. I need more like this RBW.

Moonbyul – Chemistry

Where is this song on Spotify???!! I neeed it!!! I love Moonbyul’s solo songs the most out of the Mamamoo members. I love her voice and vibe. I’m always hype for a Moonbyul release.

Zion.T – A Gift!

I got an email from THEBLACKLABEL letting me know about Zion.T’s new song. And somehow I was still surprised to see it on my Kpop releases list when I double-checked to see if there were any new additions.

I loveeeeeee Zion.T’s music and “A Gift!” doesn’t disappoint. I missed this guy. I hope he releases more music next year.

Minho – Heartbreak

My absolute favorite release this month. Mister Minho really gave his all with “Heartbreak”. I just didn’t expect it to be sooooo good. I felt the same about “I’m Home”.

The music video is like a mini action movie. I just love everything about this song and video, and I love Minho. SHINee members just don’t miss.

Yeah…super short post this time lololol. But hey, that makes it easier for me to compile my fave albums list. That post will be up later today.

Also, January looks like it’s gonna be jam packed, and I’m super excited. Let me know what y’alls fave December releases were this month.

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See ya next post!


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