I’ve been sitting on this post for some time now, lol.

I’ve been so busy the last two weeks 😵‍💫. I started a new full time job, and I’ve been trying to get used to being back on a set schedule Monday – Friday. By the time I get home and have dinner, I just want to go to bed, lol. I don’t know how 2019 Ash was doing that for almost a year.

But I have been on it with keeping up with my Notion notes on my thoughts, so writing this article will go by much faster. And I made my thumbnail about a week ago, so it’s literally just me dragging on getting everything together. So let’s get into it!

NewJeans – Ditto & OMG

I feel like you can’t escape NewJeans or “Ditto”. I keep seeing tweets about it’s continually rising on the charts in the US from Pop Base. Rightfully so, it really is a super catchy midtempo song you can vibe to. So naturally, I’m on board.

I wasn’t that into “Hype Boy” and I’m still side eyeing the fiasco that was “Cookie”. But I give props regardless of the source, and these slap. I like “Ditto” slightly more than “OMG” but not by much. Like if “Ditto” is an 8.7 out of 10, “OMG” is an 8.6 out of 10. Hardly a difference. Idk the lore or what’s really going on, so I’m not gonna get into it.

I guess the only slightly ‘negative’ thing is that these are super short, repetitive songs. Something I’m sure thrives on TikTok. But I’ve noticed TXT has had some shorter songs too recently. So I think it’s more of a HYBE trend atm.

I really like “Attention” too. So I guess I’ll be checking out more music from the girls in the future. They’re growing on me.

Yugyeom – Ponytail (feat Sik-K)

Not bad. I like it, but not as catchy as some of the other songs in Yugyeom’s catalog. For me at least. “Ponytail” doesn’t have anything wrong with it on paper. It’s just not on replay, atm.

I think it’ll grow on me more in the future. Yugyeom does look amazing in the music video. That’s one thing I’m sure about.

Moonbin & Sanha (ASTRO) – Madness

I’m very much a casual Astro girlie. I’ve been wanting to get into this subunit, but there hadn’t been any releases I was hooked on. Until now. “Perfumer”, “Madness”, and “Desire” are my faves off INCESE. I enjoyed this album much more than I expected.

Probably my fave release of this subunit to date. I think I need Moonbin to release more solo music. I love “Let’s Go Ride” and now I can add “Desire” to that list.

Nine (OnlyOneOf) – beyOnd

I’ve already mentioned “beyOnd” in my updated version of my fave OOO songs post. That was a stealth drop, lol. But long story short, “beyOnd” slaps. Sounds just like the rest of OOO’s music. So if you weren’t feelin the other solos as much, but love OOO’s group sound, this is for you.

I will say lore wise with the solos, I’m a bit confused. So Nine and Mill are a bit younger than the other members in this universe? Because Yoojung, KB, Junji, and Rie all seem to know each other and are around the same age. In Junji’s solo, he’s talking to KB at a table. And I’m assuming KB and Yoojung are a couple at this point. Because the three of them are at the café, Yoojung now works at. We see Rie walking in, and that’s how we see how Junji and Rie meet.

But with Nine and Mill being in high school still, I guess they’re connected to the others because they’re KB’s students? Maybe the drama they’re going to star in will add more details to what we’ve seen in the solo music videos.

Anyway, I’m soooo excited about their group comeback, and I can’t wait to see them live in a few months.

ILY:1 – Twinkle Twinkle

“Twinkle, Twinkle” and “Secret Recipe” slap. Rest of the album ight. Nothing I’m in a rush to listen to again. But I’m also adding them to the watch list. Excited to see what they release next.

SF9 – Puzzle

“Puzzle” “Love Colour” “Tight” are my faves from THE PIECE OF9. “New World” and “Fighter” are ight. Overall, more goodness from SF9.

January new music from them is tradition now, and I’m here for it. Also, it’s nice that we’re slowly getting the full lineup back in music videos. I know we’ve still got a ways to go with enlistments and stuff. But I’ve missed having them all there, you know?

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention, Jaeyoon’s white/blonde hair looks so good on him. Something I didn’t know I needed until now. I like Hwiyoung’s red hair, but I wish they would put him in colors that work with his hair, lol. Who thought purple was a good idea? Idk if they’re analogous colors, it didn’t work this time, lmao.

GOT the beat – Stamp On It

OBSESSED with “Stamp On It”. I’m surprised by how much I loved this mini compared to their previous releases.

The only songs I didn’t care for were “Goddess Level” and “Outlaw”. I don’t have a fave song yet, but “Stamp On It” is definitely in the top. This is what I’ve been waiting for from them.

YENA – Love War (feat BE’O)

“Love War” slaps. Excited to hear more music from her. I love her aesthetic.

cignature – Aurora

Finally found a cignature song I like! Didn’t care for the rest of the album, but progress has been made. Hoping next album, I’ll be officially hooked.

Jinyoung – Cotton Candy

This feels like it was made with me in mind. WITH has a variety of sounds and tempos. “Cotton Candy” of course was my favorite from WITH. I love the simplicity of the music video for “Cotton Candy”. The styling was on point too. Love to see it.

TWICE – Moonlight Sunrise

It’s fine. I don’t hate it. But I haven’t really listened to it much. Lately with Twice I either love it instantly, or it takes a few months to stick.

TXT – The Name Chapter: TEMPTATION

I’ve talked a bit about my thoughts on this album in my last podcast episode. But this is the mini album I’ve been waiting on from them. I miss this sound/vibe from them.

I love love love “Sugar Rush Ride” as a song and the music video was everything I wanted visually. I’m a huge fan of choreography heavy music videos. They looked amazing in the video too. My favorite group look was the all black one towards the end. I’m so predictable, lol.

Song wise, “Sugar Rush Ride” and “Happy Fools” are still my faves.

I cannot stress how close I was to dropping them from my fave groups if they released another album like The Chaos Chapter albums, lmao.

Side note, I bought my ticket to see them on May 20th. Happy early birthday to me 🥳.

NCT 127 – Ay-Yo

Not sure how I feel about “Ay-Yo”. Not terrible, but not an immediate hit for me. I guess I’ll put it in the grower category.

Was the music video supposed to be funny? Taeyong’s anime villain hair had me rolling. Then, Jaehyun just randomly appearing in shots with his Prada suit on was also unintentionally funny.

If there’s one thing about the Neo boys is that they know how to make a repackage album music video memorable.


VarioUS is a lot jazzier in the beginning than I expected. I started enjoying it more by the time “Love or Die” started, then from that point on I loved the album. It became more dance/pop. “Vanilla Sugar Killer”, “Overdrive” (my current fave) and “So Special” are my favorites off VarioUS.

I love the music video for “Pull Up”. Once again, they look amazing. And they just look like they’re having so much fun.

Dreamcatcher – REASON

Aw yeah, finally got another Dreamcatcher song to jam too. More of the same, but good.

oceanfromtheblue – Scent

Very good. Love the chill vibe of this song. I listened to his full length album oceanfromtheblue. I’ll talk about that in the February faves post next month. But yeah, “Scent” is more of the same in the best way.

Woody – Marry Me

I almost added this one onto the February list, lol. Another great song from Mr. Woody. He just doesn’t miss. I knew from the first 30 seconds I was gonna love this song. And I do.

January had sooo much good new music. I love when this happens. I need to get caught up on February, but so far I’m finding some gems. How was the first month of the new year for y’all?

What were y’alls fave releases from January? Let me know in the comments! Idk when I’ll have the next article up, but make sure to check back in or follow me on Twitter and Instagram for updates.

Take care!


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