Finally, got it done, and the list isn’t as long as I thought it’d be. I went from not having much going on other than my usual routine. But now I’m about to be busy again. So the plus side is that this will force me to have a schedule and stay on it.

I think I’ve been doing alright with getting articles out semi-frequently. Now that I think about it more, June went by so fast. I barely remember anything that happened during it. So I don’t really have any fun anecdotes to share. So let’s get into it!

Heize – Undo & Sad ending

Sooo good. Typical Heize midtempo and boring ballads album. Added to my fave albums of the year. Love this album from “Undo” to “Love is alone”.

Not gonna listen to the remaining 4 songs ever, lol. But they’re good. Not my style. “Undo” and “Sad ending” top two faves. I haven’t decided which I like more yet.

Miss Heize giving us next top model visuals in “Undo” music video. The scenes where her hair is in ponytails, and she’s in the car as the lights pass her by. Cinematic genius.

Yukika – Scent

Another bop from Miss Yukika. Nothing in particular stands out to me with this one. I just like it, lol.

Loona – Flip That, Pose, & Playback

Talked about “Pose” already in the May faves, but I still love it.

“Flip That” song of the summer for me. “Playback” is such a different vibe from them. Something I’d expect from like GWSN or some other girl group. Love it.

Nayeon – Love Countdown & Happy Birthday To You

I also already talked about IM NAYEON album in the pod ep, but these two are my faves off her mini album. I know I’ll be listening to “Love Countdown” a ton.

“Happy Birthday To You” is good, but that one is gonna be more of a pop-up on shuffle listen for e. I don’t think I’m actively gonna look to listen to it.

Yoojung – Begin

I knew, KNEW this was gonna be good. OOO don’t miss. I loveeee music videos with storylines. And it looks like KB’s solo (or Kolo) is gonna pick up from where “Begin” started.

Super hype for that. I’m salty I didn’t get my pre-order benefit from Subk because of some weird stuff on their end.

But it’s whatever. I’m excited for the remaining solos. “Begin” is in my top three fave releases from this month.

Fromis_9 – Stay This Way & Up And

Also talked about a bit already.

Short version: don’t love as much as “DM” and that album, but both songs are great summer songs to jam too. “Up And” sounds very similar to “Stay This Way” in a good way.

Kang Hyewon – Like A Diamond (ft Stella Jang)

My notes say, “Added to midtempo playlist.

Really like it. A tune” I don’t really have anything additional to add to that. Give it a listen if you haven’t already.

Kep1er – Up

Slaps. Wasn’t expecting to like it, lol. This music video is so cute. Love the styling. I like their dance tracks like this and “MVSK”.

So as long as they keep making things like that, I’ll be here for them. I keep seeing Xiaoting all over my dash on tumblr. I think she’s my fave.

Verrry short article for this month. Idk there were a lot of releases I just wasn’t feelin. I think July will be better. There are sooo many people releasing music.

It’s gonna be a busy one. I need to catch up on those next. But I hope y’all enjoyed this article. Let me know what y’all have been listening to lately.

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See ya next one!


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