It was a better music month in hindsight.

I’ve been listening to the same playlist (Fave Songs ATM) when I’m not listening to Stray Kids, Yugyeom’s new album (we will talk about that more in depth later), or another playlist full of mostly the same songs.

I was telling a friend the other day that I need to get back to the Spotify generated playlist to listen to some new music I wouldn’t find on my own that I’d like.

June really only had one new group that had new music I really enjoyed. Everyone else is a tried and true. So let’s get into it!

EXO – Don’t Fight The Feeling

This song fooking slaps. It’s been so long (like “Obsession”, I think), that I’ve immediately fell in love with an EXO song.

It brings me back to 2015 and being a baby EXO-L when EXO couldn’t miss in my eyes. I didn’t really care for the rest of the mini album.

That’s ight. At this point, I know it’s gonna be hit or miss with me and EXO. They have more than proven they still got it.

Ha Sungwoon – On & On

“Sneakers” is alright, but I really want to put the focus on, well, “On & On”. This song reminds me more of his Twlight Zone album I’m still in love with. I love when Sungwoon has more upbeat music.

EPEX – No Questions & Sling Shot

Their debut song “Lock Down” isn’t bad. I just lean more towards songs that aren’t rap heavy most of the time.

So “No Questions” and “Sling Shot” are right up my alley. I can’t stop listening to “No Questions”, it’s just soooo good.

I’ve been so excited for CIX’s comeback that I haven’t paid much attention to their little brother group. I had no idea they had so many performances out already.

I’ve got some catching up to do. I love what I’m hearing so far, so I’m looking forward to their first comeback.

WEi – Ocean and Waitin’

Uh, this should have been the title track. I love this song. It’s so catchy and refreshing for summer.

“Waitin'” is my second fave song on this album, Identity: Action. The rest of it I wasn’t that impressed with.

I didn’t like “BYE BYE BYE” the title track at all.

It’s been like that the last couple of comebacks. WEi why are y’all saving the best songs for b-sides???

Yugyeom – All Your Fault (Feat Gray) & Running Through The Rain

I FOOOOOKING LOVEEEEEEEEEEEE this song and album. This might be my favorite album of 2021. It’s definitely top 3 already.

I knew when Yugyeom would release solo music he wouldn’t disappoint (Got7 “Don’t Care” one of my fave songs in general), “Fine” his solo song on Got7’s Present You album, You Know (which used to be up on Soundcloud but was taken down at some point) that samples Tinashe’s “2 on”, and he has song credits for Jus2.

He had displayed so much potential with what he’s done already. He just needed a team that would properly showcase his talent.

“All Your Fault” and “Running Through The Rain” are my two main faves from Point Of View: U. Which let’s talk about the latter now.

Both “All Your Fault” and “Running Through The Rain” heavily use R&B elements in each song.

“Running Through The Rain” has more old school elements in it, and I live for it. I needed a new Kpop boy to hold me over while Crush is in the military, and I think Yugyeom is that guy.

Brave Girls – Chi Mat Ba Ram

My girls are finally getting the love and respect they deserve!!!! I’m so happy for them. It makes me cry tears of joy. I’ve been a Brave Girl’s stan since “Rollin” and I have so much love for that album and “Deepened”.

I still have the album with the sexier cover. I think it’s funny how sexy concepts in Kpop work until they’re seen as “too sexy” but that’s a discussion for another day.

“Chi Mat Ba Ram” is another bop from Brave Girls. It’s perfect for summer, and the rest of the album slaps too. Just more of the same from them, and I mean that in the best way possible.

Seventeen – Ready To Love

A little bit slower paced song, but I love it. Seventeen is another group that is consistently good. Even the songs I don’t love as much still go.

I love S.Coups longer hair in this video. I’m sooooooo excited for Seventeen in the soop. I hope TXT is next. I wanna watch them burn food and relax.

This album, Your Choice, is wonderful too. I need to go back and listen to it more. As I mentioned earlier, I’ve been a bit distracted.

LOONA – Wow, Be Honest & UR

It’s been awhile since I’ve really enjoyed a LOONA title track too. “PTT” didn’t hit at all for me. But “Wow”, “Be Honest“, and “UR” remind me of predebut LOONA with the subunits and solos that never missed.

I’ve drifted away from them being one of my main go to girl groups, but it’s good to know they still make music I like once in a while, lol.

Han Seungwoo – LL feat Suran

Fade is full of a ton of boring ballads. I expected it, but I do like when Seungwoo gives me more upbeat songs like “LL” and “I Just Want Love” (still my favorite song of his). I hope once he’s back from enlistment, he’ll be ready for more bops like “I Just Want Love”.

BDC – Moonlight

Ummm BDC might be one of my favorite new boy groups atm. I forgot how much I loved “Moon Rider”. I have a few other songs saved too, but man these guys don’t miss.

Nothing but hits. I’ve been listening to them more since I rediscovered my love for their music.

A.C.E – Higher

I have a rocky relationship with A.C.E. I love the members, and the songs I love from them, I REALLY love. But they aren’t consistent enough for my liking to fully stan. I mean, I’m basically a stan in all other aspects. Idk.

I have mixed thought on “Higher”. I knew I was gonna love the aesthetics based on the teasers. There are just parts of the songs I wish were different.

But the more I listen to it, the more it grows on me. I’m still gonna get the physical album at some point.

Yezi – Secreto

A COMPLETELY different direction from what she’s given us in the past. I almost thought I clicked on a Fiestar song. It’s such a good song.

I love hearing her sing. I hope for more music like this from her in the future.

DRIPPIN – Free Pass

Idk how I missed this when it first released. My love for Drippin grows more daily. Another bop from them. The music video is cute too. I love the amusement park concept. This single album, Free Pass, is fantastic.

Alright, June is completed! Next is July. I hope y’all enjoyed this post. Let me know if I missed your faves or if you discovered some gems you missed. I’ll have July up tomorrow.

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Until then,

Take care!


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