I was inspired by this particular video however because every year I have my own mental list of things I’d like to happen in Kpop, and sometimes it comes true and other times I’m way off.

Arlo also has a follow-up video he does at the end of the year to see what he got right and wrong. So for this initial post, I’ll be listing off some of my wishlist for Kpop in 2020 and by this time next year, we’ll see what came true.

13.) Twice OT9 Tour

12.) CIX US Tour

This is really likely considering I believer MyMusicTaste is currently working out what cities want them to visit. I started to put this in my top 10, but I figured this is 80% certain to happen.

AB6IX will be here in April, and I’d say they have about the same recognition, so why not? My guess is that their tour would be in May/June, right before KCON madness starts. I’m pretty sure they’ll be attending KCON at the very least. 

11.) 2NE1 reunion

With all the members except for Dara being out of YG, I see them collaborating musically because they still have a strong fandom.

I don’t expect a full-on tour, that would be amazing, but more of a Vlive like reunion and a special song for the fans type of reunion. 

Okay, let’s start with the official list! 

10.) #Loona1stWin


Loona is set to have a comeback in January and I see them getting their first win this time around. They were really close this year, but due to some issues with physical copies being delayed and maybe some blackballing, they missed out on their first win. 

9.) #SF91stWin

If you’d ask me in 2017 who was more likely to get their first music show win, SF9 or Pentagon, I’d scoff and say Pentagon easily, they’re the superior group.

But 2018 threw a complete wrench in the system and while it seemed like Pentagon was going to pass SF9, they ended up fumbling the ball. 2019 was kinda lackluster for the group.

They had to restructure around E’dawn’s departure, tackle a first world tour, and still show South Korea they’re capable of being a top tier boygroup.

However, for SF9, 2019 was much kinder to them. They also had their first world tour, three singles and a full-length album that sold well, and members like Hwiyoung gaining more attention by nonfans.

And of course they golden boy Rowoon took his position as the face of the group to help promote the group with some variety show placements and started staring in dramas, which he just won some awards for.

I see SF9 in 2020 having a year like Astro. When Eunwoo started getting recognition for his dramas and the general public started paying attention to him, when Astro came back with “All Night” they got their first win. If 2020 is as kind to SF9 and FNC doesn’t fuck up, 2020 will be great for SF9. 

8.) NCT DREAM Full Length Album

Ehhh this one I’m on the fence with. I really thought Mark’s last album with Dream was going to be a full length, but it was a mini-album. I’m not sure if Dream will get a full-length album because of their rotational system. Once you’re legal you get like 2 comebacks before you get kicked out graduate.

With Haechan, Jeno, Renjun, and Jaemin graduating this year, I’m not sure if it makes sense to release a full-length album, promote it then introduce the new lineup and promote them heavily.

I think the most realistic scenario, assuming Don’t Need Your Love isn’t their last release, is one more mini-album in the springtime, then the new generation of Dream will pick up late summer.

I mean I’ll be happy Haechan can focus more on 127 and random NCT U projects, but idk what that means for Jeno and Jaemin. It’s fan speculation Renjun will be added to WayV. Just make Dream a permanent group with Mark included. Even if it’s under a new name.  

 7.) WJSN OT13 North American Tour

WJSN has finally solidified their place as a mid-tier girl group with a few music show wins under their belts.

With Chinaline finally returning to the group post Rocket Girls, 2020 is the year for them to start touring internationally. They have more than enough music to fill a 2-hour set. So…Starship GIVE US THE GIRLS!!

6.) NUEST North American Tour

Literally, half of this list is tours lmao. And when I say North American Tour, I mostly mean Atlanta, New York, or somewhere in Florida like Orlando or Miami…closer places to me than Asia or even LA.

It’s always a given New York/New Jersey and LA will get dates. It’s the other cities like Chicago, Dallas, Atlanta, and Seattle that have to fight for scraps.

Anyway, it’s been way too damn long since Nuest has had a group tour and considering this renaissance period they’re currently in, yeah I think we deserve a tour after Seventeen’s. Pledis…GIVE US THE BOYS!!!

5.) BLACKPINK Full Length Album/ Rosé Solo

Lol I put these two together on purpose. Rosé was supposed to have a solo this year, but that didn’t happen. I’m not sure if it will happen next year either, but YGE has to release something BLACKPINK related, right? They’re the last female act that brings in tons of coins for them.

Fans can only support the same 10 songs for so long. When you compare BLACKPINK’s discography to Twice or Red Velvet, Twice and Red Velvet have waaaaaaay more music. Idk what YGE’s excuse is. BLACKPINK aren’t flops that lose money every comeback. They’re just severely mismanaged, like 2NE1was. 

4.) WayV North American Tour

You know what, I still want an NCT Dream tour too, but that’s highly unlikely. With WayV being the newest NCT subunit and being international like NCT 127, it doesn’t make sense to me for SM to not take advantage of that.

SM talks about wanting to be the leader in Kpop and the future of music, and junk SM has a Cpop group with a dedicated following.

SM should be the first company to kick off the wave of Cpop becoming more internationally known with acts performing in the US (and Europe, I know y’all get crumbs, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, etc. I’m not ignoring the struggle. But I am US-based, so I’m just talking about what’s convenient for me).

So SM…give us the tour. Or at least a fanmeet. I’d take that as a good compromise. 

3.) IU North American Tour

Queen IU was teasing us recently in a Q and A session on her IG Stories about doing a tour in different countries if the demand was there. Basically, if we can get MyMusicTaste or Studio PAV to pull something together for us, we can have IU in our area. 

2.) BTS in Atlanta

I’m soooo tired of this not being a thing. I think the Army that runs the BTSxAtlanta Twitter and Instagram account is too. How many times do we have to trend BTS in Atlanta and show the different stadium options we have available here for Big Hit to finally listen to us.

I hope the teaser pic they released a few weeks ago does mean there’s another tour next year and that Atlanta will be a stop. I don’t want to travel far to see BTS, but if I haave to… I guess Newarks alright.  

1.) Wonho back in Monsta X

The least likely of everything on my list, but I reaaaaaally want this more than anything. It’s just not the same MX without Wonho. My hope is after the legal stuff is over with Starship will reinstate Wonho has a member of Monsta X but idk. I mean, how many times has a member of Super Junior royally screwed up but still stayed in the group.

Look at all the people still riding for Seungri. Why are fans being punished? We’re the ones buying the concert tickets, albums, and merchandise. Who cares what some outside chick who was only interested in fame, not justice with no evidence, has to say.

I’m still so salty about the whole thing. That’s why I’ve been pretty quiet. I want to see how everything will play out, but so far it’s not looking great. Shout out to the Monbebe’s staying strong for the rest of us. 

2019 really sucked, huh. I know there’s going to be more fuckery in 2020, but I’m hopeful things will be better. It will be interesting to see what on this list actually happens and when. What’s on y’all’s Kpop 2020 Wishlist? Let me know in the comments. Until then, I’ll see ya next year!

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