We are on, what? Year three of doing these wishlist articles. Idk if I have anything major to wish for in 2023. Maybe after revisiting what I wished for in 2022, I’ll have some ideas for 2023. 

This year was even more difficult for me on a personal level than last year. But things started to turn around after my birthday. I’m thankful to have had support from friends and family. 

Content wise, I ended up creating the same exact amount of articles as I did last year, 44. So next year I need to make at least 45, lol. Ideally, I’d like to make 57, because that’s how many new articles I added in 2020. 

It was a pretty great year for the blog. We had more brands reach out and do collabs. My favorite still was the GreatGuys deep dive. I had another partnership post I wanted to do, but I haven’t received the item to review yet. They’re running behind on orders, but I’m hoping to have that out by the end of January. 

I think I’m getting better at finding out what I enjoy creating and y’all enjoy engaging with. I’ve bought some items to help me improve the blog and podcast in 2023. I loveeee working on the podcast and giving my thoughts on news and gossip going on in Kpop. 

So I’m gonna spend time during my break from work to set up my recording space (my closet) to have the best audio quality as possible. I haven’t dropped the podcast, I just haven’t had time to work out the issues I had with recording. Well, that’s partially true. What I should say is the free time I had was spent doing relaxing things like reading or playing games on my Switch, lol.

I did a pretty good job with my other resolutions. I stood up for myself more and starting putting people who put me first, first as well, instead of trying to bend to people who don’t appreciate the effort I’m putting into the relationship.  

I beat my reading goal pretty early on in the year. And now we’ve got a treadmill in the house, so I don’t have to drive to the gym anymore. That’s been incredibly nice, I can workout and shower in peace, lol (if you know, you know). 

I still haven’t finished my scarf I started knitting… Last year? Earlier this year? Whenever I started that thing. And I’m still nowhere on my Korean language learning. I need to either find a digital tutor, or find some type of class to join. Self study isn’t for me. 

But I did start I job I enjoy and my boss and coworkers are incredibly nice and supportive or each other, so that’s a huge win.  Yeah, it was a rough start, but it’s ending on a wonderful note. 

Okay, I’m done with rambling about how my year went, let’s look at what I had on the wishlist for 2022.

Minho Solo Album

If you haven’t seen my fave albums of the year or my fave songs of the year, you already know how excited I was/am about CHASE. It’s definitely going on my December favorite songs list. Everything about CHASE is just fleshed out incredibly well. I will be getting a physical copy for sure.

Zion. T Album

Well we didn’t get a new album this year. But he did start his own label, STANDARD FRIENDS. So I’m anticipating new music from him in 2023.

Stray Kids US Tour

This happened!! Omg it happenddddd, however, my show (the Atlanta one) and Dallas got rescheduled. So that sucked, but then they finally announced the rescheduled dates and added shows!!! So March 2023 is gonna be litttttt.

DRIPPIN Full Length Album

Nope, not yet. They did release some good music this year though.

EVERGLOW US Tour And Full Length Album

EVERGLOW was pretty quiet in 2022. They were going to have a tour in South East Asia, but that got cancelled. Music wise they had a song with The Fat Rat that I didn’t like. Hopefully they’ve got an album on the way.

Wonho US Tour and First Music Show Win

…Well we got some bangers before he announced his military enlistment and started his service a few weeks ago. So…I guess we’ll see what happens in 2024?

Chungha US Tour

… MNH I wanna get into the boxing ring with y’all. First y’all fumble BVNDIT, then your golden goose, the reason the lights are on, is calling y’all out about your incompetence. Sigh sigh sighhhh. Hopefully we’re in the last bit of her contract with them and she can flourish elsewhere.

In Person KCON

This happened as well! I actually got a random vip merch package with them after the event. I was gonna do a blog post on it, but I changed my mind, lol. Maybe I’ll attend next year if the lineup is to my liking.

TXT In The Soop

Nope, not yet. We might get it next year though. Seventeen is doing a second season of ITS, so I’m hoping TXT will get their time in the forest to relax.

Dean Comeback

Actually, I don’t think there really has been any updates on his new music. Sooo idk if I want to bother with putting it on the list for 2023, lol.

Wishlist for 2023

Okay, that was 2022. We had 3/10 come true, lmaooo. Let’s see what’s on the list for 2023, in no particular order.

Chungha US Tour

Technically a world tour, but because I’m an American, I live in America, I’m more concerned with US tours. Specifically Atlanta dates. I still realllly want this. So I’m adding this back to the list.

EVERGLOW Full Length Album And US Tour

Still really want this too. I loveeee EVERGLOW. I want them to thrive!!!


These military enlistments got me stressed. I know WOODZ isn’t that close to 30 yet, but I need the tour. Actually, I’m not sure why this wasn’t on my list for last year.

CIX Back in Atlanta

They’ve announced another world tour, but as of writing, there isn’t an Atlanta date. So I’m hoping that gets added soon.

Jaehyun Solo Album

I was kinda saying this as a joke, but the more I think about it, I need this to happen. I need SM to also give us an answer about Lucas. Because with SuperM having a comeback, probably in the spring, we’re gonna have to address the issue eventually.

Taemin Album

He’s back April 6th. Sooo maybe new album around his birthday in July? I know SHINee is gonna have 15th anniversary plans. And like I mentioned already, SuperM is supposed to be back soon, too.

Baekhyun Album

You know who else is gonna be back in 2023 from their military enlistment? R&B king Baekhyun. And we need a solo Baekhyun album, STAT.

New EXO And CBX Album

This list is starting to become an SME exclusive list, lol. But with Baekhyun also being back I want new EXO and EXO-CBX music. The industry needs them (EXO especially, lol).

LOONA And BBC To Get It Together So The Girls Start Making $$$$$

There’s so much talent and wasted potential going on with LOONA. Hate to see it.

Omega X To Win Sole Ownership Of Their Name And Other Brand Related Items

Pretty self-explanatory. F Spire Entertainment.

Alright, we’ve reached the last post of 2022. I was going to include some other things on here like OnlyOneOf tour, but tickets go on sale next week. What are some of y’all’s wishes for 2023? Let me know in the comments!

I appreciate y’all coming back to read my posts on here. I hope to continue to make enjoyable content next year as well.

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Stay safe and have a happy new year!


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