We’ve got one quarter down, three more to go.

Idk about y’all, but March was a dumpster fire I’m still trying to contain. But I’m enduring. Music wise had sooo many comebacks and debuts but again, few that I really found myself returning to. So let’s get started.

KIHYUN – Voyager

Sooooooo sooooo good! I love it. Love a good rock moment. The music video for “Voyager” is good. Styling is good. Neither really took my breath away, but I wasn’t bored watching the music video either, you know?

I didn’t know what to expect from a Kihyun solo other than boring ballads tbh. “Voyager” is my favorite song but “Rain” being the power ballad, essentially with I.M featured on it? Chef kiss.

“, (Comma)” is my second go to song because it’s on the chiller side but has its own uniqueness to it. There’s something here that has a touch of something Monsta X would release as a b-side. But I can’t put my finger on it. The instrumental is my favorite part.

I just love having three completely different styles on the same album that tell a story. It makes me want more. It’s unexpected. I kept thinking about how I felt when Woozi dropped “Ruby” and when I heard “Mmmh” by Kai for the first time. Please keep giving me unexpected concepts for solos.

NU’EST – Again

Needle & Bubble is straight up perfection. Love the remixes of “I’m in Trouble” and “Look”. “Different” and “Overcome” remasters were good. Those were the only ones I really noticed a difference in. I love the new songs “Galaxy” and “Again”. Which lets get into “Again”.

First the visuals. The sets used in the music video for “Again” were simple but beautiful. The image quality was exceptionally clear. It looks like I could reach into my screen and touch them. The Money. THE BUDGET on this one. Love that for them. I haven’t been happy about the send-off of a group since Sistar tbh. I’m glad NU’EST got to give us a proper goodbye as a group. Also, the boys looked good. NU’EST was never a group my jaw dropped for out of this world clothes. But I liked the color pallet used in the sets and their outfits. You can see in the thumbnail the wood background and their clothes match up perfectly. I miss them already.

Weeekly – Where is My Love?


I only liked “Where is My Love” from their newest mini album. Such rainy day vibes with this one. There’s a tiny bit of café jazz instrumentals in this one, and I love that.

Cherry Bullet – Broken

Like with Weeekly, there was only one song I liked from Cherry Bullet’s new album. And that is “Broken”. It’s a good dance song. Reminds me a bit of “Love So Sweet”. I think that’s why I love it. Love the “feels good” vocals in the song. It’s another one of those kinda sad songs to jam to.

WEi – Know Ya

And the trend continues. I only liked “Know Ya” from WEi’s new album. I want to know what’s going on over at Oui Entertainment.

This group started so strong, and now I’m barely excited about listening to their new releases. I’m also not sure why this wasn’t just a single album with this song and maybe something else. Throw the rest of the album away. We don’t need it.

Kim Wooseok – 3RD DESIRE [Reve]

Album is sooooooooo good, wtf. Added to fave albums list immediately. “Shame ” is my fave. But I find myself listening to “Ghostin” a lot too. So that’s why I chose to embed it here. “Ghostin” is more upbeat too. “Shame” is a midtempo song with some R&B elements to it. Another song crafted just for me, it feels like.

I’m temped to do a separate post reviewing this album because I’m finding myself having more to say on this album than I realized.

This album was the only full album I listened to on repeat this month (sorry skz and dream). I’m obsessed. How does this man keep releasing such good music and having such fun music videos. Yeah, I’ll put in a pin in this to come back to.

Stray Kids – MANIAC

This is quickly becoming one of my favorite Stray Kids title tracks. I love when they let Felix have the mic. Han and Changbin both have me in a chokehold this era. Han in that fluffy hat. HAN.

I thought if I ignored him during No Easy, he’d go away, but it’s instead he’s slowly grown on me like mold on a forgotten sandwich sitting in an office desk after work from home was announced.

Anyway, I love their parts in “Maniac” so much. I was devastated when Changbin came down with COVID-19 because I thought,” Well damn, now I can’t see his performances during the live stages.”

Which wasn’t going to happen anyway because they all pretty much caught it and stopped promotions just as quickly as they started. I’m happy that they decided to just push out the promos to when the boys were medically cleared to perform again and do stuff.

I was thinking about doing a separate post for Oddinary, but really the only other song I care about is “Freeze”. So we’re just gonna talk about that now.

Well, let me back peddle a little. I love the music video for “Venom” despite my arachnophobia. But I don’t listen to that song much. Same with “Charmer”. Maybe they’ll grow on me later, but right now I’m just about “Maniac” really. That’s the main song I can’t stop listening too.

Now “Freeze” is giving us that mafia!Stray kids AU we’ve been reading fics of for a while now. So shout out to them and JYPE for making that a semi reality. I’m not really sure what the goal was for skz in this music video. I guess to burn their rival’s HQ down? *Resists the urge to make a BTS “Fire” reference*

The styling for both music videos work exceptionally well for me. Stray Kids for the most part knock it out of the park for me styling wise. I feel like I’ve I was one of the stylists, I’d be on board with a lot of these decisions.

As I’m writing this, I got a notification that my SubK preorder for the jewel case version of Oddinary shipped. Prayer circle, I get Hyunjin’s red hair photocard. I neeeeed it. So badly. That’s the photocard I knew I needed from him when they first showed the trailer with him in that outfit.

I’ll be happy with mister Lino’s because I love his purple hair. But I just know Hyunjin’s will go for two arms and two legs if I try to buy it separately. My bank account doesn’t need that hit, lmao.

NCT DREAM – Rewind

First things first, look at this cut on Renjun. It suits him so well. I love this look on him!!! I usually don’t like these semi-buzz cuts, but call me McDonald’s because I’m lovin it. Anywho, “Rewind”, “Replay”, and “Teddy Bear” are the only ones from Glitch Mode I care about. I’m on the fence if I really like “Replay”.

NCT is doing that thing again where they’re trying for a more experimental, Hip Hop like vibes, and I’m not here for it. Gimme more of the R&B jams dagnabbit. But this era gave me pink!Jeno so that’s plus.

And the music video for “Glitch Mode” is everything visually and the choreo is super creative. Again, if you give me Y2K teas, I’m gonna chug it all down. I love this trend. I just wish the song was good, lol.

Yugyeom – Take You Down

Yugyeom saving the day again. What if this blog just becomes a Yugyeom, Wonho, and Twice stan blog? I guess it kind of already is, lmao. Love the chill vibes of both “Lights” and “Take You Down, feat Coogie”, but “Take You Down” is my favorite of the two.

Different side of Yugyeom this time, and I’m jealous of y’all in Germany that will get to see him perform in May. J.Seph from KARD is back, but when does Crush come back from enlistment?

I want the first thing he releases to be a collab with Yugyeom. Prayer circle for full length Yugyeom album this year. Only this can save this god awful year. Or at least give us something to help me cope.

Did you notice this month’s header image? I took it while walking in the park. I have a few pictures like this on my phone, I keep forgetting to post on Twitter.

I think I might have posted this one, though. Idk. I’m not checking either, lmao. But I guess what I’m getting at is even though it was a rough month, there were still things to bring me joy and keep me going.

What were y’all listening to in March? Let me know in the comments. I’m still working on the Seoul Fashion Week post. But that’s the next one. I don’t have much of a schedule planned for this month, but I’ll have something figured out, lol.

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