I was slightly stressed about only having five groups in my monthly faves article this month. I almost skipped March, lol. Really this month I listened to my February fave songs along with like random stuff I have saved on Spotify.

That is a good sign though because the more music I listen to throughout the year, the more fun it is to pull together my top fave songs/albums of the year. I forget what I like less when I’m listening to it more.

So yeah, I guess that extremely curated stuff I was talking about earlier in the year, it’s happening sooner than I expected.

I think that just means spring and summer will be poppin more. Let’s get into it!

TEMPEST – Voyage

Oh I lovvveee “Lighthouse”. Idk why I’m still surprised when Tempest releases music I like. I’ve got about five songs of theirs saved now.

I like the music video for “Lighthouse”. I love the incorporation of sailor shirts in their main group look. I also love a choreography centered music video.

My second favorite song from Voyage is “Slow Motion”. It feels like a perfect b-side for “Lighthouse”. It’s still upbeat and dancy. Both songs rely on the song title heavily in the chorus.

The rest of Voyage is pretty good. But I’m waiting for the mini album I can’t stop replaying. We’re soooo close.


I could cry. Lately, it feels like there’s nothing on a Dreamies album that I get super excited about anymore. They did the damn thing on DREAM()SCAPE. I don’t have the entire album saved, but I found it much easier to listen to completion than Hello Future or Beatbox.

DREAM()SCAPE feels more polished and more elevated. Concise is another word that comes to mind when I think about this album. There’s a good mix of Nct Dream on this album. If you like their slower songs, R&B or noise music, there’s something for you on here.

Of course my favorite song was arranged by LDN Noise, “Box”. “icantfeelanything” is probably my favorite NCT album opener/intro ever. What a fookin BANGER. I adore the instrumentals going on in this song. The vocals and timing is just chef’s kiss.

Easily my second favorite song off DREAM()SCAPE. “Smoothie” isn’t really my cup of tea. It’s the chorus, I love everything else going on in this song. Maybe I’ll get past it one day. But the music video is entertaining af.

“UNKNOWN” is my third fave song off DREAM()SCAPE. It’s a slower paced song that utilizes the Dreamies strengths, so well. I think by this point in the album I realized how much they’ve grown as artists and how much I miss listening to their music 😭.

NND – Overdrive

I love a chill ass song like this. I can’t stop listening to “Overdrive”. I listened to the rest of Wonder, I. But “Overdrive” was still my favorite song. I’m also obsessed with this Y2K-esque album art.

Anyway, I enjoyed the rest of the album, it’s a similar vibe. I’m totally looking forward to more from NND (night n day). Cool ass group name too.

I did a little bit of research into the group, it’s a duo made up of members Dayn and Youngjun and this is their debut album. They’re signed under TAKIEL, Inc.


I didn’t know we were getting another HYBE girl group, but I’m here for it. BE:LIFT, please don’t fumble. I’m loving SUPER REAL ME. I love all this bright PinkPantheress like trend going on right now.

My only complaint is that these songs are too short, lol. But I also don’t like when a song goes on for too long when they’ve already said what the needed to.

I’m not sure which song is my favorite at the moment. Maybe “Midnight Fiction”. But I do love “My World” a lot.

I’m so excited to see what else they give us.


Oh man, I haven’t been so excited about the visuals in a music video like this in a loooong time. It’s so pink and Y2K. I didn’t realize how much I really loved Y2K until it started coming back. And boy it’s in full swing.

I also missed out on anything about this survival show Unis is from. But I love what I’m hearing. I’ll be listening to “SUPERWOMAN” and “Whatchu Need” on repeat for sure.

Kprofiles says they’ll be active for 2 years and 6 months, I’m ready for all of it.

Short but solid month/list I think. 3/5 groups are new. I think I’ll continue the trend of spending the first half of the month listening to this playlist along with new music from April. I’m already listening to TXT’s minisode 3: Tomorrow on repeat. I’ll have a quick thoughts article on that soon. Actually, I made a post schedule for the week:

So yeah, look forward to the TXT take over later this week and going into next, lol. I hope y’all had a good March. Let me know what you were listening to last month. I’ll see y’all next post!

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Take care!


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