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‘Excuse Me’ is one of two singles released from AOA’s first full length album, Angel’s Knock.

The first look is one of three group looks, a tan jumpsuit with a matching trench cropped jacket.


My initial reaction when I saw this look was, “OMG THAT’S SO ADORABLE I WANT ONE!” It’s such a sexy cute twist on the classic trench coat. In this music video, the girls are detectives with their eyes on a mystery man.

They spend the music video following him and trying to get as much information on him. They plan out and set a task to different members to learn more about him.

This isn’t the first time AOA has used trench coats in their concepts. This time they made it their own. In this screencap, you can see the trench coat is actually a cropped jacket.

The espresso trim on the jacket is my favorite part of this look. I think it prevents the jacket from looking boring since the majority of this looks is the same shade of brown.


The buckles near the cuffs incorporate another part of what’s on a traditional trench coat. The red heels also help the outfit from looking drab.


Here is a better shot of this look from the front. Around their waist is a belt, like on a regular trench. You can also see the jumpsuit better. 


In Chanmi’s screen time, you can see another view of the look and how it looks from the back. You can see more of the cape. Actually, that’s my favorite part of this look. I’m a sucker for capes.


Another view of their first look.


I really liked this scene because you can see their hair and makeup. Their makeup is light and feminine. Every member has either a different hair color or style but the makeup is all the same.


Now let’s get into our first individual member look, Queen Choa.

I love this look. I want to recreate it. It’s a little 60’s inspired, which I love, and it’s simple.


Choa wears a sweater blouse. One the sweater there’s a ruffled white collar with a red bow. For a pop of color, she wears a mustard yellow aline mini skirt.


And in the closeup, we see she wears big pearl earrings.


The next member is Seolhyun.

Seolhyun wears a long white coat. It has a navy and red collar that matches the cuffs.


Here’s what the whole coat looks like. I’m happy they added a belt with this coat. Above the belt, you can see gold buttons. Under the belt, there are two pockets with a red line going across.


You may notice she has her hair both up and down with this look. When her hair is up you get a better view of her cute long earrings.


Oh, and we can’t forget her red heels. They’re brighter and taller than the group ones.


Underneath her long coat, she has on a tight white bandage dress.


After Seolhyun’s glamorous look, we have Yuna’s 60s inspired look.


Yuna’s look is my third favorite. Mina’s look is my second favorite but we’ll get to her two looks from now.

I also like the simplicity of this look with a pop of color. Yuna wears a cream sweater dress with a black belt and a mustard yellow beret.


She also wears these hoop earrings that remind me of candy.


When she goes to take pictures of the mystery man, we see her thin gold rings and her deep red nail polish.


This was my favorite shot in the music video.


Next, we quickly talk about Hyejeong’s look. It’s quick because it was really hard to capture her look because her screen time was short.

Hyejeong wears a red sweater with slightly flared cuffs, a black mini skirt, a black belt, black socks, and chrome heels.


I thought Hyejeong’s earrings were too adorable to not include.


She also wears rings but she has a French manicure with green tips instead of the classic white.


On to Mina’s outfit! Her scene was cute, but her look almost made me lose track of the plot. Let’s start with her hair, makeup, and earrings.

She has these cute loose, slightly messy braids that I’m in love with. Then she has some long curled bangs that I think suit her face really well.

Her eyeshadow is somewhere between a shiny peach and orange color, so it’s different from the more natural-looking makeup the other girls in the video wear. Finally, she wears these chunky jeweled earrings that match with the colors in the rest of her look.


A side view of her hair.


Now to her clothes. Aren’t they adorable? It’s a little bit eccentric-looking compared to the other individual looks throughout the music video.

But I fell in love with it immediately. It’s almost editorial. Like something, you would see in Vogue.

 Mina wears a lilac blouse with forest green gathered trim. Her aline skirt is black I think it is. I’m 99% sure, with flower patches are sewn on for a 3D effect.


She also wears black boots with a thick heel.


This was another good shot.


The next look is Jimin’s. Her look was also difficult to get pictures of. Her black collar with jewels on it is something that I want to make.


From what it looks like, I think she wears this red and black blouse over a black mini skirt with black heels. There’s a small hole in the back of her shirt above the apron.


Back to the group looks for a minute.

This look is easy to miss because it gets thrown in quickly. They wear baby pink miniature leg of mutton sleeved blouses with pinstripe navy overalls and white heels.


The last of the member individual looks is Chanmi. Chanmi’s look didn’t get much screen time either, but it was also cute and 60s inspired.

Her baby blue blouse with forest green cuffs and the collar was unique to me. It reminded me of Mina’s forest green detailed blouse. She also wears a simple aline skirt like Choa, just in navy or maybe black. So their looks do kinda all tie in together.


Chanmi also has these kinda odd earrings. They’re really skinny red hoops that you almost can’t even see because they’re hidden behind her cool black and green hair.


Finally, our last look of the music video.

This is the third and final group uniform. I love this look too because it’s an extremely feminine twist on Sherlock’s outfit. There’s that flowy cape with espresso trim again, but this time it is a separate item. The dress is fitted with a pleated skirt.


They wear the same red heels again for this look.


And here’s the video:

Damn…okay, I completely forgot that AOA’s stylist completely SNAPPED on ‘Excuse Me’. This really was the best ending for OT7 AOA.

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