Ashliegh has finally made a post on Apink *throws confetti*

Giving Apink their own post is looooong overdue. They’re how I got my first taste of Kpop back in 2012.

After watching a couple of Perfume videos (my absolute favorite Jpop girl group), YouTube had recommended Hush, and it’s still one of my favorite Kpop songs.

I think if I wasn’t such a hardcore Directioner at the time, I would have gotten into Kpop a tiny bit earlier.

Anywho, let’s get back to 2020 and ‘Dumhdurum’. I’ve been looking forward to Apink’s comeback since it was first announced.

2020 has been mostly junk, so we need groups like Apink, BTS and NCT to keep us going. The only thing I dislike about ‘Dumhdurum’ is that it’s hard to spell. Everything else about it is perfect. So let’s get into the four different looks in the video.

Look 1

The first group look takes place on a luxurious train ride. Most of the items Apink wear throughout ‘Dumhdurum’ is by Gucci. In this first look. Everyone is wearing something from Gucci.

Naeun’s yellow tweed dress is Gucci. Chorong’s wool vest and pleated mini skirt is from Gucci. Bomi’s Oversized jacket and belt is from Gucci. Eunji’s bow brooch, wool vest and trousers are also from Gucci.

Namjoo is wearing a pussybow slik crêpe de Chine blouse from Gucci. Lastly, Hayoung’s outfit I wasn’t able to confirm if the blouse and skirt are also Gucci. They look like it, but it both PinkPanda_Ina and KstyleFiles just covered her necklace and socks, which are Gucci.

So it may come out later on what brand(s) Hayoung’s blouse and skirt is, but for now I’m going to assume it’s Gucci that may have been from a previous season that is now sold out.

As y’all know, I love Gucci. It’s hard for me to pick on outfit here that’s my favorite. I’d wear all of these. Each member’s look suits them so well.

Look 2

The second group look in ‘Dumhdurum’ is all black girl crush concept. We only have parts of member’s outfits confirmed for this look.

Namjoo is wearing an Alessandra Rich padded shoulder oversized t-shirt. Chorong is wearing a satin bow mini skirt from Area and a pair of Bottega Veneta leather ankle boots.

Eunji is wearing an embellished unstructured bustier top from Fluer du Mal. There’s a mixture of brands worn here.

So I think that’s why it was a little more difficult to know for sure what the girls are wearing for this look. They look amazing, though. Out of all four looks, look two is my least favorite. It’s alright. I love monochrome outfits, but this group look is a bit lack luster for me.

Look 3

Look 4 for ‘Dumhdurum’ I’ve called the individual designer look. We’ll start left to right, kicking things off with Naeun. She’s wearing a Barocco Rodeo Print Versache mini dress.

Hayoung’s long green and white blazer is from Chance Chance SS20 collection. I’m not sure where the dress is from. Chorong is wearing a purple Lang & Lu 19s frill dress and a pair of Sugar Thrillz Holy Revelation plantform heels.

Eunji’s second look is by For Love & Lemons, and it is called the Wilson mini dress. Eunji’s first look is a high waist oldschool skirt by Chae New York with a matching oldschool tailored jacket. She’s also wearing a vintage Chanel earring. Bomi is wearing a Psychedlic Whale crop blouse and matching crop skirt.

Her bow shoes are by Sugar Thrillz. And finally, Namjoo’s outfit isn’t listed anywhere. It looks like she’s wearing a baby blue dress with denim shorts underneath? We don’t really get too many fully length shots of this look, but it’s gorgeous.

Look 4

The easiest look but perfect for spring is a custom look by Fleamadonna. I love this scene in ‘Dumhdurum’. It’s just so pretty.

I also like the pairing of white cowboy boots for this scene. It gives me a tiny bit of gogo vibes, and I love this trend of cowboy/southwestern fashion spilling over into fashion lately.

Alriiiiight! I hope y’all liked today’s shorter post. If you haven’t already, make sure to check out Apink’s ‘Dumhdurum’ music video below! I’ll see y’all next post. Follow me on Twitter and Instagram.

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