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A proper fashion review for these bangers.

I know it’s been a year since Wonderland. I’ve got a post about that on the way. But today I want to finally discuss in full detail on my take on the many looks in “Say My Name”.

Of the current songs (everything up to “INCEPTION” and “THANXX”), Say My Name is one of my top favorite ATEEZ title tracks.

I remember on my first watching hating Hongjoong’s mullet so much (I don’t hate it as much it, but it doesn’t compare to his blueberry hair or his undercut with blueberry hair.) but I knew he was a fashion king for wearing that fur coat.

I also remember not being able to take my eyes off Mingi. I suspected he too was a fashion king, and I can now confirm my hunch was correct. That black and tan look they put him in is easily one of my favorite male outfits ever. 

Album wise, I really love TREASURE EP.2: Zero To One. I think it’s one you can listen to all the way through without skipping.

But after you’ve been introduced to ATEEZ. If you like EDM and beats dropping and five songs being crammed into one song, then continue, pass go. Otherwise, proceed with caution.

In order, my favorites are “Say My Name”, “HALA HALA”, “Light”, “Promise”, “Desire”. Not that “Desire” is bad. But someone had to be last on this list.

I don’t remember what order I listened to TREASURE EP.2 in after I listened to TREASURE EP. FIN: All To Action and realized, yeah, I do like ATEEZ’s music. 

But when it was time to go back and listen to TREASURE EP.2 from start to finish, I loved it. So let’s get into the looks.

There’s technically three looks but one of them connects to “HALA HALA” so for the first time I’m going to cover two music videos in one post. Let’s get it. 

Look 1: Furs and Neutral Colors

This video is so hard to screenshot. Most of the time they were moving around, and I’d screen cap the craziest facial expressions.

So I apologize for the lack of high quality screenshots. Watch the video for reference if you aren’t clear on a look, lol.

Rewatching “Say My Name” has me missing dark hair Yeosang SO MUCH. I haven’t been ATINY long, and I’ve literally only know blondesang, but he can really do it all.

Look at the Gemini duality jumping out. I guess the first thing I did after learning everyone’s name was checking whose hair has changed the most. And if I like it more, less, or the same as their current (as of ZERO: FEVER Part.1). 

Let me start with my other dark hair fave in “Say My Name” and current blondie, Yunho. I can’t decide which I like more, blonde!Yunho or brunette!Yunho…the struggle. I really love the fur in “Say My Name”.

Yunho’s look here has either a fur scarf or fur sewn on to his gray blazer. I love that paired with black pants and boots. Going back to Yeosang, he’s got on this black and white teddy bear like fabric jacket on.

He’s got a scarf tied to the loop of his black pants. He’s also wearing black boots. San’s red and black hair here is so cute. I don’t think he’s had a hairstyle or color I haven’t loved.

In this first group look, San is wearing a black graphic shirt, a tan blazer on top of that, and a black vest over the blazer. Instead of black skinny jeans, he’s wearing brown pants that stop around his ankles. He’s also wearing a silver necklace, but I can’t make out too many details on that.

Jongho’s redish brown hair parted to the side is my favorite Jongho look to date. It suits him soooo well. Then this white turtleneck shirt paired with black leather skinny pants and brown leather jacket?

*Chef kiss* Absolute perfection. Shoe wise, Jongho has on something that looks like Dr Martens. Not their boots, but their loafer like shoes.

Wooyoung has short silver hair that just looks amazing on him. Wooyoung also hasn’t had a hair color or style I’ve hated.

His furry tan jacket and black leather skinny pants are also top tier. In one of the screenshots I took, you can see he’s wearing black (?) rings, but I can’t make out details again.

Seonghwa…Seonghwa threw me off in “Say My Name” because I didn’t realize he was blonde during this era! If he had his black hair, I would have stanned sooner tbh.

I like blondehwa, but not as much as his silver pushed back hair in “INCEPTION“, or his brown blondish hair in “Wave”.

Obviously, blondehwa doesn’t compare to the superior black hair Hwa, but I’m convinced there is no bad hair choice for him. He always looks flawless.

Seonghwa, like many of the other members, is wearing black leather skinny pants. Actually now that I think about it, Yunho’s pants probably are leather too.

Anywho Seonghwa’s look also includes a dusty muted tan jacket with a long sleeved khaki button down shirt. The final layer underneath is an orange sweater with navy (?) and white on it.

He’s also wearing black boots with his outfit. I’ll say it now, but this is my favorite look of his out of the main two looks. His gray outfit isn’t bad, but it doesn’t stand out to me as much as this one does.

Hongjoong’s outfit, like I mentioned earlier, is engrained in my mind permanently due to that mullet. I do love his fur coat and orange and gray color block pants. 

I think his look would be great to cosplay for a convention or ATEEZ concert.

Idk if I’d do it, but someone big brain out there should do it. The underneath the fabulous fur coat is a black leather jacket and a white turtleneck shirt. Hongjoong’s also wearing some silver necklaces here.

Yeosang and Seonghwa are wearing necklaces too, I think I forgot to mention it. Most of the members wear necklaces, rings, earrings, etc in “Say My Name”.

Last but not least, my favorite look in the video, Mingi’s. I don’t know if I can articulate how much I love this look.

Sometimes when stylists throw a big coat on really tall members, it looks ridiculous. But this tan coat Mingi’s in fits him perfectly.

He’s also got a turtleneck shirt on, but his is black to match is acid wash jeans. I’m not sure what color his hair is here. It’s like a black, brown, gray, green color. I love it pushed back.

Look 2: Leather, Denim, and More Neutral Colors

This group look is my least favorite of the two. My favorite member looks in this bunch are San, Jongho, Hongjoong and Yunho.

Everyone else is alright, but the first look is superior. I like the mixing of casual and leisure, like with Mingi’s burgundy pants and black(?) blazer look.

This look reminds me of a bunch of items you’d find in the men’s section or Zara or Topshop. I mean that as a complement.

I guess this look just isn’t a cohesive for me. This is still better than some looks I’ve reviewed in the past, though, lol.

Look 3: Hala Hala Sneak Peek

So this part is tricky. We’re shown these scenes where the boys are sitting in front of these mysterious looking guys.

Well, we later discover that it’s them. Doppelgängers in a music video? Groundbreaking, I know. I love these goth cowboy outfits.

I don’t have much to say about this look. It’s a uniform look and I like that in the “Hala Hala” music video on first watch you can’t really tell who is who. It gets more entertaining every watch you give it.

Speaking of, something I noticed after a few watches is that the ATEEZ flag matches the cover of the mini album. Idk why that took so long for me to connect the dots on that one.

Okay, so that was a lot in the beginning, but I hope y’all enjoyed my more detailed review of “Say My Name” and “Hala Hala”. I didn’t go too in depth with “Hala Hala” because it’s a performance video.

I’m trash at describing music, but I’m even worse at describing choreography, lmao. If you haven’t watched “Hala Hala” I think it’s best to go in as blind as possible.

Even though I arguably spoiled “Say My Name” video for those who haven’t seen it. Well…actually, I don’t know if that’s completely true.

I don’t really know what the plot for “Say My Name” is. I guess it’s tied to ATEEZ’s pirate lore. Which side note, I frickin love their concept is punk pirates with Hongjoong being captain. That’s so sexy of them.

But enough about me gushing about ATEEZ for the day. What are y’alls fave ATEEZ songs? Are you attending their second anniversary on Saturday?  If you haven’t checked out either song, check them out below.

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