I still love L.I.E era and Street. It’s still such a good album from start to finish.

Today’s music video fashion is on L.I.E. by EXID, one of my favorite girl groups. Their first full-length album, Street, has been on replay for a few weeks now. The concept for this video was inspired by The Grand Budapest Hotel. Leading us into the first look, hotel staff uniforms.

We first see LE in her uniform, purple and red high waist shorts, long-sleeved crop top and a hat. She’s the valet of Hotel EXID.


I love this shot of LE so much.


While we’re on the topic of the Rap goddess LE, I’m going to jump to her robe she wears during her rap scene…well the clothed part of her rap lol.


My favorite member, Hani appears next. I love her dress. I realized other than the group dance scene at the end this was the only outfit she wore. 

Edit 9/19/22: my gif set that used to be here ended up breaking.

So here’s a link to a picture of chef Hani.  

 I’ve seen some memes of her short haircut, but I think it looks so cute on her.

The next member is Jeonghwa as the elevator operator. Wearing a top and skirt.


Her second look is a police officer uniform.


Next we have Hyelin with a super adorable pixie cut. We see her in a black dress.


I love her heels!!!


And the necklace too.


Then we see her in her maid uniform.


Finally, we see leader Solji in an elevator in a black gown. Then we see her as room service in shorts and a short-sleeved top. My screenshots of Solji are gone as well. Towards the end of the music video we get a group shot with them in all black outfits, black heels and sliver jewelry.

Jeonghwa and Solji have body necklaces on. Hyelin looks like she has on a regular necklace.  Hani has jewelry on her shorts. LE, I think its wearing a body necklace as well and a leotard? I wish we had more shots of it because it’s really cute.

Enjoy the video!!

Another favorite music video of mine. L.I.E really is that girl. The screenshot sizing was difficult to resize. So sorry about the image issues. More reason to watch the video, though, right? Lol

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