Man, go

Today is all about Hyomin’s newest single Mango. In Mango, she compares herself to the fruit (and dresses in similar colors) and takes advantage of word play (man go).

There are 5 looks to discuss but one of them we never get a full shot of it. I don’t have names for these looks either because it was difficult to get good full body shots of her. She dances for most of the video. So, let’s get started with look 1.

Look 1

So, most of this video Hyomin and her backup dancers are dancing around in this bougie hotel, then the other part of it is on a boat.

It’s a cute but simple concept, and I’m living for it.  This first outfit of hers is a bright lemon long sleeve sequined shirt paired, orange mini skirt, and marigold leaf earrings.  

I love her yellow eyeshadow she wears here. And of course, I gotta talk about the matching microphone. We love a semi monochrome concept. I got a kick out of the use of censorship throughout this music video.

Hyomin giving us Man in the Yellow Hat . I want a floppy hat like this for summer 19′.  I liked this look, but it was hard to get full body shots of it. However, I think the accessories and makeup cover for the lack of full body shots.

Look 2

Also, my second favorite look in this music video. Hyomin wears an orange crop top from Heron Preston (I think). I love it so much. She also wears ripped light denim high-waisted jeans. There’s a change of earrings in this scene.

She has one solid yellow daisy earring on and a clear version with a white circle hanging from it. And we can’t forget her patent leather high-heeled boots.

This is actually the best view of her shoes in the entire music video. In her other outfits, it’s difficult to clearly see her shoes as well as you can in this scene.

Look 3

My absolute favorite look in this music video, and I’m bitter af we didn’t get more scenes of Hyomin in this look™.  Before we get to the clothes, let’s talk about the cinematography going on here. First of all, the complementary colors!!!! Blue and orange is my favorite complementary color combination.

They saw an opportunity and took it. There are a lot of closing doors and changing poses in this music video. It totally adds to the playfulness of the video.

She’s irritated with the man she’s singing about, but the visuals show her having a good time. And who hasn’t imagined themselves doing something similar while listening to a song or having a song stuck in your head while you’re in an elevator?

Anyway, back to the business formal Fanta suit Hyomin has on. I believe this is a Versace suit. She went full monochrome and I’m LIVING.

It looks like she has on sliver heels with this look along with a new pair of white plastic U shaped earrings similar to the previous pairs. I think I found my Halloween costume. 

Look 4& 5

Alexa, play I’m On a Boat by The Lonely Island (feat T-Pain). I love the lace on this marigold dress. This is another outfit we don’t get the best views of, but it’s consistent with the other looks.

But this look just screams luxury. Perhaps by not showing us too much, it adds to the exclusivity of this scene. Again, I cannot make out what shoes she has on here. She may be barefoot.

The glasses matching the beaded earrings exactly!!! I’m screaming again. Her yellow nails match the dress. This scene was so cute I had to include it in this post. This blue look confuses me the most because this is the best view we get.

I love these blue earrings she has on, but I could not tell you to save my own life what the hell this blue thing is she’s wearing.

A dress? A blouse? A tank top? Another jumpsuit? Beats me. And we got the final shot included here because…well, where else would it go?

737 words. I think I did a bit better condensing the word count on this post this time, lol.  Which look is your favorite from Mango?

Do y’all like the song? I like T-ara, but I never really got the chance to enjoy them as a group. I got some catching up to do on Hyomin’s other solo releases.

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