So who was gonna tell me I’ve been missing out?

I don’t remember if I saw Kim Wooseok’s solo debut. But I did put his comeback on my February list. One of my friends recommended I listen to “Red Moon” since I like “Sugar”. I think I slightly like “Red Moon” more than “Sugar” but not by much.

As of the time I’m writing this, Spotify & Kakao M has made an agreement to put all the Kpop they removed back on Spotify. So I had to listen to both 1st Desire [Greed] and 2nd Desire [Tasty] on YouTube.

I’m not sure if I’ll review “Red Moon” in the future. But that song and the first mini album have a darker/sensual vibe to it compared to “Sugar” and 2nd Desire. “Sugar” is so upbeat and bright. I knew about 30 seconds into the video I’d have to do a fashion review on it.

Song wise, I love “Sugar”. I’m salty, I can’t listen to it on Spotify, atm. It’s so catchy. I like the food related mentions throughout the mini album. But I didn’t like this album as much. It has more ballads on it than the first album. It reminds me of music that would play in a café.

Okay, so let’s get into the clothes! I think these are some of my favorite male solo looks I’ve seen in a while.

Look 1

Okay, so most of me talking about this music video is me loving the sets. Y’all know how much I love pink. But there’s such a bright, elegant vibe in all these sets. I just love it. I highly recommend watching “Sugar” in the highest quality you can (I think that’s 1080p).

Clothing wise, I really like this look, but you don’t get too many good shots of it. There was another scene where you can see his white pussybow shirt. I don’t remember why I didn’t include it here. I need that in my closet too. It also matches the scenery well.

Look 2

Wooseok’s hair also matches the pink/mauve scenery, and I love that. I need this coat he’s wearing in my closet, STAT. It’s so cute and looks so warm. I don’t think we ever see what pants he’s wearing here. We just got upper body shots for this scene.

I like this like 70s/80s vibe in the furniture so much. I miss those chunky glass walls. This scene has some great symmetry. I think that’s another reason this is so calming.

Look 3

I know it’s only March, but this might be my favorite artist and back up dancer’s look of the year. I love the guys in a similar outfit to Wooseok’s but in a darker color to stand out from him.

Then the girls in two different shades of pink? *Chef kiss* This scene also has heavy 80s vibes with the setting. It reminds me of that 80s print.

Wooseok’s mint outfit is totally something I’d want my boyfriend to roll up in. I keep talking about these boyfriend fits in these blog posts.

Idk why. I just love a well-dressed man. He’s even got orange and blue sneakers to match his outfit!! Love that complementary color matching.

Look 4

I love this yellow vest and hat combo. I love the sneakers here too. This is just another great outfit. I love the color coordination here with his clothes and the props.

Look 5

This look is all about the makeup. I love this red, green and yellow makeup on his cheek. I think his outfit is a white shirt and red coat and some jeans. The set here too is super cute and makes me excited for spring and summer.

Look 6

Another cute look. I need this sweater in my closet as well. I’ve been noticing, depending on the background, Wooseok’s hair changes colors to match. In the last scene, his hair looked more blonde. This time it’s more peachy pink.

Look 7

Oh, man, I love this fish eye lens scene! We got another vest, but this time Wooseok’s wearing this like denim jumpsuit. It should be an ugly pairing, but I like it.

He’s also been wearing silver jewelry throughout the music video. I’m starting to think sliver minimalistic jewelry is the current trend with the Kpop boys.

Look 8

Why do I have so many shots of this look? I love it, but idk how that happened. I do love the white outfits the dancers are wearing when they join Wooseok.

Super cute. This is another matching suit I’m in love with. My favorite part of his outfit is the darker stitching on his jacket and pants. I’m also a big fan of the white boots he’s wearing, too.

Look 9

Alright, finally outfit in “Sugar”. Where did this giant ass cake come from? Idk, but we’re ending things on such a strong note. I LIVE for this tan teddy bear sweater he’s wearing. Just straight back to back to back looks™.

I want to give a standing ovation to his stylist for finding outfits that fit him so well. They went into work and were like, “I’m gonna make this man look SO boyfriend material, it’s gonna hurt.” Mission accomplished.

I hope y’all enjoyed this post. I’m really looking forward to Kim Wooseok’s feature releases. I can’t wait to see what other cute clothes he’s going to wear.

Are y’all Wooseok stans? What’s your favorite song of his? Let me know all your thoughts in the comments below! Follow me on Twitter and Instagram.

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