momoland group phot during jjan koong kwang

Another throwback post from my old blog. I think I’ve got four or so of these I’m moving over with small edits.


 JJan! Koong! Kwang! (짠쿵쾅) was released on November 9th 2016.  Momoland are under DubleKick Company, the geniuses behind Girl’s Day Something and Sistar’s Give It To Me. The girls were on a survival show called “Finding Momoland” and JJan! Koong! Kwang! is their debut single.

I didn’t watch “Finding Momoland”. Prior to the notification from the 1theK channel on YouTube, I didn’t know who they were.

I decided to check them out, you can never have too many girl group faves. I couldn’t help but find the song catchy. I later watched their immigration video with KSTYLE TV, and I was cracking up the whole time I watched it.

Let’s get started on the looks! In the music video, there are 6 looks. Well… technically 7 but the skipped that look.

That particular look was bland compared to the rest of the outfits in the video, and it doesn’t appear often enough to make that much of an impact.

So on to our first look: White blouses with tan skirts and dresses.


 I love it when girl groups have similar outfits that are right on the border of being uniforms. There are tons of that in this video.

There are enough differences in each look to make each member stand out. It’s subtle, but the differences are seen in the necklines and sleeves.


The shades of suede in their skirts and dresses differ, too. I’m not sure how I feel about the orangey tan. I wish they would have chosen a darker tan instead.


There’s so much moving in this song, it’s hard to get good screen time of all the members. But overall, their makeup and accessories don’t change. The makeup is light and natural-looking.


And for a few silly pics.


The playful theme continues throughout the video.


Next is my favorite of all the looks.


It’s like a cross between Shrimps and PlayNoMore. It’s a dream come true. I’m an a-line enthusiast and that’s the shape manly in these shots.

I would wear everything multiple times a month. I even love Hyebin’s high waist shorts, and I hate wearing shorts 99% of the time.


I’m extremely interested in embroidery, patches, and other pieces to give a 3D effect on clothing lately. I want to find a skirt similar to JooE’s deer skirt. I may have to make one.

Side note, the Sailor Moon pose in this dance routine is painfully adorable.


I love this group so much. I need a comeback. 


Next look: Plaid Attack Pt 1


This is another entertaining look. I’m a sucker for plaid. If I don’t watch it, I’ll buy everything plaid in the fall season. I loved the cute variations of plaid dresses.

I’m not sure why they didn’t put Hyebin in another matching shorts suit like in the pink outfits. This is my second least favorite look she was styled in. The stylist is an anti. 


Although JooE’s black sweater is moderately out of place compared to the white blouses’ everyone (except Hyebin) is wearing, I still find the look adorable. Once again, I would totally wear these looks.

On to the next look.

This all-white look reminded me a little bit of Oh My Girl’s Closer (because Oh My Girl invented wearing white and dancing in a forest).


All jokes aside, this scene was like a refreshing break from the colorful and loud patterned clothing they wore throughout the video.

I wish we had gotten better shots of these outfits because the girls look so elegant in these dresses.


I mean look at the detailed neckline OMG! And the fringe sleeves? I love it.


The lighting in this picture is rather strange, but Yeonwoo’s dress looks almost like an overall dress.


This was such an angelic scene, I couldn’t exclude it from this post.


Next up, Plaid Attack Pt 2


Another adorable plaid look. I think I enjoyed this one so much because you could wear it right now. It has a moderately school uniform vibe to it, but it’s stylish.


It wasn’t until after I rewatched this video, I realized they wore these outfits in the Immigration video.

Finally, the last look! Dessert dresses.


My second favorite look. It’s so cute and creative.


Except Hyebin got the butt of the styling. Her outfit isn’t bad but compares to the other girls it’s like they didn’t even try. I’m bitter.


One last group shot. I thought it would be a cute ending.


Here’s their debut song

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I can’t believe we’re already at 3 years of Momoland. It’s been wild, but I still love the styling in ‘JJan! Koong! Kwang!’

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