This post has been on the back burner for long it’s melted onto the burner lol.

Momoland released Thumbs Up on December 30th, 2019, and I feel like that’s not correct. But I went back to double-check and yeah. They spent all of January promoting it and stopped around mid-February 2020. So yeeeah we’re overdue for a Momoland comeback. So before they make a comeback, and I’m behind even more, let’s talk about Thumbs Up.

Look 1: Momo Express

Thumbs Up is an alright song. The main reason why I wanted to talk about Thumbs Up is because of these Momo Express uniforms. This is clearly based off DHL, but they keep the delivery plot all throughout, Thumbs Up.

I can’t vouch for the song, but the music video is hella creative. Their DHL or rather Momo Express uniforms are so cute and my absolute favorite look in Thumbs Up. They even have a  shorts version of the uniforms.

Look 2: Black Sequin Dresses and Pink Cowboy Boots

The second look worn in Thumbs up are these black sequin dresses and pink satin cowboy boots. Probably my least favorite outfit I’ve ever seen Momoland in.

Something about the proportions of the dresses are off. I think they’re too baggy on the girls. I would have rather them in slimmer fitting dresses and pair that with the shoes.

Or they could have switched to gogo boots. That would have been cute. They could have even found sequin skirts with black crop tops.

Idk anything other than what we have here. I’m pretty sure the cowboy boots were picked because they’re trendy, so the dresses would have had to go if I was their stylist. I love the belts in this scene. Those can stay.

Look 3: Designer Dresses

This third and final looks hurts my heart more than the previous group look. I usually love when girl groups have a look dedicated to whatever random designer clothes they can get their hands on. But in Thumbs Up…

I only like half of the looks and those are the shorter cocktail dresses. Not Jane’s shirt and dress combo! That’s tragic, and I’m mad they put her in it. Nancy’s dress swallows her, and then they had the nerve to through a cowboy had on her.

Ahin’s gown is pretty and works for the scene it’s in. I love Jooe’s Carmen March Strapless Ribbon Dress. Nayun’s Christian Cowan ASOS Puff Sleeve Bow Mini Dress is another fave look of mine.

Hyebin’s dress is gorgeous on her, but I have no idea who it’s by. I just know her shoes are Saint Laurent thanks to Momolandstyle on IG (where I found out what the girls were wearing for this scene). In fact if you want more information on the girl’s outfits in this scene, check out Momolandstyle on Instagram.

I finally got this completed! I think once I realized I didn’t have much to say after the DHL knockoff Momo Express uniforms, I gradually lost interest in this post.

But I finally got it out and hopefully Momoland’s next comeback has better outfits lol. I hope y’all enjoyed this post. Let me know if you have a music video you’d like me to do a fashion review of. You can drop me a comment below. Follow me on Twitter and Instagram.

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