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Ba-banana ba-ba-banana-nana Ba-banana ba-ba-banana-nana

Today’s review is on Red Velvet’s Power Up music video. I’ve been a Red Velvet fan since Ice Cream Cake/Automatic era. They’re a hit or miss group for me when it comes to their music.

Usually I instantly love the title track like Bad Boy and Russian Roulette. Or I hate it like One of These Nights, although they all looked stunning in the music video. Then there are the growers like Rookie. Power Up was a grower, and now I love it.

There are six looks to discuss. I’ve decided to call them Girl Scouts, Gingham Picnic, Factory Fashion , Sailor Scouts, Gingham Picnic 2, and Puma Party. Let’s get started with the first look!

Look 1: Girl Scouts

This is my second favorite group look out of the whole music video. I love the slight edgy look of Seulgi and Wendy’s skorts. I wished they had Wendy’s skort in navy to match Irene’s shorts.

The tan washes her out some with the lighting used to film this scene. I have the same complaint with the sashes Wendy, Yeri, and Seulgi have. They should have made the sashes navy, so they stood out more from their shirts.

The belt bags or fanny packs they were are also cute. It looks like Irene is the only one without one, but I don’t think she really needs it to complete her look. Wendy’s shoes are to diiiiiiieee for.

I love their stylist paired her thick headband with these bright red shoes, with the actual heels being black. I also love the pairing of socks with heels for Yeri and Seulgi.

You have to pause the video to really get to look at the details that went into the accessories for this scene. They have cute badges on their sashes that I’m pretty sure are mostly brooches.

Everyone except for Irene has on scarfs under their sash. Wendy’s earrings she wears in this scene are from noffcialnoffice. Joy’s earrings are from Bae Bae

Look 2: Gingham Picnic

Gingham Picnic is cute, safe, kinda retro with the thick headband, bright color combinations, and short lengths of their skirts and dresses.

Joy, Yeri, and Wendy’s dresses I would totally wear in real life. I love the bows on Irene and Seulgi’s crop tops. And the volume Seulgi’s mutton sleeves added two years on my life.

That’s all the time I’m spending on the clothes here. The main focal point of this look is their oversized, mix match earrings and hair accessories.

Let’s start with Miss Wendy. I’m not sure why they put her in pigtails, but I hate it. The hair ties are adorable, but I’m not feeling the pigtails on her.

I like the choice of lilac hair ties, a yellow earring and a teal earring. Irene’s earrings or atleast the right one is are from Pairs

First of all, I don’t appreciate Miss Irene trying to wreck the home Joy and I have been spending two hard years together to create. She was trying incredibly hard to make me drop Joy for her, andddd it almost worked.

She still has to go through Yeri for second place, though. She just looks so stunning throughout this music video. I looooovvvvveeeee her side ponytail in this scene. Her accessories are so well-balanced.

 Seulgi has this red orange feather duster like barrette in her hair and I don’t have a solid opinion on it. I love when blue and orange are complementary colors and orange and yellow are neighbor colors. There’s just something off with it.

I think it might be because I don’t know what fabric or material it is. It looks like tulle, but it also sorta looks like feathers? Idk.

Joy looks amazing with her Ariana Grande Illuminati ponytail. I think her hair tie is a peach or tan color. And her earrings fit with the other girl’s mix match theme and the colors work fine. White earring from Bae Bae

Yeri’s look and accessories here are my favorite after Irene’s. Both of their looks and accessories have a nice balance of neutrals and colors.  

It looks like Yeri and Joy both have on bracelets that match the gingham fabric, or maybe they’re silver. It’s hard to make out for sure because of how fast they’re dancing.

One last bit about this look, the shoes! I love bows, so anything with a big bow has my endorsement automatically.

I’m happy the stylists kept their shoes simple but cute. This entire look would be fairly easy to recreate to wear to a concert or just to go out with friends.

Look 3: Factory Fashion

My favorite parts of this music video happen in this factory. I had to slow down this gif, so you can see what they’re doing. This is also my favorite group look and individual looks out of the music video.

There’s so much variety with this group look. There are a couple of big designer names (Dolce and Gabbana and Prada) and a familiar brand, the KFashionBias (if you watched WooWoo you’ll remember Rola Rola).

Both and style.redvelvet were an incredibly helpful sources for this part of my blogpost.

Other than the obvious Versace dress Joy wears, I had some idea what brands, but both of the style accounts I listed already did the dirty work for me.

So, I’m thankful to them and if you don’t follow them on Instagram and you love Red Velvet’s style…uhhhhh you really should!!!

Let’s start with a breakdown of the brands that make up the girl’s individual outfits.

Wendy: Marques Almeida Shirt, Rola Rola denim shorts, and earrings from Pairs. In another scene she changes into an Adidas jersey paired with a yellow belt and MiuMiu platform heels.

Irene: Dolce and Gabbana silk dress and Pairs earrings.

Joy: Versace mini dress and Prada platform heels.

Yeri: MSMG off shoulder mini dress and Dolce and Gabbana summer heels.

 Seulgi: Maison Rabih Kayrouz off shoulder crop top, Dear Stalker white pants, Casa Dei though high boots, and NofficialNoffice earrings.

When I first saw teaser pics of Joy in the Versace dress, I knew she wasn’t playing around with ReVeluv.

Joy usually stands out from the group because she’s the tallest member, and I think for this comeback they embraced it. She really gives off model vibes, and you can feel the confidence radiating off of her.

I love both of Wendy’s looks. I need those Rola Rola shorts for summer next year. The sleeves on the Marques Almeida shirt is so cute, and I think matches the dresser vibe the other girls’ outfits have.

The colors match Irene’s dress more. I do still love her second look, though. I love the no pants trend that’s been popular lately. The zipper on the jersey and the pairing of the yellow belt is my favorite part of this look.

Irene’s look is my favorite out of all these outfits. I hate that D&G is so problematic because they do create some beautiful pieces.

I really want this dress. Yeri’s dress is so cute and perfect for her. The D&G shoes she wears with this dress are perfect because her dress is pretty simple. Same with Joy’s outfit.

The accessories like the heels make the whole look much more exciting. They really gave Seulgi all the over the top blouses in this music video, huh.

This ruffle crop top looks so fun to wear. The thigh high boots look so good on her. This outfit makes her look taller.

I think all of their looks really flatter their body types perfectly, and that’s why I love this look so much.

And I really loved this shot of Irene. I wonder what eyeshadow they used here. It’s so pretty.

Look 4: Sailor Scouts

This look was created by Love Me Back, and it’s pretty perfect.

This is another look I have no complaints with. I think every outfit was designed perfectly to flatter each member.

I like that Love Me Back put their own spin on the sailor uniform. I could see Yeri, Joy, and Wendy’s looks being worn out in public during warmer months.

Seulgi and Irene’s outfits could be recreated and worn for cosplay fairly easily. I also love that there are two versions of the bottoms in the same fabric.

And Wendy’s top matches Yeri’s dress. Irene has a pair of round earrings from Bae Bae during the sailor scene.

Look 5: Gingham Picnic 2

Like with part one, I think this look is cute. This part felt like part of a commercial for a juice or tea Red Velvet became the face of.

Their looks are similar to what they wore earlier. Instead of blue and yellow, it’s blue and white.

Wendy now has a blunt blue solid color a-line dress and Yeri has a solid white dress and puffy sleeves. Joy has on earrings from Dew E Dew E.

Look 6: Puma Party

My third favorite group look! I called this look Puma party because all of their tops are from Puma. I’m assuming their stylist altered the sweaters to get this final look. The time put into the alterations was well worth.

They’re so cute, and I think Puma should sell this version. I love the variations of these outfits.

The skirts match the sweater well, but I kinda want to see all of them in a pants version like Seulgi’s look. Speaking of Seulgi she’s wearing earrings from Pairs.

That was a long ride. I purposely tried to shorten my commentary on the last two looks, lol. What do y’all think of the looks in Power Up? Which outfit is your favorite? If you haven’t yet, follow me on Twitter.

Take care!


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