🎶 Cause I’m good good good good Good Guy yeah Good Guy. 🎶

In my 2020 Kpop Wishlist I listed #SF91sWin in 9th place, meaning it would be the second most likely thing to actually materialize. I got a lot of thoughts about Loona’s Hash album and this era, but I’ll save that for later.

And on January 16th Fantasies finally got our wish and SF9 got their first music show win on Mcountdown for ‘Good Guy’. In total ‘Good Guy’ won 2 music show wins with the second win on Chani’s birthday and SF9’s 1200 day since debut.

‘Good Guy’ is the debut single off SF9’s first full-length album, First Collection (which is excellent from start to finish). And honestly, I think someone on their team is creepin on my blog because I’ve mentioned in just about every SF9 post, their best looks are suits.

What did their stylists reward us with for ‘Good Guy’? Three well-fitted neutral colored suits and I fooking live for it. This is going to be a short review covering these three looks. So let’s get started with the first of three looks.

Look 1

This first look has the most diverse looks of all three outfits SF9 wears in ‘Good Guy’. This is my favorite group look of the video.

I love it when graphic shirts and blazers are paired together, like what Hwiyoung wears for example, although his shirt looks a bit on the see through side when you look at teaser pics of this look.

Chani and Dawon both wear scarfs in this scene instead of ties. Dawon’s scarf is a silk black and white Christian Dior scarf, and it’s paired with a black and white pinstripe (thicker stripes than Taeyang’s) suit.

Now that I think about it… I don’t know if he’s wearing a shirt under this blazer, lol. It wouldn’t surprise me if he wasn’t because that’s trendy right now.

Chani’s look consists of a black scarf, a black t-shirt by After Homework I’m proud of my detective work on that one lol, a white 1970s inspired blazer with thin black stitching on the flaps of it and black trousers. It’s small details like that add fun to suits. Some members do wear traditional ties like Taeyang with his black pinstripe suit, white button-down shirt, and black tie.

Inseong and Rowoon both wear necklaces (this is more of Inseong’s second look seen later on, but I’m combining the non-monochrome looks into this first group look). Inseong’s necklace is more of a statement necklace whereas Rowoon wears two smaller silver necklaces with his slate monochrome suit.

Gave me SHINee 1 of 1 flashbacks. Inseong’s first actual look that fits the first moments of ‘Good Guy’ is a black blazer with white stripes going down the sleeves and a Christian Dior brooch, a black shimmer shirt (that’s almost see through), a white turtleneck shirt under the black shirt, and black trousers.

Jaeyoon’s look here is also really cute. He wears a black velvet blazer *scream* with Yves Saint Laurant brooches, a black button down shirt, and a mesh/see through turtleneck underneath that shirt. It’s a lot, but I live for it. Then you have Youngbin who isn’t even wearing a suit for this group look.
He’s got on a black leather jacket, a black lace vest* (it’s kinda hard to make out, but I can firm black lace lol), a black tie, white button-down shirt, and black trousers.

Zuho’s outfit is similar to Hwiyoung’s but is simpler. Instead of a graphic shirt under his blazer, Zuho wears a solid black turtleneck. I just love that every look here suits the guys so well, *chef kiss* absolute perfection.

Look 2

There’s two gifs because there’s no point in making 4 of the same scene with too few changes.

Navy is a color I mentally associate with SF9 now. As mentioned before and probably will for the rest of my time blogging, I love monochrome uniform group looks.

SF9 has some really tall members, and the only thing better than a tall guy, is a tall guy in a well-fitted suit.

You just can’t go wrong. Idk I don’t really have much else to say about this scene and look. They look amazing.

I love Taeyang as the center for the choreo here. I think it’s visual genius to put (Taeyang in the center and) have them in a white room with just a blue rug to match their outfit. On to look 3!

Look 3

Oh, mannnn. The black and white scenes in ‘Good Guy’ are some of my favorite parts in the video. I love the split screens with other members getting time to shine. I love Taeyang’s solo shots here too.

I kinda wish we got a full music video in black and white as like a bonus video for hitting so many million views on the official video or something.

Look 4

Ahh, the last group look in ‘Good Guy’. I love how the gold bracelets have a purpose for the video. The transition between the second group look and the third with the bracelets connecting gave me a Voltron/Sailor Moon vibe. Like without all the members SF9 can’t reach their full potential/final form.

Similar to the second look, the all-white suits in this final outfit look great. They’re well-fitted to each member and I think if they didn’t have black shoes paired with this look they’d completely blend into the floor. We don’t get time to really look at this outfit in detail either.

The focus is divided between the choreography and the members’ faces. It’s actually funny that the least important part of this scene is the clothes. 

This is why I believe their stylist(s) chose white suits to begin with for this scene. They have to wear something, but it doesn’t need to be extravagant, so we got white suits and black patent leather shoes. It works.

I realllly love ‘Good Guy’ era, and I can’t wait to see how SF9 follows it up. In the meantime, what are y’all’s favorite looks from ‘Good Guy’ era? I haven’t gotten the chance to watch any of the live performances, but from the pictures I’ve seen, the excellent styling continues.

And if you’ve listened to ‘First Collection’, what’s your favorite song from it? Mine is ‘Like the Hands Held Tight’ and I love they performed it alongside ‘Good Guy’ for the first week of live stages. Let me know your thoughts on Twitter, and I’ll see y’all next post.

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