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Today’s post is about the wonderful Sunmi and her looks from her newest single Siren. I’ve been a fan of Sunmi’s since I first became a Wonder Girl’s fan in 2015 with Reboot.

I hadn’t really noticed how stylish and interested in fashion she is until recently. I plan on going through her other music videos along with talking about my favorite fashion moments of her, but that’s for a future post. Today there’s nine looks to discuss. Let’s get started!

Look 1

I wasn’t sure if I should include this look into my review. I mean, it isn’t exactly something you’d wear out of the house, but I’m also not going to pass up this scene. This is where the fake tears for real bitches came from in the teaser for Siren.

Also, it’s kinda product placement for Christian Dior Ultra Rogue 485 that Sunmi has recently become an ambassador for. This scene was really well planned out. We love a luxury moment.

Look 2

I have no idea why these gifs turned out so low quality. They looked good on my phone. I actually like the backup dancers’ outfits more than Sunmi’s dress here. I love the fringe and the uniform/military shoulders, but I strongly dislike this dress. Maybe it’s the material or the color, but it looks cheaply made.

Like something, I could find at Forever 21’s prom/cocktail dress section. Yeah, I think if they had a chosen to match the dancers’ outfit, I’d love this look more.

And then she has on these yellow boots… I really hate they were the shoe option. They either should have made the dress the focal point of this outfit or the shoes. Both didn’t work for this scene.

Look 3

I didn’t spend too much time coming up with names for all 7 looks in this music video, but this one I decided to call dancing queen. I love how dramatic this scene is where we first see this outfit. I love this leopard print blouse.

The leg of mutton sleeves, 1800s ruffled collar, ruffles lining the v-opening, and see through fabric It’s so extra and editorial. It’s a lot and I wouldn’t wear it to go grocery shopping, but this is perfect for special events.

I love how dramatic this scene is where we first see this outfit. I’m a huge fan of miniskirts made of non-fabric materials like polyester/plastic not exactly good for the environment, but it looks cute.

Look 4

 Yes, I reused a gif lol. Ah yes, the Balenciaga sweater dress. This thing is ugly af, but it looks so comfortable and Sunmi looks so cute wearing it. I want my own version of this to wear around the house and channel my inner Ariana Grande. I liked this scene because it showed two looks in the same shot. 

Look 5

Now, this is what I wanted in the first look. What can I say? I’m a girl who loves glitter and metallic moments.

Sunmi’s hair her also matches her romper, so that’s a plus. I’m really living for this hair tie she has on that says priority. Best shoes in the entire music video.

Look 6

Another outfit I’m not that crazy about. I think the focus is more on Sunmi’s accessories and makeup here. These feather and leather heels are amazing. She’s giving us evil queen, and I’m here for it.

When I first saw this music video I was like, “Are they really not going to go back to this scene and give us a better look at the crown?” but they did. I appreciate it. Sunmi’s makeup stays pretty consistent in this video. I love that she wore bold lip colors.

Look 7

This is my favorite look and second favorite part of this video.  This is a dress you’d see Jennie from Blackpink or Jessica Jung wear.

It’s so classy but interesting at the same time.  I instantly fell in love with the sleeves and bottom of the dress.

And they put rope around her to look like a fish caught in netting. I wish they had included more shots of this scene, like with Mermaid Sunmi.

Look 8

Mermaid Sunmi!!!

If this wasn’t your favorite part of the video… I think we need to have a conference call to discuss the beauty and high-quality cinematography going on here. What is she wearing here?

Idk some type of bralette from like Agent Provocateur or some other bougie lingerie shop and a sliver glittery skirt to mimic a mermaid tail.

Ugh their minds. And to top it all off, she has on those silver glitter boots I loved from look 5. Or a similar pair. We don’t get a full shot of these boots.

Look 9

Okay final look! I would love this look more if she didn’t have this belt around her waist. I think if maybe they added the fringe to her shoulders or made it like a necklace, I may like it more.

I don’t think it was really necessary for this outfit. They could have even cut the fringe a little shorter. Idk, but I hate it.

Overall, I love that they took risks with the looks in this video. Some of them were better executed than others. But what do y’all think?

Let me know what your fave look is in the comments! And follow me on Twitter. I hope y’all have a good day/night wherever you are.



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