It’s been so long since I last did a music video fashion review 😮

My initial plan was to have this review out before “SHALALA“. But oh well. I’m actually not sure how or why I haven’t done a full review on my love for “Long Flight”. Maybe it’s because I didn’t start doing my yearly fave albums until 2020, and specific songs just started last year.

“Long Flight” released July 18th, 2019, a few weeks after his birthday, and about a year before I even started doing monthly favorite articles too. So I guess this slipped through the cracks.

I don’t think it takes long for anyone who’s read any of my NCT 127 related articles to know I’m a huge Taeyong stan. He’s been one of my favorite members since pre-debut with his verse on Red Velvet’s remake of “Be Natural“.

I think I’ve might have told this story on here before, but I basically became a fan of the upcoming boy group that ended up being NCT (and all the subunits), through Red Velvet.

In 2015 during my first full year of Kpop, this is starting to sound like my TEEN TOP article already, lol. But this year I was in DEEP with SM groups and when “Ice Cream Cake” dropped, I was OBSESSED. I quickly fell in love with it and “Automatic“.

So I decided to see what other Red Velvet music was out, and I discovered “Happiness” (of course), but “Be Natural” was my favorite of the two singles. When it came to Taeyong’s verse, I was like, “Yo where tf his group at? I need that shit, noooow.”

But I had to wait another year before “The 7th Sense” to release. I did have some SMrookie content to watch, though. That was a fun, different time.

And yeah, ever since then I’ve kept up with everything Taeyong related music wise since then. You knew a proper solo would happen at some point.

And I’m not trying to merge a review of “SHALALA” and “Long Flight” because I’ll talk more about my thoughts on his debut solo album in my June 2023 monthly fave article next month.

But the more I think about “SHALALA”, the more I think I might create an article about it. The styling is something else. Because if there’s one thing about Mr. TY Track, he’s a fashionista for sure.

I will say “SHALALA” exactly what I expected from him. It’s kinda weird, not exactly public friendly, but unique in sound and visuals.

And that’s why I want to talk about the visuals of “Long Flight” along with the song itself. It’s the total opposite of “SHALALA”. “Long Flight” is public friendly, it could easily be mistaken as an NCT 127 song, minus like eight people. And the visuals in the music video are soft, clean, and ethereal.

Omg, wait. Let me talk about how this even came into existence. “Long Flight” is a part of the SM Station. SM Station is a music project where SM artist work with other artist (usually other SM signed artists, but sometimes idols and musicians from other labels are brought on), and they release a song with a music video.

Season 1 started in 2016, and it’s still been going on. They’ve changed the name around a bit, but the concept is the same. There isn’t much of a lengthy promotion period. And it’s usually a digital release.

Okay, with that out of the way, let’s get into it!

Look 1

There are four main looks in “Long Flight”. The first and main look is this white suit, light blue Gucci sweater vest, brown Gucci socks and white shoes.

I was looking around for some exact brands Taeyong wore in this video and ran across this account Haus of Taeyong on Twitter, they have an Instagram too, so shout out to them. That’s how I knew the brands for his green look, we’ll talk about later.

This look is the main one that you see in teasers and other articles talking about the song. It’s simple. Light blue on Taeyong is my favorite fun color on him. I’ve alternated between this and his pink “Cherry Bomb” hair.

But this hair stayed in my mind rent-free for months. There’s some SuperM photocards with this hair I’ve been meaning to collect.

Actually, I don’t think he’s had a color that I didn’t like. How annoying. Anyway, I love that despite this look being a bit boring, the colors included match his hair.

I’m also a huge fan of the gold necklaces, especially in the scenes where the background is yellow. So matchy matchy. The symmetry itch in my brain has been scratched.

Oh! And the rainbow light from the glass reflecting on him is so aesthetically pleasing.

Okay, let me briefly talk about the song, before I forget. It’s a midtempo R&B song that he participated in the lyrics for. I wish his Discogs was updated because I’m curious about who else participated in the creation of this song.

It fits so well in NCT’s discography, so I feel like there were long time SM producers and writers involved, like Jam Factory or MZMC.

When I tell you I listened to “Long Flight” nonstop (there’s a plane joke somewhere here), I’m not kidding. This was one of my most listened to songs in 2019. It’s just one of my favorite songs ever.

Anytime I’m on a plane, I listen to it now. Idk if that means much considering I still listen to it all the time, but yeah, it feels crafted just for me.

I love love LOVE these types of K-R&B tracks. I’ve said it before, but it’s like 90s R&B brought to today (and in Korean).

I need Taeyong to make more songs like this, but at the same time, idk if I really need lighting to strike the same place twice.

It’d be cool if he made it happen, though.

Look 2

I love this bejeweled glittery ass belt. It reminds me of those Zion.T Balenciaga sunglasses I was just talking about.

Another simple look, but it works because the focus is more on the scenery and Taeyong himself.

I need a 4K enhanced version of this music video. 1080p isn’t enough, I need TY took look like he’s standing in my room, lmao.

This look to me is also super cozy. Which is perfect for a long plane flight.

Look 3

This look is like a toned down wild look for Taeyong. It’s odd enough to feel like something he’d wear, but not strange enough to feel super out-of-place considering his other looks in the video.

Again, the small details like the styling and room matching is chef’s kiss. I love that for this random greenhouse scene (because I thought we were supposed to be on a plane), you have all these plants, and Taeyong in green as well.

This is where Haus of Taeyong comes in clutch. Taeyong is wearing a Prada Frankenstein Monster shirt and Monclear metallic pleated jeans.

My favorite part of this look is his permed hair. Idk why we don’t get more permed!taeyong more, but we need it.

Look 4

Our final fit! Another all white fit, except this one doesn’t have any pops of color like the first look.

This one was difficult to get screenshots of, but I love it. I don’t really have a favorite outfit in this music video. For a while it was the first look.

But now I think it might be this one. It looks like something he’d wear in 127 or SuperM. None of them really give me a strong reaction as a whole, rather small parts I love in each look.

Alright! We’ve finally covered another one of my favorite songs ever. I hope y’all enjoyed this shorter review. What’s your favorite Taeyong solo song? Would you like a full review on SHALALA? Let me know in the comments.

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Next up is EXO!


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