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April 5, 2020 Edit; In moving over from KFashionBias to Ash Talks Kpop, I’ve somehow lost my gifs for this post and a few others. So instead I decided to reformat a few posts to where it is mostly text with the music video below.

I was originally going to watch the Unit because some of my favorite idols and trainees were auditioning to be on there.  I got about two episodes in and gave up.

I did keep up with updates on the show and the final lineup. I haven’t been too impressed with either team’s music, but I do enjoy ‘I Mean’. When I found out that this is the last comeback for the girls, I knew I had to check it out.

It’s such a catchy song and the music video is fun and lighthearted. There are three main looks in this music video, and some of the scenes get bunched together. So, let’s get started!

Group Look 1:

Let me start with, all the looks in this music video are so cute. I would wear all of them. It was hard to get good shots of all their outfits.

They’re very much outfits you would see on mannequins at Forever 21, but I think it works well for this video. Their outfits are current and something you’d see in real life. It’s so hard for me to pick a favorite and the least favorite.

Group Look 2:

I feel the same with the second group look. I think these have a little more of a retro vibe to it. These outfits were a little bit more adventurous than the first. I also really enjoy the placement of the members with pants and the ones with shorts or skirts.

Group Look 3

I looovvveeee plaid. It’s surprises me I don’t have more plaid items in my wardrobe. So, to see a whole group look with that has the main focus has my support 1000%. I like that there’s variation in the outfits.

They could have just given them all the same dress and in the same color. I’m glad their stylist mixed things up. Also, how are those sleeves staying on Jiwon’s arms?

My guess is that those are elastic. It’s cute, and I want to recreate this look. Oh, yeah NC.A’s look wasn’t plaid, but it’s still cute and works with the other girls looks.

Other Scenes

I would say most of this music video is full of scenes like this. This is why if you haven’t watched this video, you need to.

I love the members were able to have screen time like this. I did notice they made an error in the scene for Yebin. They put Suji in twice.


This scene was cute. They reused the outfits from the first look.

And another error! They put Suji’s name twice. Or maybe the person who edited all this is just a major Lee Suji stan lol.

I didn’t realize this was going to be short. Y’all will probably appreciate a shorter post for once, lol. If you haven’t watched ‘I Mean’ check it out below! Happy Halloween.

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