There’s not a day that goes by where I’m not missing Wonder Girls.

Why So Lonely was released July 4th of 2016. For I Feel You they went with a 80’s concept. This time they went a little further back with a 70’s concept.

The first member we see in the music video is Sunmi.


In the opening shot we have a wonderful view of her makeup that matches the wall she’s sitting in front of. It’s a purple-pink mix.


It also matches her woven multicolored crop top. You can kind of see her denim high-waist shorts.


You can’t tell in these pictures, but she wears layered bracelets on both wrists. On one side, they’re gold with beads, except for the solid gold-colored one. On her other wrist, the bracelets are more beaded than metal. You can see it better in the music video.


Sunmi has these cute platform espadrille sandals that have black straps around her ankles.


Next is Yubin. Her styling was really cute and monotone in her first look.


So Yubin wears a tan strapless lace dress. Her sandals have pink and blue puff balls on them. They also tie up around her ankles too.


I call this look monochrome because of how well her blonde hair matches the tan dress and mostly tan sandals.

Now let’s talk about my favorite parts of this look: the tattoos and eyeliner. Yubin has the metallic temporary tattoos that were really popular last summer (and in the summer of 2015 too now that I think about the first time I saw it in person). The gold also blends in well with the rest of the monochrome look.


The small details like her white eyeliner help the look from being boring. If you look close enough, you can see she also has a lip ring.


I also find this look interesting because her surroundings are so colorful, but her neutral color outfit makes her standout.


My fave Hyelim is the next member we see.


At first, I thought this was an oversized sweater. After rewatching the video a few times I realized this is actually two separate pieces. I think it’s a pink kimono and nightgown.

In some shots, her scarf changes colors. Here you can see more of the dark pink with red, yellow, blue, and black in it. In other shots, it’s more purple and red.


From the picture above and below you can see the black straps connected with the rest of the ‘love’ item. So I’m sticking with my dress and kimono idea LOL


Here we have a quick glance at her shoes. It’s hard to make out but it looks like those flats that have the ankle strap that can pass for sandals.


In this shot, she has them off.


I love Hyelim’s look because of the excessive amount of accessories. Here you can see all the rings she has on, beaded bracelets, and her tassel earrings.


I love this shot. It’s a good side profile view. You can see her orange shadow, part of her earring, and whatever that cat thing is.


Next, we get into the first group look. Things are going to go a little out of order of how they appear in the video. There are two group looks. After the first group look then I’ll go back to talking about the individual looks.

For the first group look, which isn’t a uniform look like with AOA in ‘Excuse Me’ but more of all the members in one scene together. That’s what I mean by group look in this music video.

Yubin has two pictures because I wanted to show the variation in her sunglasses.


They’re really cute.


I love Yeeun’s belt with her high-waist shorts.


I think Hyelim is wearing the same pair of earrings from earlier in the video.


I’m not sure how I ended up with like four pictures of Sunmi during this part but this one was my favorite. You can see her big leaf shape earring and part of her necklace.


Here you can see more of their outfits while playing their instruments. There will be better shots later.


Like here.


In these shots, you get a better view of their outfits. Sunmi has on a black crop bralette with tribal print high-waist shorts. Hyelim also wears tribal print in black and white, but hers is in her top.

Her high-waist shorts have a printed pink long-sleeved shirt tied around them. Yubin’s bralette is similar to Sunmi and she’s wearing tribal print bottoms. Yubin’s look has flared pants with a less bold print. A print similar to Hyelim.

Yeeun’s bralette is actually the closest to Yubin’s, but the color is closer to Hyelim’s shirt around her waist. Yeeun also wears high waist shorts but unlike the others, she has a black bandana.

All of them have on high-heeled sandals. So, in this case, the group look isn’t a uniform, but they all have parts that match another member.


Oh yeah and you can see in this solo shot Sunmi is wearing a dream catcher necklace that wraps around her waist.


The scene with them in the car driving was hard to get screenshots of but it’s one of my favorite parts.


I really like this shot of Hyelim too.


On to Yeeun’s first look. Yeeun wears a Moschino Spring 2016 Powerpuff Girls sweater with a black onesie.


I think with her pink hair it gives the look a cute vibe. Her pastel hair and blue earrings really match the sweater.


Yeeun also has on layered jewelry. Her multilayered necklaces and earrings are very hard to miss in her solo scenes.


I loved the handcuff scene because it matched her hair.


And a closeup of her rings.


So in the scene with Yeeun vomiting rainbows in the bathroom, Sunmi is sitting on the sink. So now we’re going to talk about Sunmi’s other look.


It’s a little athleisure. She’s got on pink exercise bra, pink knee-length tube socks with platform slide sandals. I’m not sure if the long sleeve item is a cardigan or like a long shirt.

We never really get a good view. And underneath all that, she’s got on fishnet tights, so it gives her a little bit of an edgy look.


Finally, we move to the last looks, the second group look.

Starting with Yeeun.


I love this rainbow crochet dress. It looks so comfortable. After some years of trying to figure out who made this dress, I believe it’s by Saachi.

It looks exactly like stuff they make. I need a pair of heart shape glasses like that.


And the blue glittery socks with baby pink heels? Genius.


I love her braids here.


Her eyeshadow is gorgeous too. It looks shimmery here.


And the rest of the girls. I really enjoyed this part because it looks like Yeeun is checking the girls’ outfits before they all go out.


I talked about Yeeun’s outfit. Let’s talk about Sunmi’s cute turquoise suit. It has flared bell-bottoms and matches her top perfectly. She also wears another necklace that wraps around her waist. I need her sunglasses too.

Yubin’s dress is actually my favorite. It’s so adorable. Hyelim is wearing another multicolor scarf around her head. She has on a yellow blouse, blue shorts, and this huge coat that resembles the sky.


After they all approve, they pose like they’re ready to kill a man get down to business.


Here’s a better closeup shot of their outfits.


And some more individual shots. As I mentioned earlier some of these pictures are out of order from their appearances in the music video.


My other favorite scene LMAO


Finally, here’s the music video!

Three years later, this video still holds up. Arguably one of my favorite Kpop music videos of all time. I hope y’all enjoyed this throwback! Follow me on Twitter and Instagram.


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