Na na na na na na na na lady

When I tell you I LOVE this song, I really mean it. It’s a big mood for the rest of 2018 and my life, lol.

So, I was extremely disappointed, but not surprised it wasn’t a big hit in South Korea. Being a strong and independent woman still is an uncomfortable lifestyle choice to discuss in many parts of the world.

I could see how some would say Yubin is being cocky, but that gets into gender studies, and I’m not here to teach a course on feminism.

 It also didn’t help that JYPE messed up her solo mini album by not getting the one of the songs cleared, so they ended up canceling the album and just releasing the single.

Which is why in the city scenes you can see the words ‘first solo album’ in the background. But I’m getting a head of myself. Let’s start with the first look in Lady.

Look 1

I had this teaser picture as my header on Twitter and Tumblr for a while. It’s such a beautiful picture. All of the teaser pictures are, but this one is my favorite. And this outfit is my favorite from the music video.

The teaser photos actually give us the best image quality of her different looks in the music video. There’s behind the scene photos on FY-WONDERGIRLS. On to the music video!

I think my favorite part about this dress is the balloon sleeves. My second favorite part is the glittery fabric this dress is made out of.

The fascinator is adorable, and I love that it’s the same fabric her gloves are made of. Her boots also stand out to me because I love the way the buckle stands out.

Yubin gets a small upgrade in accessories compared to the backup dancers, but it’s not that different. It was so difficult to screenshot this part. I really wished this turned out better, but I couldn’t download the video in 1080 or 720.

Look 2

I think the idea for the second look was a spring of 1985 party in the Hamptons, but Yubin discovers her ex-boyfriend brought his fiancée, so she decided to stay at home and throw a party instead.

Except this idea, it wasn’t executed well. I love the accessories here and even the hard-boiled egg colored gloves.

I think they should have chosen a different dress. I can’t think of a situation where this dress should be publicly viewed. It’s just so terrible. Her sunglasses are by Chloe. They really save this outfit.

Look 3

My third favorite look. If you haven’t caught on by now, yes, this is and 1980s themed music video and disco/funk/jazz/AOR fusion track that was a popular genre in urban Japan in the 80s. A fabulous dress choice. They really did an excellent job recreating a going out look from the 80s. This sequin dress is a collage of various colors.

It’s something I could see Madonna wearing. The fishnets are consistent throughout this video. So is Yubin’s big wavy hair.

She’s wearing those faded gold gloves again in the music video but in the teaser, it looks like she has fingerless gloves covering them to give her a slight edgy look.

There’s so much going on with dress and accessories on her upper half of her body, so I’m glad they chose a solid yet bold color heel.

Her backup dancers have on these cute power suit blazer dresses with black shorts. They also have black fascinators like Yubin. The dancers have black boots on. They keep this same look even when Yubin makes an outfit change.

Look 4

Umm, sooo the lighting in this scene makes you think this dress is some type of rose gold or bronze, but actually one of those sequin dresses you run your hand over and changes colors.

So, there’s black in it, gold, sliver, and a little bit of purple… I like it.

I love the inclusion of this faux leather belt. It’s exactly the same cheapo type you’d see in a lot of 80s of outfits. And the scrunchie!!!!! I’m living.

Yubin also has on some black lace gloves and her black boots back on. Another cute look to recreate.

Look 5

This scene was the scene I was talking about in the beginning of this post. You can see the words solo album in the background of both of these pictures. Let’s talk about this look. It’s not terrible.

A red peplum blouse with a heart shaped neckline and lace sleeves. I think the rest of her blouse is polyester. There’s a black belt and what looks like normal leather/faux leather gloves.

But then we see there’s small white bows on the upper portion of the gloves. Surprise! She also wears a black sequined mini skirt that’s part of another outfit.

Look 6

Cute, but we never get a full length view of it. From what I can make out, it’s a slightly below knee-length dress.

The flower petals attached to this dress, creative and cute. I think it adds to the exaggeration going on in throughout the video. And of course, there’s another fascinator.

Look 7

So, at this point you might be thinking, “Uhhh hey Ash this was part of the isn’t this technically the first look?”

Yeah, probably, but I didn’t want to explain why we don’t get a full body shot of this look until the video is almost over.

I thought it would be easier to group these together at the end. And even then, we still don’t get a ‘fully body’ shot. I guess it’s assumed we know she has on the same fishnets and black boots. It’s still a cute outfit.

It’s just this scene happens so fast, and the only new items to point are the large black and burgundy looking fascinator and her black sequined crop top. Well, I guess the pair of gloves are new too.

Look 8

Last but not least, the final and my second favorite look in Lady. I’ve been in love with bouclé fabric since I first learned about it in my textiles class. I totally understand Coco Chanel’s obsession with it.

So, when Yubin popped up wearing this bouclé dress with puffy ass sleeves. It was love at first sight for me with this outfit.

I don’t think we really get a shot of her shoes in this scene, or even in the teasers. Soooo…the fashion people in the audience just have to use our imagination again I guess. She looks so good they know it doesn’t matter.

I hope y’all enjoyed this. Tell me your thoughts on Twitter or in the comments! Take care!


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