Another month closer to 2023 omggg.

How was y’alls November? Mine was good. It went by sooo fast, though. I can’t believe it’s officially December. These last few months have felt the same in the way they’re going so fast. November felt like it lasted two weeks. I expect December to blast by as well. Which is totally fine because this year wasn’t it, lmao.

Spotify Wrapped is out, and I didn’t realize how much less music I listened to this year. So I guess that made more of an impact than I expected. I did watch more YouTube and read/listen to audiobooks.

I knew Seventeen, CIX, and Twice were gonna be in my top 3 spot. They appeared in that order. It did give me an idea to make a separate article from my fave albums of 2022, to make like a top 10-20 fave songs of the year.

Usually I include my fave songs in with my fave albums, but I thought it would be fun to try something different. My most listened to song according to my Spotify data is “Take You Down” by Yugyeom and Coogie.

While I do love that song, idk if I’d say it’s my favorite song this year. I mostly want to explore this argument and see if there’s a song I’d say was my “song of the year”.

I’ve been trying to clean out my saved songs on Spotify so when I put my entire library on shuffle, I actually don’t have to keep skipping songs I don’t listen to in order to get to the good stuff. So maybe by this time next year, I’ll have a much more curated library that fits my taste.

That’s also part of why I want to do a fave songs of the year post. Plus, that gives me a chance to mention songs I missed or changed my mind on.

Anyway, let’s get to my fave songs of November. It’s weird because I feel like this month I didn’t have any of these songs in heavy rotation. So maybe I’ll listen to more of these in December.

Xdinary Heroes – Ghost

I had “X-MAS” on this list as well, but I changed my mind. I love the chorus, but the rest of the song is ight. I don’t love it enough to add it to this list. Like officially.

I like “Ghost” as a whole more than “X-MAS”. Actually this album, Overload, isn’t bad. I just only saved “Ghost” because I knew I’d want to listen to it again.

Like if I was in a store playing this album, I’d be fine, but I’m not actively thinking about the title (“Hair Cut”) or the remaining b-sides. I’m excited to see what they’ll release next. I’m casually stanning.


I think I love “Silence” because it sounds like something that’d be on either the second mini album, A Better Tomorrow (still my fave album of theirs) or the single album that followed Free Pass.

It’s not that I hate Villain era, but I haven’t had too many songs that hook me like their earlier stuff.

So these two songs are totally a step back in the right direction when it comes to songs that I like from them. And “Villain” from their January 2022 mini album, isn’t a bad song, just forgettable in my mind.

Maybe the problem is that their last mini album was red and black instead of blue and black, lol. Their best albums have blue as the main color. Oh yeah, let’s talk a bit about “ESCAPE”.

I really like “ESCAPE”. There’s nothing special about it. I love the harmonies in “Silence”. I think the vocal performance in “ESCAPE” is good. But it’s also another b-side that doesn’t miss. Nothing too adventurous going on, just a tune.

LE SSERAFIM – Impurities

I’ve been waiting for the LE SSERAFIM song to hook me and make me excited for more from them. We’re getting closer with “Impurities”. We know I love a good midtempo chill song. I had no idea they filmed a performance video to go with it.

With their debut album, I liked “Blue Flame”, but I haven’t listened to it since that first time months ago. This is the first song of theirs for me that makes me want to go back for more. I love it.

Red Velvet – ZOOM

I like “Bye Bye” but I haven’t decided if it’s save worthy yet. I do fully love “ZOOM” so that’s why that’s here. The rest of the album is fine. I feel like that’s a recurring thing this month.

Albums I like for background music, but not enough for me to save, considering I’m in the process of decluttering my liked songs on Spotify.

ITZY – Snowy & Freaky

I would enter my “I like Itzy’s music era” when everyone else is starting to tap out. I wasn’t expecting to like anything off this album.

So for 2 and a half songs, not bad. I kinda like “Boys Like You”, that’s where the half credit comes in. I love the chorus to “Snowy”. From the first few seconds, I knew I’d have it stuck in my head, a great sign.

Two songs back to back that I like? I had to stop what I was doing to double-check that I was still listening to the same album.

I had this on my New Kpop Songs I Need to Catch Up On playlist. I was cleaning my room and had it playing through my Marshall Bluetooth speaker.

I’ve been very happy with this Emberton 2 I bought a few months ago. Not sponsored. But if you were thinking about buying one, I highly recommend it.

Back to “Freaky” the part that had me running to the phone to like the song was “I’m in my zone, just leave me alone”. What a mood.

TRENDZ – Breakdown

I was also cleaning my room when I started listening to this album. I was getting ready to exit out of it because I didn’t like the first two songs. But this song redeemed them. It sounds completely different from the previous ones.

The others were more noise music, heavy horns. I wasn’t feeling that. “Breakdown” is more basic and catchy compared to “One Way to Go” and “VAGABOND”. I straight up turned “VAGABOND” off about halfway through the chorus, lol. It just made me mad, lmaooo.

YooA – Lay Low & Blood Moon

Obsessed with this hyper pop sound in “Lay Low”. This is what I’ve been waiting for. Also, her outfits in this music video were amazing. I love the styling. Simple but trendy.

I’ve been wanting to love a solo YooA project since her debut. “Lay Low” and “Blood Moon” just feel refreshing and different from Oh My Girl. But still something I can vibe too. I’m in love. I need more songs like these.


When it came to Omega X and Just B debuting on the same day, I listened to both debuts, but I liked Just B’s more. And I’ve mostly enjoyed Just B’s music more as time has gone on.

But I cannot tell you have happy I was to see Just B support Omega X by delaying their showcase by an hour, so it didn’t interfere with Omega X’s press conference about their lawsuit and just disgusting treatment they’ve been under by their company, SPIRE Entertainment.

So because I’ve had other stuff going on, and somehow missed Spotify’s notification, I forgot to check out this album when it released. This is my favorite Just B album to date. It’s sooooo good, wth?

I haven’t decided on a fave song(s) yet. But I’ll have one by the time I get to my fave albums of 2022, because this year couldn’t get stranger, Just B had one of my favorite albums of 2022. WHat goes on??


Idk who this is, but this song SLAAAAPS. I didn’t have high expectations going into this album. I’m gonna have to keep an eye on them, I didn’t love the whole mini, but the songs weren’t bad. “ILYSB” was just the standout song for me.

Kang Daniel – Nirvana (feat pH-1 & WDBZ)

Okay, I saw y’all looking for my thoughts on this song and repackage album. I did listen to the new songs on the repackage, but this was the only one I loved enough to save. I love when Mr. Daniel gives us dance tracks like “Nirvana”. I like the solo version too, but I do prefer this one.

So maybe we’re back in our bangers era? I’ve missed being in love with most, if not all, his music releases.

Annnnd we’re done! I’ve decided my December 2022 faves will go live on January 1st 2023. December is busy enough for me, content wise. Another reason for the fave songs of 2022 article.

I feel like waiting until the end of December (the 31st) for any random song or album dropping prevents me from missing anything and rushing to get it out on the same day.

I hope y’all enjoyed this post. Tell me what your fave November songs were? Did I miss one of your fave songs?

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I’ll see ya next post!

Take care!


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