You know, the one with “Love Paint” on it.

Continuing my walk down memory lane with NU’EST’s music. Canvas is my second favorite NU’EST album. Although I probably need to relisten to some of their newer albums again to solidify that statement.

One of my favorite parts of “Love Paint” and Canvas is the bright flowery aesthetics. It’s a perfect follow-up to the dark and cold visuals we got in Q is.

It’s like spring has come. And like Q is., Canvas has its own story to tell. Let’s get into it.


I forgot this one has a music video to go with it. I like Minhyun’s hairstyling with the part here more. The clothes are better here too.

“Daybreak” is the Minhyun and JR subunit song and I love it. It’s a mid-tempo song, and they worked on it together at dawn. I talked about NU’EST members participating in writing on Q is. That just continues on this album.

R.L.T.L (Real Love True Love) (One Morning)

My favorite song off this album. I love the dance/house aspects of this song. Each song on Canvas represents a time of day.

That’s why there’s an additional title in parentheses. “R.L.T.L” is the exception where there are two titles in parentheses. One to explain the acronym and the second to explain what time of the day we’re at.

And of course with “Daybreak”, you don’t need any more information with that one. It’s pretty straightforward.

I never noticed then on my numerous listens to this song and album. High key why I love writing these posts and doing dives into music, I love to learn more about how it was formed. Anyway, “R.L.T.L” a jam.

Love Paint (Every Afternoon)

I think “Love Paint” is my third favorite song off Canvas. I remember being so enamored with this song when it first came out. Rewatching this music video years later, I’m remembering so much. Like Ren’s baby pink bob.

The JR’s different hair colors in the video (both blue and the blondish silver color). The clothes aren’t that great. But they still look good.

Baekho and Aron’s haircuts and colors are cute too. Can’t go wrong with dark hair. Minhyun’s hair color was cute here. But I wasn’t a fan of the mushroom cut. I also completely forgot about the purple outfits towards the end of the video.

Thank You (evening by evening)

This is the only song on Canvas I don’t care about. It’s not a bad song, I just don’t think about it or want to revisit it. It’s not exactly a boring ballad, but it has elements of one. I usually just skip this one. I don’t even have it saved, lol.

Look (a starlight night)

Much more my speed. My second fave song off Canvas, I just don’t listen to “Look” often, but whenever it does pop up I start dancing immediately. I love this one, I just forget about it a lot, lol. I think when I saw NU’EST W at KCON 2018, they performed this one.

What an excellent and exciting way to end an album. They could have easily changed the song order to leave things off with “Thank You” and I’m so happy they didn’t go with the typical slow song ending.

Update: I found the KCON 2018 performance! Technically a NU’EST W version since Minhyun wasn’t there and exclusively doing Wanna One duties.

So I started writing this blog post on February 21st, and I’m finishing it the day of NU’EST’s disbandment announcement, February 28th, and I’m so sad.

Like, I’m happy they’re ending things on a high note. But it’s gonna be so weird without the occasional album from them. It’s hitting me harder than I expected.

I am looking forward to their individual projects, of course. And it doesn’t surprise me too much, Baekho and Minhyun are staying with Pledis/HYBE. The two of them have really gotten the best promotion post Produce 101 imo.

So I think this all works out best for everyone involved. I’m still gonna make my NU’EST W post. Much sooner than I was expecting, lol. And they did say their last album will be out in March, so I’m looking forward to that as well.

But what’s y’all’s favorite song(s) from Canvas? Or was this your first real introduction to the album? Let me know in the comments!

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