Ya girl is finally back after four-ish months of a hiatus. This year so far has been a bit chaotic for me and my current work schedule isn’t consistent, but I’m determined to get back on a regular posting schedule * slams fist on table *.  

My long-time readers already know I’ve never consistently updated for longer than like what three months?

This isn’t anything new, but it’s really not okay either. I feel bad about it. Y’all real ones for still sticking around, and I really do appreciate y’all for being so patient.

I’m making up for lost time by recapping the first three months of music video fashion in three massive posts. This first part is covering January music video releases. With April almost ending, I don’t really have a plan of action yet for how I will review those music videos.

I’m thinking individual videos or posts with a recap of the entire month in my second quarter review. Now that we got all that settled, let’s get into how this series will work.

I have a ranking of five different color stars in my notebook. No particular reason other than I use a pen with 4 different ink options, and it’s just easier. I’m waiting for my 5 ink Pilot pen to arrive in the mail. I don’t like switching back and forth between pens if I don’t have too.

Navy:  Honorable mention, safe but stylish

Orange: Favorite for pushing boundaries, interesting

Purple: Had one or more looks that were very unique

Black: I gotta talk about it because I stan (either the group or soloist)

Red: So bad I HAVE to talk about it

To break this down a little bit further, the navy or honorable mention videos are like the safe designers on Project Runway. They made it through to the next round, but their work wasn’t distinct enough to be considered absolute garbage or a masterpiece.

Orange is the best or rather my personal favorite for being distinct and meeting my standards of what excellent styling should be in a video based on the theme/story being told and enhancing the idols best physical traits.

Purple is the second best for having one or more interesting looks, but not enough to make a full-on review of for lack of content. For example, if there’s seven different outfit changes, but I only found two worth talking about, I don’t think it’s worth typing a 500 plus blog post about it. Black is pretty straight forward.

If Seventeen or Twice release something, obviously I’m gonna talk about it. They’re my faves, and the last word in my blog name is bias lmao. It doesn’t mean I’m gonna be easy on them. If anything, I’m stricter on my faves because I know they can do and mostly afford better.

Finally, red is the worst styling I’ve seen, doesn’t if the story, or just high-quality garbage. I don’t enjoy being negative to put people down.

I want them to take the criticism to improve…assuming someone who speaks English is reading it. There’s going to be times where fashion risks don’t work, and that’s okay. I think that’s why fashion is fun. It should be adventurous and when it’s not, something needs to change.

So that’s the way I’m going to be ranking these music videos. To save space, I think I’ll link the honorable mentions videos. I’ll have the videos actually being discussed in depth embedded in the post for ease of access and reference.

I think that’s about everything I wanted to say to prepare y’all for this new series. I’m incredibly excited about it and I hope y’all enjoy it.

Y’all better say something otherwise, lol. I’m not going to promise a set date to have this uploaded, so you’ll just have to follow me on Twitter to know. Twitter is best because I post on that account more.  I have reopened an Instagram account for this site. I’m trying to post more Kpop related stuff on there regularly.

– Ash💫

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