I am not surprised, TXT released another excellent album this year. I am surprised at how quickly they were able to elevate their rock sound and release not just one, but two rock songs I love.

I’m not a “LO$ER=LOVER” girl, and I’ve only recently come around to “0X1=LOVESONG” after hearing it live. I never hated it, it just didn’t care for it as a title track.

I saw a tweet talking about how MOA’s are the only ones who don’t like “Good Boy Gone Bad” as a title track. And how non TXT stans love it and idk what OP was talking about. I prefer that era way more than FREEZE and FIGHT OR FLIGHT.

I think if anything it was people feeling a bit burned out and wanting a break from the rock sound as title tracks and missing their Pop/ R&B titles. So TEMPTATION was the perfect break. Excellent timing. I still gotta make an article solely talking about that album. Same with minisode1: Blue Hour.

Anyway, “Growing Pain” fixed all my complaints about TXT’s rock sound. I like it when rock still has some influences from other genres. Like how NuMetal has a lot of Hip Hop influence in it. I just love how easy and attention grabbing it is from the jump. I actually wish “Growing Pain” was the title. This is easily my favorite version of rock!TXT.

I love “Chasing The Feeling”. Love me a good synth moment. It’s not to where I’m listening to it on repeat or added it to my favorite songs playlist, yet. But it’s growing on me more every time I listen to it.

This video was interesting. A simple plot. I liked seeing them causing chaos around the city and being completely oblivious to it. I enjoyed choreo and the outfits. I saw the Yeonjun fashion account I follow on Twitter noticed his sweater is worn backwards.

Soobin and Beomgyu’s tops are backwards too. I will say these sheer knee socks make me giggle.

They look fine in the video, but on stage they’re super see through, and it’s just hard for me to take the look as serious as I did previously. It’s probably just a me thing, but I wish they were darker, lol.

Something else that’s probably just a me thing is I prefer “Back for More” with Anitta. I’m not sure what verse or how I would have swapped her part out with, but I wasn’t that impressed with Kai and Yeonjun’s part they filled in. Maybe we should have just gotten a rap?

It’s not a dealbreaker for me, but I’m probably gonna continue listening to the one with her on it as my first choice.

“Dreamer” on my first listen of the album sampler, I was convinced was going to be my favorite track. They made a downtempo R&B track for me personally. But “Deep Down” surprised me. I wasn’t expecting a house track. So for now I’ll say it’s a tie between those two.

“Happily Ever After”, minus the whole no lines for Beomgyu thing, is a fun song to vibe to. I knew I’d also enjoy “Skipping Stones” but unfortunately I can’t get that TikTok with Kai and his rock Lionel Mbappe out of my head. The editing cracks me up. If there’s one thing about Mr. Huening is he’s gonna make the funniest TikToks.

But also the song is just really good. I love the passion and drama. I just keep thinking about how much fun these songs are gonna be to witness live.

“Blue Spring”!!!!! We’ve finally got the studio version of it and I still love it. I had no idea about it prior to my concert back in May. So other than watching them perform it irl and seeing the stream of it when they were at Lollapalooza, those are the only times I’ve heard it.

Totally worth the wait and I’m happy Beomgyu got a chance to perform it playing the guitar, omgggg.

“Do It Like That” I have the same exact feelings on because it’s the same exact song as the previous release of it, lol. Idk if I’ll really be actively listening to it. It is catch af and just seeing the phrase “do it like that” immediately gets it stuck in my brain for at least an hour.

And I wasn’t expecting an English version of a title track this soon on a TXT album. I’m here for it. I like it just as much as the Korean version. So I have it saved as well.

I’ll be listening to FREEFALL off and on the rest of the year for sure. It’s likely going to be on my favorite albums of the year list.

What are y’alls thoughts on The Name Chapter: FREEFALL? Let me know in the comments. Idk what the next article is gonna be on. That’s just been the vibe lately. I have a few fave songs articles on the line-up. Probably SF9, I should finally write that faves songs article on them next, lol.

Until next post…

Take Care!


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