Easily one of the best Twice title tracks, ever.

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In the time between when I first announced this Twice series and writing it, I just figured out how I want to do it. Similar to my EXO and NCT articles, I’m going to start with full review of the albums I love and haven’t covered yet (Feel Special, MORE & MORE, and & TWICE). Then have the Fave Twice Songs article as the finale to the series.

So let’s get into FANCY YOU !


From the first five seconds of this song, you know things are gonna be different. Everything leading up to the release of “Fancy” was just a different vibe. Even the teasers took on a slightly weird vibe. I mean look at this thumbnail. What is that marble 60s acid trip is going on?

It’s funny because minus those backgrounds, I really love these teasers. The other version where you have the softer lighting and filter, and it looks like they’re chillin in someone’s basement is some of my favorite pictures of them, ever.

I love the styling this era so much. I feel like I say that a lot with Twice. I might change my mind after going back through all the Twice eras for this series, but I think after like 2018, we finally get styling that works for all the members. Everything’s on point.

Going back to the music, man, some of y’all were really trying to count Twice out. Like they were has beens. When they were really on the verge of a new era and sound for themselves. I remember being slightly burnt out of all the cutesy title tracks like “Cheer Up” and starting to venture over to other groups. But “Fancy” brought my ass right back, and I’ve been seated since.

This song is just so unique and the perfect toe in the pool to get people used to a more mature sound from Twice. There are so many ways JYPE could have messed this up, but I still think this was the best route. They’re still having fun, it’s still an earworm, just a maturer take on their concept. And it was executed perfectly. I don’t have a lot of complements for JYPE, but shout out to them on this.

The instrumentals and vocals on this song is out of this world. I still get chills and emotional hearing this song. You gotta blast it in the car, gym, wherever. One of my favorite Twice songs ever. Top 3 eaaaaasy.

Black Eyed Pilseung is a legend. A duo made up of Rado (Song Joo-young) and Choi Kyu-sung. I’ve talked about them before. But the biggest takeaway is that along with making bangers for Twice, Apink, I have to include they made STAYC. Rado is also credited under the arrangement section on the Wiki.

Jeon Gun is also credited for “Fancy” and he has an extensive career. Has also worked on a bunch of songs with Black Eyed Pilseung, but I want to mention he worked on Chungha’s “Rollercoaster”. Another song that I’d argue is one of Chungha’s best title tracks.

I love these power house pop songs. There’s a tiny bit of like Euro pop, but they just feel blockbuster. They’re obviously going be huge songs.

The flow and structure of “Fancy” is perfect. Every bit of it fits together so nicely. And it just gets better with age. If I were to recommend any Twice song to someone new to them. This is probably the first one I’d suggest. I have nothing but love and admiration for it.

And basically every “modern” Twice song takes elements of the song. This is Twice now.

Stuck in My Head

I didn’t used to have much appreciation for this song until I saw them perform it live. And I was kicking myself for not giving it love before then.

Another catchy song. Another loud song in a way. Not as boisterous as “Fancy” but it does demand your attention. It really is a fun concert song. A great hype song.

One of the geniuses on this track is Matthew Tishler. Mannnnn talk about an interesting discography. Western and Eastern artists, this dude has been everywhere. Andrew Underberg and Philip Bentley also worked on this song.

I was expecting to see more J.Y. Park on this album, but he’s surprisingly absent. We’ll see him again soon, lol.

Girls Like Us

This album cover is so ugly, omg. Jeongyeon and Momo are my favorite on the cover with their sunnies on.

I don’t listen to this song ever. I’m not sure how it snuck into my likes. It is now gone, but I still want to talk about it.

Jihyo wrote the lyrics. Love that for her. There are some interesting people credited on here, that you can read about here, but freakin CHARLI XCX is here???!!?! HELLO??? Credited under music and arrangement. Yeah, we won.

It’s not a bad song. I really like the lyrics, they feel like something Charli XCX would be about. I just don’t love the flow of the chorus. The chanting/repetitions of “girl like us” doesn’t sell me on the song.

So I don’t listen to it 💁🏾‍♀️.


Now here’s a song I should be listening to more but has fallen through the cracks. Don’t worry, I’m changing my ways. A fun upbeat song but a little lowkey at the same time.

This is much more my speed. Plus, Momo has lyrics credits. We gotta give a round of applause for that. I’m gonna include the Discogs link here, so y’all can see who else worked on this track, if you’re interested.

I just always have to point out the songs with member credits. It’s fascinating to me.

Turn It Up

Hot girl Sana on the lyrics??? We won. We WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON. I love “Turn It Up”.

You knew that meme was coming, lmao. Another fun song. Idr if Twice has performed it when I’ve seen them live. But we need to talk more about this song. It’s a good b-side. I wish it was the album closer.


… I didn’t realize this existed? I must have listened to it at some point. But I don’t have any memory of it at all. It’s fine. I don’t have it saved in my likes. That’s probably why I forgot about it. I was underwhelmed then, like I am now, lol.

Chaeyoung wrote it. So again, applause applause. And Ryan S Jhun, a fave songwriter and producer of mine who mostly works on SM songs, is on this track. Interesting.

Alriiiight, we’ve knocked out 1 of 4 articles for this series. Not including the Twice albums I’ve already talked about, Signal (an article I wrote like a week ago), Eye Wide Open, and Formula of Love: O+T=<3. Those are totally a part of this series, and I’ll have them tagged at the end of the Other Fave Twice Songs article as well when we get there.

But what is your favorite song from this album? Are you a Once? If so, who’s your favorite member? And if not, why do you not want to live deliciously? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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