Pink, white, and blue group photo of TWICE during Signal era

Ah yes, the first Twice album I bought πŸ’†πŸΎβ€β™€οΈ.

I was always a casual fan of Twice, since debut. I never got around to watching Sixteen, but I do remember some live tweets and people who were following it, talking about it online. But it wasn’t until Signal, I really became a Once.

“Signal” as a title track I think was the first song of theirs I remember there being mixed reviews on. I loved it instantly. But I could see how the J.Y Park demo wasn’t very convincing, lol.

I remember going to one of my local Kpop stores and picking up the album and being in love with the concept photos. So much pink and blue. I still have this poster of them somewhere lying around. I had it hanging in my room for a while. I was so obsessed with the boarding school Twice vibes this era.

The styling was super cute and the songs off this album are sooooo good. Whenever I heard someone say Twice’s music sounds the same (“Cheer Up”, What Is Love, their more Pop/cutesy songs) I gotta bring up the b-sides on this album. This was a game changer in the best way. So let’s get into it!


It’s been yeaaars since I’ve watched this video from start to finish. The first group look with them in the retro dresses is my least favorite look. Momo’s look is my favorite. But they all look a bit too costumey.

The chours and choreo go together perfectly. It helps to watch the video to get the alien reference, but it also works if it’s your first time watching Twice perform this at like a live stage or something. Still makes me smile. It’s so cute.

Them trying to get the alien’s attention throughout the video is cute and funny. Nayeon using her memory swiping stick multiple times and getting more and more (pun intended) frustrated still takes me out.

So of course J.Y. Park wrote the song. He also recorded the song guide and participated in the music arrangement. I’m actually good with J.Y. Park writing Twice songs. I feel like there’s enough variety, so I don’t get fatigued like with Teddy and Blackpink for example.

A slightly hot take if you’re on the Twice subreddit, lol.

We also have Kim Seungsoo, Armadillo, and Kairos in the credits as well. I tried looking them up on Discogs, but nothing showed up. So it’s all on Wiki this time.

One of my favorite titles from Twice to this day. I’m a defender and apologist for this song 😀.

Three Times A Day

One of my all time favorite Twice songs. Top 10 for sure. No questions. This made me realize Twice had sooo much potential as musicians than just then their viral hits at the time. It’s funny thinking back on it, because now a lot of their music fits more with this sound.

It’s slightly mature in sound, but still something you can groove to. There’s a bit of a Reggae vibe to it in the instrumentals. I never knew I wanted midtempo Twice songs until this point. If someone asks me for Twice song recommendations, “Three Times A Day” will always come up.

Kim Won and DIA made this song and absolutely killed it.

Also, if it was me, they would hear from me more than three times a day. Just saying πŸ’πŸΎ.

Only You (Only λ„ˆ)

I didn’t queen Yeeun, aka Hat:felt wrote this song. I think this was around the time Wonder Girls were about to jump ship from JYPE, lol.

This isn’t a song I listen to at all. It’s fine. I just never vibed with it much.

Hold Me Tight

Another track I never listen to. I like it less than “Only You”. But not unlistenable. Just something I don’t check for.

Eyes Eyes Eyes

Okay, I also never listen to this song, but I’m changing that. I forgot that I liked this one. I must have had it saved at one point. It’s so fun and upbeat. Fits in perfectly with this album.

Plus, we love a Jihyo and Chaeyong credit for writing the lyrics for “Eyes Eyes Eyes”.

So yeah, I’m adding this into my music rotation. It’s settled.

Someone Like Me

And we’ve reached our last song from this mini album. I like when Twice slows down the pace like this. Granted, this is another song I never listen to, I do like when they switch it up.

I actually don’t have a reason not to listen to it. I think it got lost in the shuffle. I’ve added it to my one of my rainy day vibes playlist.

Dsign Music is mostly behind this track. Park Won wrote the lyrics for it.

I loved this album so much mostly for “Three Times A Day” and “Signal” but I forgot that songs like “Someone Like Me” and “Eyes Eyes Eyes” also had me hooked.

I think I listened to this album as a whole a lot, then forgot about it as time went on. But I’ve always thought of it highly.

A super short article today. But I am planning on creating a fave Twice songs article at the end of the month (as long as I stay on schedule). I gotta figure out how I’m gonna do it, because I have almost 80 songs saved for Twice. And some of them I’ve written articles on already. So I might divide up the remaining songs into years or something. I still have time to figure it out.

But I wanted to get something Twice related because I’m sooooo hype for Jihyo’s solo release. I got an email from Target this afternoon, my copy of ZONE will be delivered on Saturday.

I ordered the Y edition, I’m also thinking of getting the Target exclusive, but I’m not sure what the difference is yet, so I’m holding off for now.

I’ve also changed from profile picture on Twitter from Pompompurin to Jihyo in anticipation. I’m ready 😎.

Anyway, what is y’alls favorite song from Signal? Was it love at first sight for you as well? Did it take a few listens before you liked it or do you still not like it? Let me know!

Next up we’re switching gears to Ten and “New Heroes”.

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See ya next time!


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