I guess I’m talking about another Mnet Queendom group 😮

I’ve actually had this post planned since * digs around to find the date Beam Of Prism was released * FEBRUARY??? God, this year has been soon long already. But yeah uh apparently since February. Well, probably more like the start of March, when I finally got around to creating my March Faves post. I’ve been obsessed with Beam Of Prism since my first full listen. I don’t listen to it as much as I did earlier in the year, but it still feels so fresh, and I listen to “BOP BOP!” all the time.

So let’s get a little more in depth with Beam Of Prism and VIVIZ debut.


I don’t listen “Intro” because it’s basically “BOP BOP!” and I’d rather just jump into that. Most intro album songs I don’t actually have saved unless it is its own song. My fave example of this is “Into Me” by SONAMOO (rip to another solid girl group mismanaged by their label). If your introduction song is just the title track’s instrumentals, it’s a skip for me.


There’s something about how this song is crafted that feels so fresh to me every time I hear it. It’s so catchy and upbeat. Idk how you could hear this song and not have a good time. I love a reverse lyric moment. Something you don’t get too frequently in music anymore. This song is totally song of the year contender for me.

Fashion wise in the music video for “BOP BOP!” Umji’s looks are my favorite. They knocked it out of the park with her styling. I love her wavy black hair with and blonde highlights. Plus her sparkly pink eyeshadow? I’m absolutely obsessed with that look on her. The slicked back high ponytail look on SinB was my favorite look on her in the music video. Eunha’s styling cloth wise was fine. But I loved her black and green hair.


I get a little bit of second gen girl group vibes from “Fiesta”. There are definitely some retro teas here. I like that it’s still upbeat, but a little toned down in comparison to “BOP BOP!”. The party is still going on. I get summer vibes with this one too. Very refreshing.

Tweet Tweet

“Tweet Tweet” is probably my third most listened to song from Beam Of Prism. It’s a little more mature sounding and leans more into elements of house than disco (like compared to “BOP BOP!”). It’s a perfect transition into the rest of the album because now we’re at the middle point.


Still my favorite song from this album. It’s much slower. Midtempo almost. ALMOST. We’re definitely back in retroland with this one. I listened to this one so much when this album was still pretty new. I don’t have one, but if I had like a summer girl group songs playlist, with like SISTAR and 9MUSES, this song (along with probably this whole album except “Love You Like” tbh) would be on it for sure.

Love You Like

I like this song, but it’s not something I go back for. “Intro” and “Love You Like” are the only songs I don’t have saved on Spotify. It’s not exactly a boring ballad. But like a boring midtempo ballad? It’s slower paced, but the instrumentals fit more of a dancier song. There’s a lot going on here.


I love that we end on this note. “Mirror” is such a good song. I said “Tweet Tweet” is probably my third most listened to, but it might actually be tied with “Mirror”. I said before this one sounds the most like a GFRIEND song, so maybe it’s the nostalgia, but this song slaps. It picks back up from the slow-down we had with “Love You Like”. But it isn’t boring.

I didn’t realize it now, but everything after “BOP BOP!” slows down. You don’t get much of a rollercoaster with Beam Of Prism. I love the pacing with this album. I feel like you slightly get different sounds from VIVIZ. But nothing to all over the place. It’s like a sampler of what’s to come. Excitement for the future is how I’d wrap up my take on this album. Other than saying it’s amazing, which it is lol.

So what’s y’alls take on Beam Of Prism? What’s your take on VIVIZ’s appearance on Queendom if you watched it. I saw they came in third place. Which is interesting. Do you think we’re gonna get a comeback from them this year? I feel like they’d have to with such an early debut. I hope we get some new music from them, if not summer, by fall for sure.

Idk what the next post is going to be. But I’ll see y’all again soon with something!

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