Look at me covering a full year of Seoul Fashion Week.

I feel so accomplished, lol.

This is my character in Animal Crossing New Horizons, btw. Even though that’s literally my job on here to talk about Korean fashion. Like that’s the main topic on here.

Like the last time, I’ll talk about my favorite collections shown this season on V Live.

If you go on there and look for the V FASHION channel, you can find all the designers and opening and ending performances for the event. I’ll have the links to my faves in the designers in the title of each section like the last time as well.

So before I talk about 15 of my favorite collections, I want to talk about some recurring themes/things I saw watching all the collections. One of the first things I noticed was the inclusion of more black models.

There were a few in the spring/summer fashion week, but this time around I was noticing more and some of the same models in other designer’s collections.

Love to see it. There were also some older models as well. I like that inclusion. Fashion isn’t just for young people.

I felt like some locations didn’t feel like fall or winter. And some collections color pallet wise didn’t fit the typical fall/winter either.

I didn’t include any big offender, in my eyes at least. Not because they didn’t fit fall, but because I just wasn’t that crazy about the collection.

Scenery wise, there’s really only so much the designers can do with COVID still being a major issue. You see a lot of repeat locations and models. But the collections that were super engaging for me, I hardly even noticed I saw this museum four times already.

Clothing wise I think it boils down to grunge/90’s/e-boy/e-girl style versus classic/preppy/Upper East Side Gossip Girl. I use those terms a ton in my notes, just a heads-up.

There are still tons of oversized clothing, suits and wide leg pants. I love these silhouette, so I’m happy they’re here to stay for another season.

There were a lot of muted colors as well. Tons of pale pinks, blue, beige, and grays for example. Of course, you had your plaids, reds, navy, black and whites as well. But most collections leaned towards no more than four loud prints per collection. I found that interesting.

I guess people do tend to wear more solid colors as it cools down. I love this trend of chunky Bratz doll shoe like heels. You see a few designers that put their models in those.

Others opted for boxy style boots. I love those too. It’s just hard to go wrong with boots. Oh, and belts! Lots of coats with matching belts as well.

Because this list is so long, I’ll be keeping my descriptions short. As short as I can, lol. We know I’m a talker. I’m happy that there were more designers this go round showcasing their work.

Unfortunately for me, most of what was shown I loved. I probably have 90% of the designers who showed their work on this list. So, with all that out of the way, let’s begin!


Cahiers are not one of those collections that makes you question what season it is. There are numerous uses of rust and mustard colors in the clothing showcased.

The coats look so comfy and warm. I love the fur accents, ruffles and the quilted fabric used.

This collection gives me a mix of Madewell and Self Portrait vibes. The male models suit is to die for. Talk about snatched waist.

I enjoyed the location of this show because the lighting gives you fall vibes and matches with the colors of the clothes showcased.


An excellent transition to fall. I talked about C-ZANN E in my previous SFW post. Navy was the main neutral color here.

There were some prints like the green paisley suit and plaid dresses. But mostly staying with your typical muted fall colors.

There’s still Korean details in each piece, like strips of fabric floating off sleeves. If you squint, you can see deconstructed aspects of Hanboks there as well. I love looking forward to this collection.


This is our first collection to showcase those Bratz heels I was talking about earlier. This collection gives me Alexander McQueen vibes. Sarah Burton, designing for Alexander McQueen.

I love the feminine but slightly grunge vibe here. The mini dresses with full skirts are some of my favorite pieces here.

When I watch this collection, this is what I think of for fall clothing. TOOOONNNSS of plaid. I love plaid so much.

Especially red plaid. I loved the off the shoulder white dress shown here. It’s something you could wear during the spring as well.

Saint Mill

Bob squad!!! I love a good bob. Back when I relaxed my hair, you either catch me in a bob or wearing my clip in extensions to have super long hair. Hardly any in between.

I liked them having all the models look like one girl. I love the doll like makeup here as well. I don’t love all the uses of ruffles in this collection.

Like in this screenshot for example. But I do love the length of this coat and the boxy shape. We also get those Bratz chunky shoes here as well.

My favorite look is the all black dress with this gray ruffle flower on one shoulder. I’d wear that in a heartbeat.

Not Knowing

I really love this collection. It could be for fall or spring, tbh. There’s so much leather and choker action going on here. Now we’re getting into the edgier eboy side of fashion week. Is it eboy or e-boy? I’m going to use both.

Again, you have wide leg pants and heavy uses of black and white. This, like many collections, were a mix of male and female clothing (wear what ever you want).

I like the checker and zebra print in this collection. I feel like you don’t see those prints as much in modern fashion. That’s part of the 90s/00s vibes I got from some of these designers.

Holy Number 7

So some collections tried to incorporate a story to go with the clothes. Most of these stories didn’t land for me. There just wasn’t enough time to develop the plots.

Holy Number 7 starts off their video talking about sustainability within the fashion industry and ends on what they’re working towards to lessen their footprint. That was cool.

Clothing wise, I liked how fun and youthful everything felt. There was a bit of 80s vibes in there with that super cute sweater skirt set. But then towards the end we got some clothes more on trend with later 2010s, early 2020s.

This was another collection that could be for spring. I didn’t get strict fall vibes with this one. But I really liked the clothes.

I love the tie-dye/marble color tights in this collection too. I don’t remember too many collections having fun tights like these.

Beyond Closet

Ever since I became aware of Seoul Fashion Week, Beyond Closet has had a specific theme for each collection. They change things up so fast.

If I were to assign this brand a horoscope sign, it’d be Gemini. This time they went with a super preppy, Upper East Side, Gossip Girl Chuck and Nate theme.

And I love it. Totally here for it. Lee Jongsuk opening and closing the show was the highlight for me. I didn’t know he has grown his hair out.

It looks amaaaaaaaazing on him. And yeah, the clothes looked great too. It was pretty much a mens show. So other than a sweater, nothing I’d seriously get from here for myself.


I hope you enjoy sequins, cause this collection is loaded with them. I love the mix of long shirts and pants in this collection. It’s a great alternative to the pantsuit, and I’m not sure why we don’t see it more.

We do see some of those pantsuit looks here, though. I’m a huge fan of the long black sequin dress the model in the middle of the field is wearing.


I like this collection more than the spring summer one. I feel like there were more pattern based collections. For example, the red and blues chess print. The green with the Dutch like flowers were my favorite collection within the collection.

Compared to other designers here, Greedilous really went all out on prints. This collection almost felt more like a spring collection for me.

Yeah, there were coats, but the color pallet was all over the place. I liked it though. There were pieces you could easily mix and match to brighten up your winter.


Easily one of my favorite mens collections. I love all the leather jackets!! Even the zippers looked luxurious. This video was filmed partly in black and white.

And that also happened to be the main color scheme for this collection. There were more wide leg pants. This collection just gave me Matrix and eboy vibes. The model selection was spot on.

Ice Garden

This collection is just so pretty. I love the white skirt suit with the jewels on it so much. The color choice was very simple, multiple shades of blue, sliver and white. I saw in the comments, someone mentioned the main model here is HueningKai from TXT’s sister, so that’s cool.

They put her in some really cute outfits as well. This is one of the few collections where if someone dropped off every item here in my size, I’d gladly wear and rewear these clothes all the time.

This was also one of the story driven collections where the story actually had an ending that made sense. Well, as much as a fashion show film can, lol.

DWS Company

If I were a Kpop stylist for a boygroup with a decent size budget, I’d just buy this entire collection and have the boys wear everything from here.

Maybe even get some of them to have similar hairstyles. This collection is the closest you can get to perfection and my ideal way I’d dress if I were a cis male, tbh.

I just love the simplicity of it all. Dark colors, long coats, cute cardigans, slightly large fitting shirts and pants. Love everything about it. Favorite mens collection this season, hands down.


Now this collection gives up preppy rich girl MiuMiu vibes but with a 1940s twist and I love everything about it.

I love the hair and makeup and the scenery here as well. This video also has a bit of a story to go with it. Idk if I really understand it, but I found myself excited to rewatch this one.

lo axual

lo axual is like a sister or cousin to the vibes and classic style of Oct31, so I purposely put them close on this list.

loaxual has more fur accents to it, but the energy is very similar. This one also felt like fall due to the leaves being gone from the trees and all the dead grass. Gorgeous collection.

Set Set Set

And last but not least, Set Set Set. What a star-studded event! Luna was the main girl for this collection, but Victon (Do Hanse & Heo Chan), Hyelin (EXID), and Maddox were also in attendance.

Honestly, the camera moves too fast to cover everyone, I don’t really have anything specific to say about the clothes.

I loved what I saw, but before I had time to process one outfit, three more and zoomed on by. I had to rewatch it like five times and I knew I was still missing details.

So I hope for the next showcase they film differently. It was hard to actually look at the clothes and detail, but I liked the variety.

And of course whenever Luna is being showcased as the gem she is, I gotta talk about it.

OMG, that was a lot. Like A LOT A LOT. I hope y’all enjoyed this post. I meant to get it out sooner, but ya know, life happens.

I’m wondering if next fashion week if I should go back to doing my daily coverage, and then at the end of it, do a review/round up thing.

I guess we’ll see how things go in October (or whenever the Seoul Fashion Week IG says it’s happening).

So I guess the next post will finally be on Miss IU! Follow me on Twitter and Instagram.

Take care!


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