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00:00 New job, sick, dead car battery and other Ash updates

07:00 Nayeon Solo Wins, Twice contract renewals, August CB

  • Forgot to mention, I expected all of them to renew because they’re stronger together. It’ll be much easier to manage them all under one label. I think other than group activities, the members will be able to take on the workload they want and have more say in their schedules as seniors in the industry.

10:02 Ha Sungwoon August CB

10:35 TBZ CB

10:50 J-Hope News

12:33 BP PUBG Concert & VMA nomination

14:33 More Kpop at the VMAs

1847 Sketchbook Cancelled

22:46 A.C.E Chan Enlistment News

24:00 Daisy Yu Opens YouTube Channel

24:41 ATZ Tour and 1.1 Mil Preorders

26:30 Idol star athletics championship is back

29:19 LE SSERAFIM to continue as 5 (Ash continues to butcher their name😅)

– Forgot to go a little more in detail about if Kim Garam was to continue with the group. It would be difficult to remove the image of “the bully” attached to their name. Even groups that have had a successful rebound still have these comments mentioned when speaking about specific members and their scandal. It’s like a scar that can’t be removed. Plus, being female, the expectation and standards will always be higher for us. It’s easier for the public to forgive a cute boy over a beautiful girl. That’s just how it is 🙃

30:18 KCON Final Lineup Announced

  • I already recorded and was in the middle of editing when I saw the KCON US Tour news, will mention it in next ep.

30:26 Yuju News

32:20 Enha News

33:38 fromis_9 Song Remake

33:51 NMIXX Song Remake

33:58 New Jeans 100k Preorders

34:30 JYPE x Republic Records GG

34:56 Shin Jimin Returns

38:44 SNSD Upcoming CB

40:00 LOONA News

42:09 Aaron Kwak ASC Host Gig

  • MCMD is the first group/episode he’ll be in.

43:41 IVE CB

43:31 RV Irene Reality Show

  • Will air on Thursdays at 6pm KST on SEEZN

44:31 JayB & Sik-K leave H1GHER, Who’s behind CDNZA Records?

45:43 STAYC Sales Record

46:00 Ending

  • Forgot to talk about CIX CB, will also talk about them next ep.

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