Note: I’m still fighting with the pop filter. I’m sorry, lol.

00:00 – Intro: bought enha ticket, still on the fence with svt, voice back (mostly)

3:00 – KCON US tour schedule changed to 1 night only

6:15 – CIX 5th mini album & TT (485)

7:55 – SNSD Forever 1 details

9:15 – What’s with that New Kidd? ( they added a new member & talking about the group’s status atm)

13:15 – Twice album details

14:50 – Gyuri leaves fromis_9

  • From Idol School is what I mean regarding the survival show name

16:43 – Kino (Pentagon) special single Pose out 8/9

17:30 – Issac Voo (IN2IT) releasing solo for Malaysian debut

18:31 – BLACKSWAN loses 2 members, gains 2, Fatou solo mixtape

  • Rania & BP Raina were the previous names before Blackswan and idk why I couldn’t remember when I was recording. DR Music is also formerly the home of Baby V.O.X (Tumblr girlies know what’s up, style icons)

20:34 – Shin Jimin & more to join JTBC audition program The Second World, vocal competition

21:20 – JTBC to also launch kpop show K-909

22:19 – ONF special album 8/16

22: 45 – Chuu to release remake album, leaving orbits even more confused

  • When talking about Girls’ Generation, I meant current vs former members when talking about the divide of the group & fandom.

29:50 – 30:46 – Nayeon chart slaying continues, TXT slay with her

31:18 – ATBO reality show announced

32: 10 – Jaejoong back with full length album after 6 years

33:13 – Ending

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