Update: As of 3/24/2023 the podcast is on hiatus, until further notice. Focusing more on articles and growing Instagram & Twitter accounts).

Note: We’re back! Still fighting with my audio, lol. Let me know what y’all think of the music in the background. I like it, but I wanna know if it’s something y’all like or find it too distracting.

✨All topics are sourced from AllKpop, Koreaboo, Soompi, and Reddit✨

A general timestamp for this episode:

Oh, at some point I talk about Lee Seunggi, but I didn’t know his name. He’s who I’m talking about during that company not paying him. It was his music royalties they had messed up for YEARS.

00:00 – 5:17 Intro, me poorly explaining this new direction for the podcast, and talking about SM/HYBE/Kakao despite saying I wasn’t, lmao

– I’m not sure if I explained it well. But instead of doing a news recap every week or two, I’m gonna record whenever there’s a topic or a few I want to talk about in detail. So that might be a few a week or one big recording every couple of weeks depending on what’s going on.

05:18-19:37 LOONA vs BBC part..idek

– Banana Culture, not Banana Ent lmaoooo

19:38-32:46 Lucas returning to NCT/WayV rumor, and why I’m indifferent

– Idk why I didn’t mention Winwin. Winwin has always been a visual for NCT (127 and just in general). I think there’s also been more of a push for him to be involved with fashion brands like Valentino, making Winwin a friend of the house. He looked so good 😭 Also, Ten doing stuff with YSL Beauty is a big deal. So I stand by what I said.

32:47 – 40:39 #GROOVL1NsOverParty (but not really)

– I talked about Ravi writing and producing for Gugudan, but I got the song wrong, so I took that part out. It was “Hate You”. I also meant colored lenses when I talked about VIXX and contacts. That rant was so unprepared, lmao I meant well. Oh, and Xydo was born in 1994, so we’re the same age, but I still don’t know if he’s done his military service or not. While looking for photos of Ravi and Nafla, I saw on Twitter they have a group called PRIMEKINGZ, so as long as they can keep the focus on the other artists on the label, I think things will be okay.

40:40 – 46:12 WJSN Contract Renewals & Departures

– Starship did clarify that Luda and Dawon are still WJSN members, so really nothing changes other than those two not being label mates with the others anymore. Also, not me COMPLETELY forgetting WJSN The Black exists 😪

46:13 – 49:10 3RACHA full KMCA members

– I took about my terrible pronunciations of Jannabi’s Choi Junghoon, producers minGtion, and 24 (Seo Junghoon). But they were also included in that Soompi article.

49:11 – 50:06 ending

– I did mention my upcoming articles in my original recording, but I ended up taking that out, lol. Daebak Box and Monsta X are next. That hasn’t changed from what I said in the last article.

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